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Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Vampires Will Never Hurt You



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Published by Brandy
I've lived a pretty average life up until now - I recently discovered I have a groupd of vampires out to kidnap me, my best friend is a werewolf assigned to protect me, and there's a whole other world of vampires and werewolves that I don't know about! And to top it off, Prom is two weeks away!
I've lived a pretty average life up until now - I recently discovered I have a groupd of vampires out to kidnap me, my best friend is a werewolf assigned to protect me, and there's a whole other world of vampires and werewolves that I don't know about! And to top it off, Prom is two weeks away!

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Published by: Brandy on Oct 06, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I was ninety nine percent positive I was dreaming for two reasons.One, I was standing in front of my parents - my mother with her curtain of auburn hair andamazing blue eyes, my dad next to her with his arm wrapped around her, his blonde hair messyas ever and eyes glinting a soft green. The only problem was the fact that they had been dead for almost three years.The second reason was because I was standing barefoot in the middle of a forestclearing, wearing a dress. The dress was a deep, almost blood red - the sort of dress you saw inpictures of old Hollywood on the women who loved to flaunt just how much money they reallyhad. It's silky rich fabric made my milky, almost translucent skin stand out even more in themoonlight shining down from the full moon almost directly above my head.Something glittering to my right caught my attention, my head turning only to find a pair of bright, golden eyes glinting at me in the darkness between two large trees. I took a step backinstinctively, the grass wet from dew between my toes. The eyes blinked, staring directly at me asif taking in my appearance. The creature who the eyes belonged to was obviously comtemplatingit's next move. I was hoping it wouldn't eat me - then again, it was a dream, so it probably wouldend up eating me, only for me to wake up in my own bed. Either way, I wasn't going to go downwith a fight.Then, the creature moved. It emerged from the trees, it's movements flawless as I madeout what type of animal it was. Or at least, I was pretty sure it was an animal.It was light gray, almost silvery in color. It was easily the size of a full-grown horse, it'slegs long and slender. It sat down at the edge of the trees, eyes still trained on me. I started asthe apparent wolf let out a long, very loud howl, creating goosebumps along my arms. A coolbreeze blew, whipping my hair about my face and causing it to sting my cheeks.Then it began toward me.It's movements were quick, so I barely had time to react. I turned and bolted out of theclearing, crashing through the trees. I tripped, stumbling over the twigs and rocks along the forestfloor, as well as the hem of the stupid dress. Branches and leaves tore at my face and arms,creating long scratched. I ran harder, faster, anything to get away from the creature. But no matter how fast I ran, it was still right behind me, snapping at my heels.Suddenly, I fell forward on my face as I finally tripped over the hem of the dress, flailingmy arms in an attempt to catch myself. The breath was knocked out of me as I landed hard onthe ground, a rock digging into my lower back through the dress. I winced and pushed myself uponto my elbows. The wolf was at my feet, sitting, waiting, and watching, as if daring me to make amove.I didn't.Frozen to my place on the ground, I didn't dare move, for fear the wolf would lunge andtear my leg off. Even if it was a dream, it would probably still hurt like hell. I winced slightly at thethought.The wolf's gaze switched after a brief second to something behind me that I could see.My heart was pounding deep in my chest, hitting against my ribcage in fear. My adrenaline wasrunning high, and I felt like my head was going to explode. I wanted to scream, cry, and run all atthe same time, but I remained frozen to my place on the ground.
Just let me wake up. Let mewake up. Let me wake up
. I repeated to myself in my head in a chant, my eyes shut tight.Something cold snaked around my waist and for a moment, I thought it was a snake. Myeyes snapped open, looking down to see a pair of arms wrapped tightly around me. The armslifted me up, away from the wolf, and the next thing I knew, I was flying.Or at least, it felt like it.Everything around me was suddenly blurred in one black, green, and brown streak. Thecold arms were now against my back and under my knees, their owner carrying me at aninhuman speed through the forest. I looked up, and a horrifying scream escaped my lips.The man carrying me was faceless.Nothing but a pale slate of marble-like skin greeted me when I looked at him. If you couldeven call it a him. It was more of an it. Yet, he had saved me from the wolf, which was nowcrashing through the trees a long way back, it's silvery form following after us as quickly aspossible.I shut my eyes.
When I opened them, it was morning, the sunlight streaming through the window andfalling across my bed. I groaned the second I realized it was a Monday, and I had to go to school.Wrapping myself in my blankets, I had full intentions of going back to sleep. However, that wasobviously not going to happen with the series of events that happened next.My bedroom door burst open, slamming back against the wall and even causing some of the pictures on my wall to rattle and my bedside lamp to shake. There was the sound of footstepspouding across the carpet toward my bed. There was silence for a moment, then somethingrather heavy landed dead center on my stomach, causing me to jerk up and twist out from under the object.Groggily, I stared at the object until my focus became clear. I sighed, realizing it was mylittle cousin Claire, still dressed in her pajama's and her dark blonde curls still in a frizzy, bedheadmess. I shook my head and sighed again - she was always way too hyper for mornings, unlikeme, who absolutely detested mornings. I wouldn't have to put up with them for much longer though. I was a senior in high school, with only two months left of school."Daddy says get up!" She grinned, bounding off my bed and out of my bedroom. FiguringI'd better get up before Logan came up here himself - which wasn't pretty; he usually gets a glassof water and dumps it on my head to wake me up - I rolled out of bed and onto my feet, still half-asleep.My stomach aching from where Claire had done her Spider-Man leap onto it, I grabbedmy school uniform and headed into the bathroom. The uniforms my school had were hideious -dark blue skirts and a white button up shirt with a dark blue tie and jacket to go along with it. Theywere required of all the students in my school district - a rule that had implied before I had gottenhere.I gazed at my reflection in the mirror as I brushed out the tangles in my auburn coloredhair, simply throwing it up into a ponytail to keep it out of my face during the school day - which Iwasn't looking forward to. I never looked forward to Mondays. Green eyes gazed around thebathroom, looking for my hairclip - then I realized Claire had it. Rolling my eyes, I headeddownstairs, the smell of pancakes wafting through the house and teasing my nose. Logan wasalready up and cooking my favorite breakfast - he had to be the best uncle in the world.I had been put into the care of my Uncle Logan when I was in my Sophmore year. I had,up until then, lived in the sunny, warm state of California in San Deigo with both of my parents.They had gone to dinner with the neighbors, leaving me at home to babysit the neighbor's twotwin boys - who were just little infants then. At about midnight, I found myself facing a policemanat the door, telling me my parents had died in a car crash, my neighbors were in critical condition,and my Uncle had been called to come out and take me to his house. According to my parentswill, I was supposed to be in his care anyway. Logan had instantly taken me back to Kentucky, tohis little town of Warsaw. I had lived here for almost three years now - and frankly, was gettingsick and tired of my boring life.Sighing, I made my presence known in the kitchen. Logan glanced up from his position atthe stove, gesturing to the stack of pancakes at one of the chairs."There you go kiddo." He grinned and I tried to smile back, but a yawn stopped me. He just shook his head with an eye roll, going back to cooking Claire's usual chocolate chippancakes. I prefered mine plain, with plenty of syrup and butter spread out across the top.After forcing down most of the pancakes, I raked the rest in the trashbin and placed myplate in the sink, reminding myself to do dishes when I got home from school. Logan wouldn't behere; He had to go to work. He owned a small resteraunt just outside of town called Stardust,where he also worked as chef. Part of why he was able to cook amazing meals at home too -always an advantage.Claire usually took the bus to school, so I didn't have to drive her - thankfully. Waving toher and kissing Logan on the cheek goodbye, I grabbed my messenger bag at the foot of thestairs that held my schoolbooks and notebooks before grabbing my keys off the peg and headingout the front door. Jogging down the little path to the driveway, I tossed my bag in the passenger'sseat of the little green Honda that was my car and climbed in the driver's seat myself, mentallypreparing myself for another Monday at school.Oh yay.
The drive to school took all of ten minutes, not including the small amount of traffic. Thetown of Warsaw was small - your usual small town where everyone knew who you were whether you wanted to know them or not. I pulled into the parking lot and into my assigned parking spacebetween an old stationwagon and a large pick-up truck in the shade of bright red. I stepped out of the car and grabbed my bag, heading for the school building ahead. Well, the side. Students wererequired to park in the side parking lot on the opposite side of the building where the teachersparked.The side of the building looked even better than the front in my opinion. Blue metal picnictables lined the stone path to the doors where seniors could come outside and eat lunch if theychose to. Students mingled out here before school, but I chose to head straight inside, with plansof getting through today with as little trouble as possible.As you entered the building through the side, to the left was the two level gym - well, itwas really only one level, but it had a second level sort of like a balcony that wrapped around thetop with extra bleachers to seat extra students or guests in case there wasn't enough room in thebleachers on the first level.To the right was the cafeteria, which you had to go through to get to the main part of thebuilding with the classrooms. Two whole walls were made of glass, one of the glass walls facingoutside, the other facing the hallway. Round tables that seated up to eight or more dotted thearea, where some students were sitting, mingling and eating breakfast. Some students weremaking their ways through the halls toward classrooms, wanting to get early starts.I was one of those people.My first class was the only one I looked forward to everyday - World History. I had a thingfor historical things, whether it was artifacts or an actual person. The Victorian Era was always myfavorite, but I enjoyed the other periods as well.Sighing, I took my seat in the middle of the room in the decrepit desk. My school fundingwas rather low, so we didn't have all that fancy smanchy stuff other schools had. But at least wehad desks, secondhand textbooks and all the important stuff. I pulled out my history textbook anda notebook, prepared to take notes if needed. The stragglers of the class began to file in, abouttwo seconds before the bell ring. My gaze was too focused on the doodles I was now making ona corner of my notebook to notice the new student that walked in very last, approaching the desk."....glad to have you in class Mr. Weston. Why don't you take a seat next to Miss. Taylor?"However, my head jerked up when Mr. Lewis mentioned my name. I looked at him for thebriefest of moments, then my eyes locked with the new student. I had to force back the gasp thatthreatened to escape my lips.He stood at about 5'8, dwarfing Mr. Lewis' 5'2 frame. His skin was deathly pale, as if hehad just woken up from being dead. His hair was a shaggy, messy, jetblack in color, contrastingagainst the color of his skin and his eyes. His eyes were a deep blue, reminding me of sapphires,but as he walked closer to me to take his seat, I noticed that there was strangely a few flecks of red in them. He looked as if he had leapt off the page from the history textbook, on the period of Greek History and the Gods they worshiped. His gaze switched to the dry-erase board up frontwhere Mr. Lewis was beginning to write down note we were supposed to be taking. Forcingmyself to look away, I flipped open my notebook and began to write in my chicken scratch that Icalled writing.So far, History was the only class I had the mysterious Mr. Weston in. I hadn't learned hisfirst name, but by the way the whispers about the new kid were flying through the halls, I figuredhis name would get to me soon enough. At lunch, he sat alone at a table in the corner of thecafeteria, and didn't eat. I tried hard not to look at him and I attempted to engross myself in theconversation I was having with my friend Vanessa, her boyfriend Kyle, and my best friend in theworld, Will. However, I felt his gaze on the back of my neck, causing the hairs there to stand onend."Something wrong Abby?"I turned, pulling myself from my thoughts as I realized Will was speaking to me. I shookmy head. Will had been my best friend since I had moved here - his dad worked with Logan at theresteraunt as a bartender, so we had met through them. He was extremely nice, and not exactlythe worst looking guy. Lightly tanned skin made his dark eyes stand out even more behind histhick lashes, which always made him look like he was wearing eyeliner. I always teased him

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