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All My Sons

All My Sons



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Published by Emily Gong
A general bulleted summary of "All My Sons"; some analysis at the end, but mostly just plotline notes
A general bulleted summary of "All My Sons"; some analysis at the end, but mostly just plotline notes

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Published by: Emily Gong on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Emily GongAP English Notes:
All My SonsCharacters: Joe Keller
- a heavy man nearing sixty, a retired businessman andboss; considerably uneducated, but fends off of knowledge gainthrough experience and age
Kate Keller
-in early fifties, a woman of uncontrolled inspirations andan overwhelming capability for love
Chris Keller
-Keller’s second oldest son, cautious and reserved, seeksAnne to marry
Ann Deever
- Keller’s girlfriend and estranged daughter of SteveDeever, who has been convicted of murder for twenty-one pilotsbecause he knowingly shipped out cracked mechanical parts
George Deever
- same age as Chris, a passionate man who lathesKeller from circumventing his punishment
Dr. Jim Bayliss
- nearing forty, “very self-controlled man”; verypractical, realistic man; scorns Frank’s supernatural suspicions anddismisses his horoscope readings as valid information
Sue Bayliss
- also around forty, Jim’s wife, a rather chubby, quirkylady; serious, and stern
Frank Lubey
-thirty-two, opinionated man, a superstitious man whoworks on Larry’s horoscope on Kate’s request
Lydia Lubey
- twenty-seven, robust, joyful
a young neighborhood boy, extremely playful, likes to play copsand detectives
Act 1
First few to be introduced are the men; their conversationretained nothing of mild importance; Keller states that he’s moreinterested in society wants than in the daily news
Keller cites how communal respect to a questionable occupationhas changed: “in my day, there was no such thing…either youwere a layer, or a doctor, or your worked a shop”
Mentions Larry Keller; his tree has fallen down, a victim to viciousgales
Frank reads horoscopes and tells Keller about how Kate hasasked him to figure out whether the day Larry reported missingwas a favorable day; find out if Larry has really died
 Jim and Frank get in a spit fight as Jim attacks Frank about hishoroscope readings
 Jim alludes to Ann Deever, whose father previously had own andlived in Jim’s house
Sue interrupts the men’s conversation with an announcementthat Jim’s patient is on the phone; she is very serious and distant
to her husband; there is no apparent sign of love or affectionbetween them
Her mention of “ten dollars”- concludes that money and financeis one of her priorities
Lydia comes in, after which Sue leaves
briefly mentions toKeller about Anne’s previous love, the late Larry Keller
Bert runs in and reports to Keller, doing his “police” duties; healso wants to see a jail in Keller’s house
Keller is anxious over Kate’s possible reaction to the overturnedtree; Chris interrupts and clarifies that Kate has already seen thefallen tree while sleepwalking outside at four in the morning
Kate has shown similar abnormal behavior before [after Larry’sdeath]
Chris wants to confess to her mother about Larry’s death; hebelieves she will prove to be an obstacle during his proposal toAnnie Deever because she highly acclaims that Ann will remainfaithful and wait for Larry
Chris denounces his frequent retreat from getting things that hewants
Keller plays on Chris’s characteristic and tries to persuade himnot to provoke Kate with the news; he picks on Chris’s lack of charisma for other women and constantly states Kate’s instability
Chris hints at the possibility of his leaving the town to marry Ann;Keller is distraught at this and manages to placate Chris
Kate enters the scene; Chris goes to retrieve the potatoes thatKeller thought were garbage
Kate begins mumbling about how everything seems to happenthat month, about Larry
She recalls her dream about Larry suddenly plunging from thesky and then reprimands Keller for planting a tree in Larry’sremembrance too soon [she completely denies that Larry isdead]
Kate questions Keller about Ann’s sudden reappearance; she stillbelieves that Ann is waiting for Larry
Keller refutes Kate’s belief 
Kate links Anne’s reappearance with the broken tree and alludesthat Larry might not be dead; she insists that Keller believe it andthat he, of all people, must keep faith (foreshadowing)
Kate shuns Bert away, outraged at Keller’s promoting a “jailbusiness”
Anne goes admiring her old home and meets Doc. Bayliss; shehas reminiscences
Anne is astounded when she discovers that Larry’s clothes andshoes are all shined
Anne and Kate argue over doubts of Larry’s survival
Anne has zero-tolerance for her father---she does not care muchif he gets off on parole or not
Readers find out about the exculpation of Keller and theconviction of Deever
Keller praises his hypocritical action to Anne and tells her to tellDeever (estranged father) about what he said
Kate urges Anne to be silent about her belief that her father mayhave murdered Larry; she still cannot accept his death
Keller tries to coax Chris and Anne to stop blaming andcondemning Deever
he hid the cracks in a large batch of cylinder heads
Keller exits into his house, out of the scene; Chris and Annintimately chat about their previous years; they are obviously inlove
Chris clarifies his reluctance of openly loving Anne; he wasashamed of living for himself when thousands of men died foreach other at war
Keller interrupts and notified Anne that he brother has called
Keller seems peeved and unnerved
asks Chris if Anne cameback with other intentions
He is extremely pragmatic and has done everything to gain acorpulent fortune and win what he desires
Keller wants Chris to declare that he is not ashamed of hisfather’s money
Anne announces that her brother, George, will be coming
Katie cautions Keller to be careful- a feel of great apprehensionand suspense- Is there more to Keller?
Act 2
Kate brings snacks and expresses her worries to Chris: is there apossibility of reinvestigating the case?
Chris and Anne have yet to tell Kate about their engagement
Sue enters and talks to Anne; Doc. Bayliss has gone to pick upGeorge; she asks that Anne and Chris move away from townbecause “Chris makes people want to be better than it’s possibleto be”
Sue’s true intentions and feelings are unraveled when she ventsout how she abhors living near the Keller family (the “holy”family)
Anne is disturbed by Sue; she asks for an answer from Chrisabout his father’s innocence

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