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High Tech Engen Poweroil Tech Specs Edited

High Tech Engen Poweroil Tech Specs Edited

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Published by Meddie Edodollon

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Published by: Meddie Edodollon on Sep 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 T  T hheeHH A  A SSSSEESSoo f  f DDrrii v  v iinngg:: 
is an engine treatment formula that helps prevent engine wear and tear, eliminates smoke belching, ensures a passing smoke emission test result, increases engine performance,guarantees absolutely no overheating/engine knocking even without radiator water and engine oil. At the same time it saves you a lot of money by changing your engine oil every 30,000 kms instead of every 5,000 kms and most important of all, saves fuel consumption from 20% up to 50%! Furthermore, it is the only known product in the world that boasts of the latest advances in tribology combined with nanotechnology & the only product in the world known to cure flood-submerged engines! 
Treatment for Flood-submerged, water-exposed engines
:Engines exposedto flood have water retention even after oil change and engine flushing. This
makes your car drivable but UNSAFE. The residual water in the engine can’t be
eliminated by any mechanic unless they use
. This ensures that water
won’t do any damage in the engine.
Performance Coating against Overheating
:Normally, Ceramic Coatings costPhP25,000 minimum & Molybdenum Coatings cost PhP50,000 minimum!
costs only PhP2,800 (Philippine Price) and out-performs all types ofracing performance coatings for it has the highest threshold for friction and heat,thereby guaranteeing no engine stoppage!!!
Metal Shield against Heat Absorption
:Metal surfaces, as do other forms ofmatter, expand after absorbing heat and for the engine, this spells cracking of thecylinder block leading to engine breakdown and engine stoppage.
 forms a protective shield AROUND, WITHIN & IN BETWEEN the atomic spacesof metal that even the highest temperature could not penetrate it, therebyprotecting all the metal parts of the engine from destruction via heat! Yes thismakes our product the only product in the world with nanotechnology!
Power Provider
:Metal surfaces in contact with each other are inhibited byfriction and this is the reason why we use lubricants. The viscosity of
isunlike anything else in the world that it allows metal parts to move freelysmoothly and faster! Plus, since the metal parts absorb no heat at all, thecombustion is beyond par! These two factors make the engine perform betterincreasing the power by at least 25%! Even a Kia Pride properly treated with
could outrace an untreated Honda Civic in acceleration! Other engineoils, oil additives and engine treatment formula stop at a maximum of 80psi while
won’t stop even at a torque of 221psi and over!!!
Fuel Saver
:Since the engine does not have a hard time moving and since thereis better combustion, fuel economy is at its best! Experience at least 20% to amaximum of 50% savings in fuel whenever you use
Engine Oil Life Extender
:Carbon deposits, sludge & contaminants make theengine oil less lubricating, thereby making the consumers change oil every 5,000kms.
efficiently handles this problem by altering the viscosity of theengine oil to a most efficient level that changing oil for those using our enginetreatment formula is recommended at least every 30,000kms! In fact, in thePhilippines, Tritran Bus Company certified that because of our product, they nowchange every 48,000kms! Even BBL Bus Company does the same practicebecause of our product!
Worry-Free Driving
offers maintenance-free driving for you wonthave to check the level of engine oil or radiator water!
is the onlyproduct in the world that could make a vehicle run without oil and water! So even
if you’re driving to the provinces, you won’t have to worry about an exploding
radiator hose or a leaking oil gasket, because even if you run out of water or oil,we guarantee no engine stoppage! Therefore, you could still go home! Nothingcould be more comfortable than this! If safety and comfort could be bought, thenbuy
High Tech Engen Poweroil is marketed in some countries under a different brand name as requested by the companies under contract with us who got franchise rights.
In the Philippines, POWEROIL was formerly marketed asPower For Infinity!
Specific Gravity, 60°F 1.05-1.10Appearance Opaque BrownFlash Point, (ASTM D-92) °F >230Fire Point, (ASTM 1190) °F >250Viscosity, @ 40 °C (ASTM D-445), SUS 137Odor Mild Petroleum OdorNon-Volatile, WT % 39Copper Corrosion Test 1ATotal Base Number (TBN), KOH/g 320
Falex E.P. (ASTM D 3233) 3500 mm4 Balls E.P., ASTM D 2596, weld point, Kgf. 8004 Ball Wear, ASTM D 2266, scar diam., mm(40 Kg, 1299 rpm, 75°C, 1 hr), 10% in 10W30 Motor Oil 0.36
Rust Test Rating, ASTM D 1 743, rating PASSSalt Fog, ASTM B 1 1 7, hours to failure, 1 mil d.f.t. >300
Bearing Life, ASTM D 3527, hours 100Bomb Oxidation, ASTM D 942 psi drop after 1,000 hours 9.0
De-ionized Water GOOD300 ppm Hard Water GOOD
Gasoline, Diesel or Propane Engines
(First Application) 6% 59.15 ml/liter(Subsequent Applications) 3% 29.57 ml/liter
Other Applications
Hydraulic Systems 5% 44.36 ml/literGear Boxes 5% 44.36 ml/literManual Transmissions 5% 44.36 ml/literAutomatic Transmissions 1% 9.76 ml/literTransfer Cases 5% 44.36 ml/literDifferentials (except posi-trac) 5% 44.36 ml/literPower Shift 3% 29.57 ml/liter4-Stroke with Wet Clutch 3% 29.57 ml/literPower Steering Units 5% 44.36 ml/liter

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