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Nle Practice Test III

Nle Practice Test III



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Published by Kira
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thank you very much and your feedback is very much appreciated.
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thank you very much and your feedback is very much appreciated.

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Published by: Kira on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A client is admitted with Wernicke's encephalopathy. The nurse anticipatesthat the first physician's order will include:
a. Ordering an MRI b. Administering a steroid medication, such as Decadronc.
Giving thiamine 100 mg IM STAT 
d. Ordering an EEG
2. Which of the following statements, if made by a four year old child whosebrother just died of cancer, would be age-appropriate?
a. "I know i will never see my mother again." b. "I'm glad my mother isn't crying anymore."c.
"I can't wait to go get pizza with my brother." 
d. "i know where my brother is buried."
3. A patient who has AIzheimer's disease is told by the nurse to brush his teeth.He shouts angrily, "Tomato soup!" Which of the following actions by the nursewould be correct?
a. Focusing on the emotional reaction b. Clarifying the meaning of his statementc.
Giving him step-by-step directions
d. Doing the procedure for him
4. A nurse should teach a patient who is taking chlorpromazine (Thorazine) toavoid:
 Exposure to the sun
 b. Swimming in a chlorinated poolc. Drinking fluids high in sodiumd. Eating foods such as chocolate and aged cheese
5. In caring for a psychotic patient who is experiencing hallucinations, which of the following interventions is considered critical?
a. Setting fewer limits in order to allow for more expressions of feeling b. M
aintaining constant observation.
c. Providing more frequent opportunities for interaction with others.d. Constantly negating the patient's hallucinatory Ideations.
6. A 22-year-old client is being admitted with a diagnosis of brief psychotic
disorder. Two weeks ago, his girlfriend broke off their engagement andcancelled the wedding. Given the Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of MentalDisorders, edition, text' revised (DSM-IV-TR) criteria for this disorder thenurse expects to find which of the following data during the interview with theclient?
a. Current treatment for pneumonia b. Regular use of alcohol and marijuanac.
 Evidence of delusions and hallucinations
d. A history of chronic depression
7. A set of monozygotic twins who are 23 years old have begun attendinggroups at mental health center. One twin is diagnosed with schizophrenia. Hertwin has no diagnoses but has been experiencing significant anxiety sincebecoming engaged. In counseling the engaged twin, it would be crucial toinclude which of the following facts?
a. Her future children will be at risk for developing schizophrenia b.
She may have a predisposition for schizophrenia
c. One of her parents may develop schizophrenia later in lifed. It is unlikely that she wil! develop schizophrenia, at her age
8. A client tells the nurse that her co-workers are sabotaging the computer.When the nurse asks questions, the client becomes argumentative. Thisbehavior shows personality traits associated with which of the followingpersonality disorders?
a. Antisocial b. Histrionicc.
d. Schizotypal
9. Which of the following types of behavior is expected from a client diagnosedwith paranoid personality disorder?
a. Eccentric b. Exploitativec.
d. Seductive
10. A nurse is reviewing the serum laboratory test results for a client withsickle cell anemia. The nurse finding that which of the following values iselevated?
a. Hemoglobin F b.
 Hemoglobin S 
c. Hemoglobin Cd. Hemoglobin a
11. A parent with a daughter with bulimia nervosa asks a nurse, "How can mychild have an eating disorder when she isn't underweight?" Which of thefollowing responses is best?
"A person with bulimia nervosa can maintain a normal weight." 
 b. It's hard to face this type of problem in a person you love."c. "At first there is no weight loss; it comes later In the disease."d. "This is a serious problem even though there is no weight loss."
12. A nurse is assessing an adolescent girl recently diagnosed with an eatingdisorder and symptoms of bulimia nervosa. Which of the following findings isexpected based on laboratory test results?
a. Hypocalcemia b. Hypoglycemiac.
d. Hypophosphatemia
13. Which of the following complications of bulimia nervosa Is lifethreatening?
a. Amenorrhea b. Bradycardiac.
 Electrolyte Imbalance
d. Yellow skin
14. A nurse is talking to a client with bulimia nervosa about the complicationsof Laxative abuse. Which of the following complications should be included?
a. Loss of taste b. Swollen glandsc. Dental problemsd.
 Malabsorption of nutrients
15. A nurse is assessing a client to determine the distress experienced afterbinge eating. Which of the following symptoms are typical after bingeing?
a. Ageusia b. Headachec.
d. Sore throat
16. Which of the following difficulties are frequently found in families with a

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