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Nursing Board Exam Test Drill 3

Nursing Board Exam Test Drill 3



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Published by Kira
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thank you very much and your feedback is very much appreciated.
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thank you very much and your feedback is very much appreciated.

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Published by: Kira on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Essential to ask a pt. with intermittentclaudication> Do smoke a lot?2. Drug that should be @ bedside with PVC>Lidocaine.3. IN assessing pt with CHF nurse should pay particular attention to> onset of chest pain.4. Assess a pt with Ischemic Heart Dse> Diethistory.5. Nsg dx priority with pt with heart blocks> AlteredTissue Perfusion.6. Indicates circulatory overload for a pt with heartfailure> dyspnea.7. Caring for a pt with MI should the nurse reportstat to the doctor>VF8. Pt. with Angina has thrombosis—PTCA is performed—pt asked the nurse what is done inPTCA> balloon tipped catheter inserted using guidewire.9. 72 hours post MI attack—pt most likely todevelop> PVC.10. Diuretic therapy given to a pt with CHF> todecrease venous return to the heart.11. What can help a nurse in assessing a womanwith HPN> how often do you have a headache.12. When planning exercise program with HPN.What is important to consider> “How do you sendyour leisure time?”13. Two m/o infant developed diaper rash. W/caction indicates that she understood teaching> Sheexposes the area to air.14. A nurse admitted by her mother. On assessment,the nurse found a large bulge and raised rings on her thigh. What should the nurse ask> “Has the child been exposed to deer ticks?”15. Which of the ff signs with a pt with burnsindicated a possible complication> narrowed pulse pressure.16. Which of the following is a sign of chlamydiasis> burning on urination.17. A pt. diagnosed with herpes. Nurse shouldexpect to make which of the ff diagnosis/>Alteration in comfort.18. A partial thickness burns of 30% of pt’s bodysurface is classified as> Moderate burns.19. Pt with Addison’s dse. Which should the nurseaddress initially> HPN.20. Hyperthyroidism> “ Do you tire easily?”21. PKU> refer the parent to a geneticist.22. PKU—further teaching > “My child drinksmilkshake 2x a day”.23. Type 1 DM> test for ketones.24. A pt is being assessed for increased ICP> Notingthe pt’s papillary response to light.25. Multiple sclerosis pt has urinary incontinence.What is the nursing care> Establish regular voidingschedule.26. When pt has injury of the spine @ the level of T5-L1. Which of the ff should the nurse expect> full bladder.27. The appropriate nsg dx for a pt with cerebral palsy> Risk for injury.28. Which of the ff should the nurse keep @ bedsideafter cervical closure of myelomeningocele> tapemeasure.29. The goal of care to a child withmyelomeningocele> protection of the sac.30. which of the ff room is appropriate for a pt withseizure> darkened room31. Which of the ff is indicative of Jacksonianseizure> Seizure begins in the left arm progressingto some other parts.32. Which of the ff symptoms if manifested by a ptwith Myasthenia Gravis needs to be reported to a physician> resp distress.33. Nsg dx of fluid volume excess for a pt withacute renal failure. Which of teh ff signs issupportive of the dx> Crackels @ the base of thelungs.34. The result of which blood test would be mostdirectly related to renal damage> creatinine.35. A common symptom of BPH> nocturia.36. Due to decrease in erythropoeitin in a pt withESRF. The priority nsg careis to> provide bedrest37. To assess the increase risk of developingglomerulonephritis in a pt—the nurse should ask which of the following> “Did you havestreptococcal infection?”38. Which of the ff statement of a mother whosechild has been admitted for UTI—reflects a need for further teaching> “I’m glad that my child can go back to his bubble bath again:.39. The appropriate diet for a pt with UTI is whichof the following> Increase fluids and increasevitamin C.40. Diarrhea, complication> Metabolic acidosis.41. Paracentesis—body image disturbance>increased risk for infection42. After common bile duct exploration—priority

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