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Chapter 3 v1

Chapter 3 v1

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Published by Nimra Savanghan

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Published by: Nimra Savanghan on Sep 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter ThreeThe boy pointed the gun right at adalina
s head.
Prove it
he snarled.Giselle held my hand and squeezed it. The boy did not lower his gun.
 “Pls listen..” 
dimitri started coming forward. The boy whisked out another gun with his left hand andpointed it at dimitri.
t even think about it.” He barked menacingly.
My throat was dry with fear and uncertainty.
What have we gotten ourselves into
 “Please let
us go” Giselle starts talking. “We are just looking for a boy.. He was chased by two soldiers..”  “You know isam?” He asks lowering the guns.
Adalina unbuttons her top and flashes a tattoo marked on her left collarbone.
 “We are with the alliance. Where is isam?” she asks calmly.
The boy looks around us.
 “There is no one else” adalina reassures him “Follow me” he says as he walks deep into the woods.
Like isam, the boy has tattoos all over his arms. His black vest is drenched with sweat and a dark splatterof blood.He locks both guns and tucks one in his back and the other on the belt around his waist.We follow him about a mile into the woods and stop near a tent.Two lifeless bodies lie on the ground.Blood, all around them. I feel bile come up my throat. Giselle was already throwing up. I press a palmonto my nose and mouth to keep the smell away. When I turn to look at dimitri, he looks surprisinglycalm.Another boy in a grey military uniform walks out of the tent with isam. They are both holding the deadsoldier
s rifles.Adalina runs towards isam and they talk in whispers.The three of us stick together, unsure what to do or say. Any wrong move could get us killed. Thesestrangers have manipulated us into committing a crime. Murder. We could be trialed and killed forparticipating in this. And soldiers. This doubles the crime. All I wanted was to reach division 5 and look fora better life.I close my eyes and try to think about a cheerful memory from my childhood.My tenth birthday.Butterfly cakes.A Pink dress.The yellow flowers in my hair.
It compliments your eyes
my mother whispersI feel tears swell up when I open my eyes. I reach inside my shirt and feel the locket around my neck.Adalina comes towards us her face full
of dismay. “I am sorry you had to witness this. But we had no
choice. They had to die.. for our safety . we have been running for a while now. Isam was a soldier in
division 1 along with Alessio and Zarek” 
Alessio, the boy who threatened to shoot at first.He is tall and built like an ox. But his face looks kind. Almost childlike, with his baby blue eyes and blondehair.Zarek was the boy dressed in uniform. It was hard to tell if he has any tattoos, his uniform sleeves fitright to his elbow. He was taller than isam and alessio and well built, with dark skin and dark curly hair.
 “So the alliance has been formed already?” dimitri asks, his eyes full of curiosity. “Are
you all a part of it?
Where was it formed and when ?”  “It
s been around for a long time” zarek says. His voice is so deep, I can barely understand him. “We have been travelling back and forth looking for recruits. People whom we can trust.”  “So then why
did you join the ministries army?” Dmitri asked. “That is the only way we can get ourselves a proper military training” alessio says. “
Only way we can have access to their defense systems and study it “ “Why are you doing this?” I ask. I need to know w
hy. Because from where I come, everything is perfectlyfine apart from old buildings and the lack of a transportation system. My family was content, even thoughI wanted more.Why rebel now after all these years? The fact that I wanted something better for myself does notreally mean I want to fight against the ministry? They haven
t been cruel to anyone. Not that I know of anyway.
 “Is it because they have been selfish?” I continue. “Because they want only the top 5 –“ “Can someone shut her up already” isam snapped. “We
t have time for pri
ncess to figure things out” 
I felt my face burn with embarrassment. Giselle held my hand and shook her head as if to say
Don’t say a word 
 “Well, that is a very subtle approach to the bigger picture” alessio says as he starts to clean his gun. “The
ministry has been planning something big for a long time. They consist of very powerful men andadvisories. Most of them have been born into this and keep rotating within the year of power.They only work for the benefit of themselves and their followers. They even existed before the apocalypseunder a different order. They used the apocalypse to bring the order together and stay united to rebuild
whatever was left here. But their concern was only for themselves and nothing else.”  “They are planning another war” isam said flatly. “They know the other divisions will not bare thediscomfort for long. So before they do, they plan to eliminate it.” 
I turn to Giselle and dimitri
you know about this?” I ask “It was only a rumor” Dmitri says shaking his head. “I
never knew an alliance existed “
 “We joined the army, gained training and formed this alliance to protect people. After all we are allsurvivors.” Zarek booms. “Do you wish to join us?
adalina asks softly.I shudder to think what happens if we don
t.Will they kill us if we walk away now? Giselle who was holding my hand right through out, let it slip awayand raised a palm.
 “I will join you “ “Me too. I will join you” Dmitri says
They all turn to me awaiting my decision.I think about my family back home. If what they say is true. We are all going to perish soon.And now I actually have the chance of doing something about it. About changing,
lives. Aboutchanging
 “I will join you. And help you protect humanity” 
****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******I am running so fast my chest hurts. I keep running, and my feet hit a puddle of mud.I am too afraid to turn around and I know
s right behind me. Reaching out to me, with
s twistedhands. The sound of 
s dragging feet and garbled voice fills my ears.How far have I run? It doesn
t matter, I keep running.I slow down when I see a fork road. I have to choose one to continue my journey.Without hesitation I run down the road to my left, through a set of thick bushes and then hit a dead end.A cliff. I am at the edge of a cliff.I turn back and see the twisted bloodied body walk towards me ,
s arms outstretched.Either I die in
s arms or I die from the fall.My heart is pounds fast inside as it gets closer and closer.I wake up sweating and gasping for air. I look around and find Giselle and adalina asleep next to me,inside the tent. The faint strip of light indicates that its almost sun rise.I quietly walk out, and take small steps with my converse shoes towards the back of the tent.I spot a figure about a mile away near the lake.When I get closer, my heart sinks when I find isam sitting on a rock staring ahead.
Why Couldn’t it be anyone else
I thought,
maybe even Zarek. Even though he scared me.. a little.
 “Are you going back so soon” he asks when I turn to go back.
I turn back towards the lake biting my lip, feeling like a little child who was caught sneaking away from anempty jar of cookies.
 “No, I was just going to get a scarf ..” I said clearing my throat as moved closer to the rock. “it
s not that cold” he is yet to face me “In case it got cold “ I mutter as a feeling of awkwardness sweeps around me. “Do you always wake up this early” he asks me. The tone is his voice had
changed; maybe he was tryingto be friendly.

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