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How to Meditate on Breath

How to Meditate on Breath

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Published by jralcazar

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Published by: jralcazar on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Meditate on Breath 
One of the simplest and most fruitful meditation techniques.
 Minimize distractions in your environment.Tell people in your household to not disturb you.Turn off phone, tv, radio.Choose a technique and time period (avoid using a timer witha jarring alarm).
Pick a Position
(Balance comfort and relaxation with alertness.)SittingStandingSupineTilt table…
 Closed facilitates relaxation.Open with soft focus facilitates alertness.
Scan the body
(especially the head, neck and shoulders) to relaxobvious unnecessary muscle tension.
 Condensed version:Bring your attention to the breath in nose, belly, chest, back or pelvis.When the mind wanders from sensation of breath, gentlybring it back.Evaluation – When awareness of the sensation of breath isreasonably consistent, we can begin the practice of evaluation.This step includes:Noticing the quality of the in and out breath … is the breathlong or short? Deep or shallow? Smooth or rough? Slowor fast?Discover the ease in the breath. In this stage we’re not forcing or creating the ease, we’re being aware of the natural ease in thebreath, we’re attending to it, and allowing it to unfold. We areallowing the breath to gravitate in this direction of ease. Thisprocess may include loosening any tightness and finding the“most comfortable” way to breath. Here we’re allowing apleasant quality to arise.Spreading - As breath becomes established in ease, we begin tonotice ease in the body. At this point we change the object of meditation to include the entire body. We’re mindful of the entirebody with the breathing. At this point, we are practicing a “fullbody awareness” and “full body breathing.” It may feel asthough the entire body is breathing. The quality of the body ispleasant.One Pointedness– In this step we shift the object of meditation to

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