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Published by Emily Gong

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Published by: Emily Gong on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Student Name
AP US History
Period 2
February 18, 2008
Chapter 29.1: The Cold War
DQ #8: Tension between the US/GB and the Soviets was evident throughout WWII, despite the
fact that the USSR was an ally. What issues caused the tension? How important was the
Eastern Front to the outcome of the war in Europe?
Causes of Tensions b/w US/GB & Soviets
A.Prevalent Resentment in America towards Communism
\u2022starting at Bolshevik Revolution (1917)---Wilson\u2019s support of Whites against Reds\ue000result: Red
\u2022Refusal of recognition of Soviet Union until 1933
B.Difference in Post-War Vision
\u2022America---embarked in Atlantic Charter (1941)
\ue001nations abandoned their traditional beliefs in military alliances & spheres of influence;
\ue001 govern interrelations with democratic processes w/international organization (later,
United Nations) serving as arbiter of disputes & protector of each country\u2019s right of self
\u2022Soviet Union & G. Britain
\ue001though both signed the Atlantic Charter, both uneasy about the implications of self-
\ue001Soviet Union---create secure sphere in Central & Eastern Europe as protection against
possible future aggression from West
\ue001Post-War European Structure: great powers control areas of strategic interests to
them---similar to traditional European dichotomy of power
C.Wartime Diplomacy
\u2022Casablanca, Morocco (1943)--- G. B. & America refused for immediate opening of second front
in western Europe- Stalin\u2019s most important demand
\ue001instead assured Stalin that they would only cease involvement in war with an
unconditional surrender from Axis power
\u2022Teheran Conference (Iran)- Division of Poland among Big Three---Future of Post-War
\ue001Roosevelt & Churchill---willing to allow Stalin to annex some originally Polish territory
\ue001G.B. & America\ue000support Polish gov\u2019t-in-exile in London; Stalin: pro-communist exiled
government in Lublin (Soviet Union)
D.Yalta Conference (February 1945)---Vague Compromises
\u2022Poland---Stalin already installed pro-communist gov\u2019t; Roosevelt envisioned democratic gov\u2019t
similar to America
Stalin agree that unspecified number of pro-Western Poles (\u201cLondon\u201d) would be
granted place in gov\u2019t

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