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Table Of Contents

1. Scope
2.1. Normative References
2.2. Informative References
2.3. How to Read this Document
3. Definitions and Abbreviations
3.1. Conventions
3.2. Definitions
3.3. Abbreviations
4. Introduction
4.1. Why Scripting?
4.2. Language Construction
4.3. Language Differences Regular Expression
5.2. Variable and Data Types
5.2.1. String Type
5.2.2. Numeric Types
5.2.3. Object Type
5.2.4. Other Types Undefined Null Boolean
5.3. Type Conversions
5.4. Execution Contexts
5.4.1. Variable Context
5.4.2. Dynamically Created Code
5.5. Language Syntax and Semantics
5.5.1. Expressions
5.5.2. Operators
5.5.3. Grammar and Syntax
6. Native (Built-in) Objects
6.1. Object Relationships
6.2. Object Management
6.2.1. Version Property
6.2.2. Object Enumeration
6.3. Global Object (parent Object)
6.3.1. Version History
6.3.2. Properties
6.3.3. Methods encodeURI() encodeURIComponent() decodeURI() decodeURIComponent() isFinite() isNaN() parseInt() parseFloat() toString() eval()
6.4. Array Object
6.4.1. Version History
6.4.2. Properties length
6.4.3. Methods concat() join() toString() pop() push() reverse() shift() slice() sort() splice() unshift()
6.5. String Object
6.5.1. Version History
6.5.2. Properties length
6.5.3. Methods toString() valueOf() charAt() charCodeAt() concat() indexOf() lastIndexOf() localeCompare() match() replace() search() slice() split() substring() toLowerCase(), toLocaleLowerCase() toUpperCase(), toLocaleUpperCase()
6.6. RegExp Object
6.6.1. Version History
6.6.2. Pattern Summary
6.6.3. Pattern Semantics
6.6.4. Properties source global ignoreCase lastIndex multiline
6.6.5. Methods exec() test() toString() compile()
6.7. Boolean Object
6.7.1. Version History
6.7.2. Methods toString() valueOf()
6.8. Number Object
6.8.1. Version History
6.8.3. Properties
6.8.4. Methods toExponential() toFixed() toLocaleString() toString() valueOf() toPrecision()
6.9. Math Object
6.9.1. Version History
6.9.2. Properties and Constants
6.9.3. Methods Integerizing Methods General Mathematical Methods Trigonometric Methods max() min() random()
6.10. Date Object
6.10.1. Version History
6.10.2. Time Range
6.10.3. Day Number and Time within Day
6.10.4. Properties
6.10.5. Methods getTime() getFullYear(), getUTCFullYear() getMonth(), getUTCMonth() getDate(), getUTCDate() getDay(), getUTCDay() getHours(), getUTCHours() getMinutes(), getUTCMinutes() getSeconds(), getUTCSeconds() getMilliseconds(), getUTCMillieconds() getTimezoneOffset() parse() UTC() setTime() setFullYear(), setUTCFullYear() setMonth(), setUTCMonth() setDate(), setUTCDate() setHours(), setUTCHours() setMinutes(), setUTCMinutes() setSeconds(), setUTCSeconds() setMilliseconds(), setUTCMilliseconds toString(), toLocaleString(), toUTCString() toDateString(), toLocaleDateString() toTimeString(), toLocaleTimeString() valueOf()
6.11. Error (Exception) Object
6.11.1. Version History
6.11.2. Constructor
6.11.3. Properties name message code
6.12. Native Error Objects
6.12.1. Version History
6.12.2. Native Error Types (Constants)
6.12.3. Constructor
6.12.4. Properties name message code
6.13. Unsupported Native Objects
6.13.1. Object object
6.13.2. Function object
7. The Language Environment
7.1. Reference Programming Model
7.1.1. Script Context
7.1.2. Generic Browser Context
7.1.3. Document Context
7.2. Script Invocation Mechanisms
7.2.1. Invocation via Navigation
7.2.2. <script> Element Definition Inline Execution Event-based (Deferred) Execution File-based Execution Scheme-based execution
7.3. Script Completion Mechanisms
7.3.1. Normal Completion
7.3.2. Aborted Completion
8. Events
8.1. XHTML Event Types
8.2. Event Binding
8.3. Event Object
8.3.1. Event Properties
8.3.2. Properties keyCode target timeStamp type
8.4. Reference Processing Model
8.4.1. Event Capture and Bubbling
8.4.2. Event Cancellation
8.5. Sample Code
9. Browser Host Objects
9.1. Global Object (window object)
9.1.1. Properties history navigator location document
9.1.2. Methods prompt() confirm() alert() setTimeout() clearTimeout()
9.2. Navigator Object
9.2.1. Version History
9.2.2. Properties appName appVersion userAgent
9.3. History Object
9.3.1. Version History
9.3.2. Properties length
9.3.3. Methods back() forward() go()
9.4. Location Object
9.4.1. Version History
9.4.2. Properties hash host href hostname pathname
9.5.1. Version History
9.5.2. Properties cookie close() write(), writeln()
9.6. Host Object Extension Mechanism
10. Browser XHTML DOM Objects
10.1. XHTML Document Object
10.1.1. Version History
10.1.2. Properties forms length links images (OPTIONAL)
10.1.3. Methods
10.2. Link Element Object
10.2.1. Version History
10.2.2. Properties hash host href hostname pathname port protocol search
10.2.3. Methods
10.3. Image Element Object (OPTIONAL)
10.3.1. Version History
10.3.2. Properties border height hspace name src vspace width
10.3.3. Methods
10.4. Form Object
10.4.1. Version History
10.4.2. Properties action elements enctype length (of the forms array) length (of a form object) method name
10.4.3. Methods reset() submit()
10.5. Text Input Object
10.5.1. Version History
10.5.2. Properties defaultValue form maxLength name size type value
10.5.3. Methods select() blur() focus()
10.6. Textarea Input Object
10.6.1. Version History
10.6.2. Properties cols form name rows type value
10.6.3. Methods blur() focus() select()
10.7. Password Input Object
10.7.1. Version History
10.8. Radio Input Object
10.8.1. Version History
10.8.2. Properties checked defaultChecked form length name type value
10.8.3. Methods click()
10.9. Checkbox Input Object
10.9.1. Version History
10.9.2. Properties checked defaultChecked form name type value
10.9.3. Methods click()
10.10. Submit Object
10.10.1. Version History
10.10.2. Properties form name type value
10.10.3. Methods click()
10.11. Reset Object
10.11.1. Version History
10.11.2. Properties
10.11.3. Methods click()
10.12. Select Element Object
10.12.1. Version History
10.12.2. Properties form length name options selectedIndex size type value
10.12.3. Methods add() remove()
10.13. Option Element Object
10.13.1. Version History
10.13.2. Properties defaultSelected form label selected text value
10.13.3. Methods
10.14. Button Element Object
10.14.1. Version History
10.14.2. Properties form name type value
10.14.3. Methods blur() click () focus ()
10.15. Screen Object (OPTIONAL)
10.15.1. Version History
10.15.2. Properties availHeight availWidth colorDepth height width
10.15.3. Methods
11. Browser DOM2 Core Objects firstChild lastChild previousSibling nextSibling attributes ownerDocument namespaceURI prefix localName
11.2.3. Methods hasAttributes() [DI] hasChildNodes() [DI] insertBefore() [SM] replaceChild() [SM] removeChild() [SM] appendChild() [SM] cloneNode() [SM]
11.3. DOM2 Document Object
11.3.1. Version History
11.3.2. Properties
11.3.3. Methods createElement() [SM] createTextNode() [SM] getElementsByTagName() [DI] getElementById() [DI]
11.4. NodeList Object
11.4.1. Version History
11.4.2. Properties length
11.4.3. Methods item() [DI]
11.5. Element Object
11.5.1. Version History
11.5.2. Properties tagName
11.5.3. Methods getAttribute() [DI] setAttribute() [DM],[SM*] removeAttribute() [DM] getElementsByTagName() [DI] hasAttribute() [DI]
11.6. Text (CharacterData) Object
11.6.1. Version History
11.6.2. Properties data length
11.6.3. Methods appendData() [DM] deleteData() [DM] insertData() [DM] replaceData() [DM] substringData() [DI]
Appendix A. Static Conformance Requirements (Normative)
A.1 Encoder/ Compiler Conformance
Appendix B. Change History (Informative)
B.1 Approved Version History
B.2 Draft/Candidate Version 1.0 History
Appendix C. Mapping WMLScript Libraries to ECMAScript-MP Objects (Informative)
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