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Operation Mindcrime CIA Mind-Control Experiments

Operation Mindcrime CIA Mind-Control Experiments

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Published by Elena Pervuhin

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Published by: Elena Pervuhin on Sep 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Operation: MindcrimeBy Gordan Ellis - gordane@aol.comSubject: CIA mind control experimentKeywords: CIA, mind control, hypnosis, mental hospitalSpring semester 1996, I was going to Tennessee Tech, working on an MBA. It wasmy first semester as a graduate student. I earned a BS in chemical engineeringin 1995.In April of that semester, I began to remember conversations with my former boss, Vince, at Applebee's. He had hypnotized me with the help of Xanax and the lure of easy money in an insider trading scheme. I was to sell stock for a bunch of insiders in the company (insiders cannot buy or sell their stock at certain times, but they can give it away). After selling the stock, I would give it backto the insiders in cash and keep a percentage.While in a trance, I was programed to do a lot of crazy things. Vince said thatit was a CIA thing and that everyone involved was hypnotized. He was also in atrance while programing me.The first week of May was finals week. After finals, things got really crazy.The phone didn't work most of the time. People on TV seemed to be watching me.I received indecipherable e-mail. My car revved itself up at red lights.As I remembered more of the conversation, the insider trading scheme transformedinto a plan where I would take over the world. But first I had to have a brainbomb removed from my head. It was scheduled to go off on mother's day.I went to a hospital and told them what was up. The doctor said that CIA brainbombs are made of plastic, move around in the brain, and would not show up on x-ray. He sent me home. Vince told me that would happen.I then took the airbags out of my car because I thought that they were bombs. After that, I drove across the country flipping coins at intersections to determine direction. Heads was right. Tails was left, or straight if there were 3 choices. Heads was then straight and tails was left. I ended up in Oklahoma Cityon the day of the Value Jet plane crash.I remembered Vince telling me about the crash long before it happened. Later that day I became scared and called 911 for protection from the CIA. The police took me to a mental hospital. After telling them my story, they committed me fora week. Mother's day came and went. The brainbomb was either a dud or they just had me believe that it was there.After I got out of the mental hospital, I wrote a letter to an old girlfriend.In the letter, I said that I knew about the Value Jet plane crash before it happened, and that the CIA caused it. The envelope was postmarked the day of the crash, AM. The crash was in the afternoon, and a week before I mailed the letter.Vince told me about the postmark too.I remember Vince saying that it was all just a mind control experiment. It wasoperation: mindcrime. The experiment was to see who would kill and how many. Those that didn't kill would go insane. Vince said that they were going to sendan HIV positive guy to cut my hair and that he would cut me on the neck and I would think that he was trying to give me HIV. That happened just before I remembered the insider trading scheme. I almost killed the guy. Instead, I went to the police. I then planed to kill him anyway, but didn't.

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