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Published by Zeynel1

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Published by: Zeynel1 on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Einstein realizes that force is not a built-in feature but a bug.Physicists invent elaborate scholastic speculations and call themmost elegant and beautiful physical theories.Einsteinian geodesic.
a good bureaucrat Einstein never defined a label he didn’t likeand always explained simple with more complicated and when he wanted to eliminate Newtonian force from physics instead hedumped into physics another bucketful of labels.At the end herealized that all those forces,fields,spacetimes,fabrics and theirspecies that he defined during a long career were all for naught,theold Einstein admitted what we already know,that he merely redis-covered Cartesian vortices. The label he defined as a replacement for force,the geodesic,proved to have staying power and when the species of vacuums,potentials,foams and spacetimes are not sufficient physicistsinvoke the geodesic as a last resort universal label which says all without saying anything—which also defines general relativity.Einstein misunderstood both Newton’s concept of inertia andEuclidean definition of line.He combined these two misunder-standings with two others—his confusion of chronos withchronometry and space with distance—and built a theory on them.He imagined that he could replace Newton by replacing Newton’sforce with Einsteins geodesic,instead he merely created a duality in the code and invented the masterpiece of modern scholasticism.General relativity is the greatest achievement of modern
scholastics and even established cosmology as a legitimate scholas-tic field.Einstein thought that if he wrote the Poisson equation with plenty of indices it could perfectly explain the motions of massless point masses which make up a universe.Physicists are abunch with dark sense of humor and labeled these figments of Einstein’s imagination dust and it became a kind ofin-joke inphysics departments to find methods to explain in most elegant ways imaginable the philosophical atrocities introduced by Einstein.And they succeeded beautifully.General relativity con-tains more sophistical and ad hoc concepts than all of the previousscholasticisms put together.The joke was lost to the next genera-tion who learned this childish and irrelevant view of the universefrom textbooks.Soon there were more Doctors of Philosophy onGeneral Relativity than there are String theorists today.The theo-ry turned out to be very successful in accommodating the careers of millions of relativists:it is infinitely inflatable with new notation.Each generation of physicists showed their mastery of mathemat-ics by discovering one or two solutions of their own by drawingfrom the infinite solutions well of Einstein’s partial differentialequations.Just sprinkle with your own notational salt and pepperand publish it in your preferred peer reviewed journal and as youmove up in physics bureaucracy you may even get recognition from your peers by seeing your name attached to one of those transfor-mations that you improved on.Don’t worry that by advancing yourcareer by multiplying superfluous labels you take physics to dark ages. The European Middle Ages are assumed to be the dark scholas-tic times when science was non-existent,compared to today they seem very enlightened.Then there was just one definition of time,in today’s General Relativity at least five of them exist dependingon who you ask on which day of the week.Each flavor of time was
invented to patch up some failure of the theory because physicistsassume that when an experiment contradicts General Relativity theexperiment must be wrong and they invent a new label to save thetheory which gets more and more scholastically elegant with eachfailure.Einstein capitalized on an apparent failure of the Newtoniantheory and added a minor ad hoc term to Newton’s equations tosave mercury’s perihelion but in order to call the resulting equationEinstein’s theory he wrote long metaphysical commentaries onstandard scholastic subjects of space,time,universe,inertia,and justlike Newton did regarding Kepler’s law,he tried to enforce by prop-aganda that his ad hoc term was an inevitable consequence of hisreligious,metaphysical and mystical speculations.Newtonsscholastic discussions on space and time had no relevance on hisastronomical calculations,ditto for Einsteins.General Relativity is a byproduct of the structure of theEuropean society and it is an amalgam of cultural,social,psycho-logical,religious and bureaucratic elements,Einstein the scholasticprofessional weaved a Gothic philosophical and mystical webaround Kepler’s third law and sold it as a physical theory.This is what modern physicists,the academic professionals and neo-scholastics,understand by a physical theory.Physicists say that eventhough they are professionals they are not scholastics because afterthe Newtonian scientific revolution they repented and became sci-entists.This is their propaganda,they still produce elaboratescholastic forms and call them physical theories and prove them by polemical experiments.Even a concept of proof or a contradiction does not exist inscholasticism and therefore in physics.A physicist can prove or dis-prove anything by ideological definition,which is his main tool.If  you say to a physicist that Cavendish never measured the

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