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Why Do I Always See the Time 11:11

Why Do I Always See the Time 11:11

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Published by D.Muruganand

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: D.Muruganand on Sep 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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by fatboystomps» Sat Mar 07, 2009 12:57 pmI'm always seeing thetime 11:11or 1:11, it is to the point now to
Forwarded Message:Subj:11:11Date:3/2/2006From Arthur To: JMason4557@aol.com Joe,About 15 years ago (it’s been so long, I’m not really sure exactly when it started), I began noticingthe time on digital clocks at 11 minutes after the hour. It was so uncanny as it kept happening – tothe point where I mentioned it to friends and family. No one took it seriously, but since it becamean almost hourly ritual, I decided to use that minute to just kind of relax, unwind from whateverstress might be occurring (though this is not something I always do anymore). As time passed, I didbecome oddly attached to the number “11” (eg, setting my bedroom clock 11 minutes fast; settingmy alarm to 11 after the hour; consciously setting the microwave to 1:11, instead of just oneminute; purchasing $20.11 of gasoline instead of 20; and on and on). And, believe me, when Inotice a clock at 11:11, I am actually somewhat elated (though sometimes it’s just amusing that ithappened again).I did wonder whether there may be some significance, but never pursued it. Until today, when I‘googled’ “11:11” and was amazed at how many sites came up. Nothing in particular prompted meto search today - just a momentary internet break from work.Anyway, all this is true. I have no idea what it means to me…but I do consistently see the number11 – especially on clocks. Sometimes I think I’ve biologically wired myself to look at the clock at 11after. Whatever it is, I am very intrigued that anyone else has experienced anything like this. I justthought it was my own little eccentricity. That’s it.Arthur R.Subj:HiDate:3/28/2006From: Gail To: JMason4557@aol.comHi Joe, I have just discovered your site on the number 11.11I too constantly see the number 11.11 on my digital clock and when i do it freaks me out.I think formost of my adult life, as far as I can remember I have seen this number and it always scares meand I don't know why. (I am 40 now). I told my husband how much it scares me and he justlaughed.I get the feeling that maybe it will be the time of my death, don't ask me to explain thatfeeling but I just do, very weird eh. Just thought i would share this with you as I have read many of the stories on your site and can totally relate to these people. I never worry about any othernumbers but when I see 11.11 I turn away from the clock and don't look back until I think it haschanged.I am from NSW Australia,t hanks for listening,
GailSubj:11:11Date:6/18/2006From Jimmy To: jmason4557@aol.comdear JoeI stumbled across your articles through various links from the David Icke website. i myself experience the 11:11 phenomena on a regular basis about once a day, sometimes twice a day forabout the last 3 years. I pretty much came to the conclusion that it was someone from the spritworld communicatingwith me to let me know "everything is ok" ( I have gone through some major changes recently).After reading your articles and other ones I have come to believe it means something more thanthat. A side note, I also see the number 12:12, 1:11 and 4:44 on a regular basis, just about everytime I look at a clock it reads one of these number combinations only when I am at home, becausethats where that digital clocks are.Could you give me some more insight into this, reading all these articles has just made meconfused as to what this all means, I realize its something spiritual or other dimentional but I amunsure what exactly it means, I am the only one of the people I know that experiences this andnothing major has happened to me, it just started after I began to delve into the idea of the 3-dreality being created in our minds and such, maybe that has something to do with it?sincerely JamesSubj:Date:6/14/2006From Rochelle To: JMason4557@aol.comHi.I have had 11:11 in my life for as long as I can remember. Even then while I wrote this email mypartner text me at 3.11, I pretty much share the samekinds of stories as most of the people that have been writing to you and feel relieved that there is acommunity of people that this is happeningtoo. I was getting the numbers so much that I thought that the universe was playing a practical joke on me so I went to see someone about it and shetold me that I am light worker and are here to help the world in some way. I am interested inunderstanding the relivence in the double numbers and howthey are related to being a lightworker. Thank youRochelleSubj:11:11 answersDate:6/22/2006From Jessica To: JMason4557@aol.com JMason,
i came across your email on this message board because i was researching the number 11. Formonths and months I have been seeing the number 11 EVERYWHERE! every time I look at theclock it is either 1:11..2:11..3:11...etc. Also i will randomly look up at a house while driving andthere will be a number 11 in the address. And even weirder... I was born at 11:11 am. This numberhas to mean something to me and i was hoping to find some answers and thought maybe youcould help. If you can tell me more about this number and why i keep seeing it, please email meback.thank you, JessicaSubj:Date:6/27/2006From Jason To: jmason4557@aol.comHello,I visited your website and read the things that people wrote. For a little over a week now I havebeen experiencing this 11:11 phenomenon. I thought it was coincidence at first, but it is reallystarting to scare me. I feel like it is a warning. I had a feeling similar to what one personwrote...like it was going to be my time of death or something.I thought I was borderline schizophrenic or something. Then, when I typed 11:11 into the searchengine (not expecting to find anything) and saw more than one site referring to this, a shiver wentthrough my entire body.I wasn't paying attention to the time a couple of nights ago, and was out in my garage smoking acigarette, when I heard a loud noise like a thud inside of my house....I thought it sounded like oneof my children fell out of bed or something....When I rushed in...of course there on the clock was11:11.I have had other strong spiritual experiences. I wouldn't admit this to many people, but in the pastI have seen demons on occasions. As well as angels. Would you please let me know of some other places where I can find more info on this subject?Like other websites, books, etc. I am really, really scared and I would like to find out more infoabout this. I am scared to go to sleep, in case something is going to happen at 11:11 but don't really want to be up then either, in case something is going to happen...If that makesany sense.Thank you very much for your time,JasonSubj:11.11Date:7/4/2006From Vanessa To: JMason4557@aol.com Can you help me?I live in Perth , Australia and I have been seeing 11.11 on digital clocks for over a year. I literallyfound out within the last weeks of months of its meaning. I still do not totally understand. I foundout the significance of this number is there is a connection to the Spirit World. I would love forthem to open to me to give me the meaning. I am happy to pass along messages or toacknowledge their presence if that is what they want from me. I guess my question is they arecontacting me, how do I communicate with them?I was stunned to find out it had a meaning. I thought everything was coincidental… I have beencommenting for a long while now to friends and relatives that I am seeing this number.

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