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The Prophet's Prayer by Sheikh Nasiruddin Albani

The Prophet's Prayer by Sheikh Nasiruddin Albani

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Published by Riaz Ali

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Published by: Riaz Ali on Sep 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No Copyrights
This book can be printed or reproduced or utilized in any form orby any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known orhereafter invented, including photocopying and recording, withoutprior permission from the publishers for the sake of spreading theTrue Teachings of Islam.
IntroductionFacing the Ka bahStanding (Qiyaam)The Intention (An-Niyyah)The TakbeerThe Recitation (Al-Qiraa'ah)The Bowing (Rukoo)The Prostration (Sujood)The Second Rak'ahThe TashahhudThe Third and Fourth Rak'ahsThe Qunoot in the Witr PrayerThe Final TashahhudSupplicating Before the Salutation.The Salutation and its TypesAppendix One - Soorah al-FaatihahGlossary of Terms
IntroductionAll praise is for Allaah. We praise Him, we seek His aid, and weask for His forgiveness. We seek Allaah's refuge from the evils ofourselves and from our evil actions. Whomsoever Allaah guidesthen none can misguide him, and whomsoever Allaah misguidesthen none can guide him. I testify that none has the right to beworshipped except Allaah, alone, having no partner, and I testifythat Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger. To proceed:Then it was suggested to me that I should undertake anabridgement of my book, Sifat Salaatin-Nabiyy
minat-Takbeerilat-Tasleem Ka'annaka Taraahaa, “A Description of the Prophet's
 Prayer from the Takbeer to the Tasleem as if You Were Seeing It,”and that I should shorten it and rephrase it for it to be moreaccessible to the common people.So I saw this to be a favorable suggestion, and it agreed with what Imyself had felt for a long time. I had also frequently heard suchadvice from brothers and friends. So this encouraged me to allocateto it a small part of my time which is crowded with knowledgerelated work and research. So I hastened, as far as my ability andefforts allowed, to carry out the suggestion, whilst asking theGuardian Lord, the One free of all imperfections and the MostHigh, that He should make it an action done purely and sincerelyfor His Face, and that He should cause it to be of benefit to mybrother Muslims.In it I have quoted some extra points of benefit additional to what isto be found in Sifatus-Salaat. These were matters that came to myattention and I saw that it would be appropriate to mention them inthe abridgement.

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