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Film Shoot Advice

Film Shoot Advice

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Published by Der Rick
Film Shoot Advice
Film Shoot Advice

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Published by: Der Rick on Sep 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Film Shoot Words of Advice
Before you shoot:
Make sure you have all the necessary equipment (see checklist)
Be certain you bring your storyboards and shot list, and consult them regularly
Provide all talent with scripts, and all crewmembers with shot lists
Establish a set shooting schedule and pass it out to everyone involved
Charge batteries
Secure locations well before arriving on set
Be sure to take down and distribute contact information of all involved
If the shoot is long, schedule breaks and provide food
Maintain a positive attitude and always demonstrate faith in the project, evenduring times of doubt and concern
Don’t panic; always think on your feet and have an alternative plan for everything
Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong; prepare for it 
While you shoot:
Bring talent and crewmembers together first and inform everyone of what is to beexpected by the end of the shooting day
Demonstrate the trust you have in everyone and the faith you have in the project
Double-check feed and take in changing bag
Tape magazine
Be sure that the film is running through the gate and the door is closed
Reset the length counter 
Be sure that the viewfinder is in focus
Tape down any cables that are in the way
Do not settle for cutting corners
Allow accidents to happen and enhance the work
Always say “Roll Camera,” “Speed,” “Action,” and “Cut.”
Take light readings before every shot and be sure the proper stop is set
Do not abandon the slate
Coverage, coverage, coverage
If there is any doubt whatsoever, do another take
Be sure to direct with clarity and detail
Rehearse thoroughly all shots with talent before shooting
Empathize and understand the perspective of talent and crewmembers
Do not criticize, belittle, or insult anyone
Always be optimistic and constantly faithful to the work
Be sure everyone is on the same page, understands the project, and sees it theway you do
Be mindful of others, but do not compromise a shot for their short-term benefit
Set a specific timetable updated as obstacles are introduced and adjustaccordingly
Be realistic but always aim for better, not less

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