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Earthquake [Abbottabad] of 2 March 1878

Earthquake [Abbottabad] of 2 March 1878

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Published by Sujit Dasgupta
Descriptive account of an earthquake that struck western Himalaya (India and Pakistan) on 2nd March, 1878
Descriptive account of an earthquake that struck western Himalaya (India and Pakistan) on 2nd March, 1878

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Published by: Sujit Dasgupta on Sep 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Notes on the Earthquake in Punjab of March
Page 131- 140
A.B. Wynne
F.G. S.
Earthquakes in the Punjab are not uncommon, but little effort seems to have been made torecord their occurrence in any way that might prove useful; indeed as a rule they areneither sufficiently frequent nor pronounced to leave more than a passing impression,though the directions from which the undulations come are occasionally noticeable, anddoubtless, with proper appliances, they would form an interesting study
On the 2nd of last March the most severe shock which has occurred within the memoryof the present generation, so far as I can learn, affected the whole of the northern part of the province. With regard to it I have collected a few notes which I offer more as a recordof the event than as an exhaustive or abstrusely scientific treatment of the subject.Accurate details concerning so huge an area are not within the reach of every one tocollect, and I have had a little difficulty in learning even so much as I have put together.Some of this information has been derived from personal observation, some from theaccounts given by friends or acquaintances, and some from the reports in the ‘Pioneer”newspaper, and “Civil and Military Gazette.”It may be as well to give the localities from which information has been received in theform of a list, with the hour of the shock, where known, reduced to Madras time, and theduration of the earth-movement, opposite.
 Punjab Earthquake of March 2nd,
Locality Hour felt(Madras time)*Duration Sound wave AuthorityBannu Uncertain Uncertain None R. Uday Esq.,DeputyCommissioner Kohat About noon About 2 minutes No information Major SwintonBrowne 6
P.I.Kohat Noon, Madras(11.37 Station)Uncertain Rumbling sound Major Ross, 1
 Siks per Capt.Plowden, C.S.Peshawar About noon Over a minute Noticed Capt. M.S.Wynne,81
Regiment Naoshera No details …… ……. ReportedHoti Mardan No details Major Stewart-GuidesAttock About noon Over a minute Unnoticed Capt. C.F. Massy,C.S.Abbottabad Noon 1 minute 50secondsUnnoticed PersonalRawalpindi Immediately after noonOver a minute No sound Dr. Henderson,Col. Surgeon…. …. …. Sound noticed Mr. P…..Jhelum Noon Uncertain No sound Buchanan Scott,Esq., R.E.Murree Noon ½ a minute to 3minutesUnrecorded Rev. Mr. Corbyn,Mr. W.L. HolmanLahore 11.56 A.M. 3 minutes …. Civil and MilitaryGazette, Mar. 4
 1878Lahore About noon ? Unrecorded ….. “Pioneer” March6thLahore 12.50 P.M. Unrecorded ….. R. Dick, Esq.Ferozpur Unrecorded 5 minutes Noticed, loud DittoSimla 12h 1 m ? 9 minutes Unrecorded DittoMasuri Unrecorded No Information No Information “Pioneer Mar.1878
* Madras time according to, Frontier authorities is 23 minutes faster than the local limekept, by witch Station guns are fired.A few days before the greater shock, I felt an earthquake at Abbottabad,on February 26th, at 3.40 P.M. It was of the kind usual in these parts, lasted only a fewseconds
and did no damage. A sharp shock was reported in the “Pioneer” to haveoccurred at Kangra on the 19th of March (after the greater one), and others occurred inHazara—on March 29th at 7 P.M..; on April 4th at 6.11 A.M., (a short and sharp one); onApril 19th at 5.9 A.M.
a more considerable one; on April 21st at 9.20 (all local, notMadras time, for which add 23 minutes) A.M.., lasting about five seconds. That of April19th was, though short, rather severe yet insufficient to bring down tall chimneys at

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