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Nle Practice Test III d

Nle Practice Test III d



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Published by Kira
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thank you very much and your feedback is very much appreciated.
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thank you very much and your feedback is very much appreciated.

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Published by: Kira on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Situation: Intrapartal Nursing Care

1. In the delivery room, Mrs. Oro Is 10 cm. Dilated- and the head is fast emerging. Her attending physician has not yet arrived. The initial action the nurse must take after the head emerges is:

a. Support the head while the rest of the body is spontaneously delivered.
b. Push down on the fundus to help expel the infant.
c. Call the doctor STAT
d. Deliver the shoulder by turning the presenting part to internal rotation.

2. As labor progresses satisfactorily, it would be appropriate to administer pain
medication with cervical dilatation of:

a. 4 cm. b. 3 cm. c. 5 cm. d. 7 cm.

3. Mrs. Oro is kept informed of the, progress of her delivery, the nurse anticipates
the placenta to be delivered within what period of time following delivery

a. 10-15 minutes
b. 3-10 minutes
c. 15-20 minutes
d. 1-3 minutes

4. Several minutes after the delivery, the placenta is still intact. The nurse will do
which of these actions?

a. Push gently, but firmly on the fundus
b. Call the nursing supervisor for help
c. Allow the infant to suck on the breast
b. Initiate separation by gently pulling on the cord.

5. The placenta has been delivered and the nurse now adds the medication ordered
to the i.V. solution which is:

a. Methergin
b.Oxyto cin
c. Penicellin

d. Atropine
6. The nurse is giving health education to Felicity about discomfort of pregnancy.
Which of the following conditions is brought about by increased absorption of

a. Back pain
b. Leg cramps
c. Constipation
d. Heartburn

7. The nurse was Instructed to watch out for the occurrence of norma! physiologic
changes of pregnancy. Which of the following is usually observed during

a. Increased BP
b. Palpitation
d. Blurred vision

8. Which of the following is TRUE about latent stage of tabor?

a. self-focused
b. effacemant 100%
c. dilatation for 2 hours
d. 3 cm cervical dilatation

9. What is the term that refers to menopausal stage of women?

a. cessation of menstruation
b. onset of'menstruation
c. excessive menstruation
d. intermittent menstruation

10 What structure of the body is responsible for the production of follicle-
stimutattng hormone (FSH)?

a. hypothalamus
b. thymus
c. kidney
d. anterior pituitary gland

11. A primigravida asks the nurse, "When will I fee! the baby move?" The correct
response of the nurse is:

a. 3 mos
b. 5 mos.
c. 4 mos
d. 6rnos.

Situation: Rico. 1 month deliverd via NSVD
12. Mrs. Cadacia observed on Rico's buttocks, a gray color, What do you call this
pigmentation in the skin?

a. milia
b. telangiectatic nevi
c. erythema toxicum
d. mongolian spots

13. How would you define a word, "acrocyanosis?

a. cyanosis of hands and feet.
b. transient mottling when infant is exposed to the temperature.
c. fine, downy hair
d. thin, white mucus

14. How can you assess a child who is mentally retarded?

a. let .the child make story
b. observe for the developmental milestone
c. ask the mother what food the child is eating
d. ask the child to sing

15. What serves as sperm producers?

a. epididymis
b. Vas deferens
c. prostate gland
d.test es

Situation: Pediatric nursing.
16. In what psychosexuai development according to Freud is temper tantrum

a. phallic
b. oral
d. latency

17. The baby cries and the mother notices tiny, shiny and white specks on the mouth
and hard palate- The mother understood If she states:
a. "it is caused by milk curd

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