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What is Time?

What is Time?

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Published by Raja Subramaniyan
Compiled from the vision of Swami Dayananda Saraswathi, Dr Vijay Shankar, J Krishnamurthy, Osho, Eckhart Tolle, McTaggart, Einstein, Joan Halifax Roshi, Leigh Brasington, David Bohm and the essay written by Karl Markus.
Compiled from the vision of Swami Dayananda Saraswathi, Dr Vijay Shankar, J Krishnamurthy, Osho, Eckhart Tolle, McTaggart, Einstein, Joan Halifax Roshi, Leigh Brasington, David Bohm and the essay written by Karl Markus.

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Published by: Raja Subramaniyan on Sep 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Raja Subramaniyan 1.
The clock is ticking. It does not mean time is passing. The clock is ticking  because we designed it to work that way. We can stretch one hour and make it one year long or shorten it to last for a minute. It is our wish. Since time is our invention, it does not exist. Time does not pass since it does not exist. 2.
Clocks do not synchronize with the rotation of earth since the sun rarely appears straight above our heads at 12 noon. We go by what is convenient to us and keep changing the time without any reference to the earth
’s rotation
. 3.
Just because most of humanity agrees that it is 10 am at a particular place does not make time real. Time zones are devised based on the convenience of the countries. International Date Line is by definition an imaginary line on the face of the earth. Thus time is an imaginary concept and not real. 4.
The time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun varies, necessitating frequent adjustment of our clocks and calendars. However much we try we can never make all our clocks show the right time because time does not exist. 5.
A second is called second because it is not the first. There is no beginning of time. There is no time. We imagine it is there and start measuring it in seconds. It is not possible to measure distance if there is just one object. Similarly, since only NOW is present, we cannot measure it. 6.
Since time does not exist there is no point in discussing if time flows in a linear fashion or if it repeats itself in an endless circle. However the concept of circular time is closer to the truth that time does not exist. The concept of linear time reinforces our wrong impression and makes us believe that time is real. 7.
It is the same time everywhere: Now. Even if we are traveling in space, time remains as NOW. How do we set our clocks in space if our sun and earth are destroyed? With or without the solar system time does not exist. 8.
The value of a currency note depends on the recognition it gets from the  people. It does not matter whether the currency note is legal or counterfeit as long as someone is willing to accept it in exchange for goods or services. Similarly, time exists only in the mind of people.
We measure distances using a standard unit of length like a meter, yard or feet. The length of these units is arbitrary but we accept it as a standard to facilitate commerce and convenience. Similarly, the changes that happen around us are measured using an arbitrary unit of time. Therefore like a yard or meter, time is created by the human mind. 10.
We use time to measure
changes. For example we say ‘
miles per hour 
. We are not measuring speed with something real called time. We are just comparing a known motion of the sun with an unknown motion of the car. A unit of time which is used to measure the changes is similar to any other units of measurement like meter, kilogram or rupee. All are manmade. 11.
The universe is constantly undergoing change. Every atom in the universe is constantly moving. Atoms are not solid matter but energy in motion. These constant changes are perceived as a solid unchanging world by our mind. Unwilling to accept the truth that the universe is an illusion, our minds have developed an ability to compare a particular change (our physical body has undergone tremendous changes since birth) with another change (revolution of the earth around the sun) thereby inventing the concept of time and age. 12.
we say ‘I am
years old’
 we disregard the truth that the number 50 has no significance. Measuring everything using a particular unit of measurement does not make the unit a reality. Nor can it be concluded that that which is being measured is real. We are changeless and therefore we are timeless. 13.
I do not change
. All of us are inherently aware of this truth. However, we yield to the popular belief of attributing the changes in the illusory body and mind to the changeless me. Just because everyone accepts a counterfeit currency note, it does not gain any intrinsic value. It may settle a few debts  but it is still not real. Similarly, the usefulness of time in our day to day life does not make it real. 14.
In prehistoric days money did not exist. But one may assume that goods and services which represent money existed in those days. Before debating whether money existed in some form in the prehistoric days, it should be noted that even the prehistoric days are mere concepts which exist only in
our mind now. Time does not exist therefore the words ‘those days’ do not
have any meaning.
There is absolutely no difference between histories and made up stories. Both exist as memory in our mind. We are not debating here whether or not Gandhiji existed in the past. We are concluding that the past does not exist outside our memory and it is not in any way different from a made up story. 16.
We are aware that that which is present now and vanishes after a while cannot be the absolute truth. Instead of applying this knowledge and figuring out that the entire universe is an illusion, our mind has invented time. By attaching a time stamp to all the changes, the illusion is made to appear as real. Thus imaginary time has given the status of reality to the illusory universe. 17.
We have invented many gadgets like clock, calendar, television, iPod and such to reinforce the idea that the world is real. Our struggle to achieve more things in less time binds us to illusory time and makes us forget the fact that time is the brain child of our mind only. 18.
Even if we travel at the speed of light, space will keep expanding and it is not possible to reach the edge of the universe ever. Similarly, if we do more things in less time, there will still be more time left to do many more things. The completed work will always be insignificant compared to the pending work and how much work we do within a given time period is irrelevant  because time does not exist. 19.
It is impossible to step into the same river twice. Everything is continuously
changing. Mind has invented time so that it enables us to swim in the ‘same’ river ‘every day’.
In deep sleep, time is gone, place is gone and the situation is gone BECAUSE mind is gone. Although we are aware that we slept well, we cannot say how long we slept because the mind is not ticking during deep sleep. We are timeless (since we are mindless) during deep sleep. Without mind we are beyond time. 21.
Time is a product of the
mind. That’s why in
a dream one can go to the past and one year may pass in a few seconds. The mind determines how to  perceive time. That is why time passes slowly when we are waiting for someone and it passes quickly when the mind is absorbed in an interesting conversation. 22.
To give reality to the imaginary concept of time, the mind divides it into three parts, namely, Past, Present and Future.

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