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Rotary Newsletter Aug 30 2011

Rotary Newsletter Aug 30 2011

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Published by David Keller

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Published by: David Keller on Sep 06, 2011
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Rotary Newsletter
Signature Event
Valley Flavors was Tasty!!
 “I think we have found our ‘Signature Event,” said last year’s partyorganizer,
John Shannon
. Sunday evening’s Valley Flavors held at theCampbell Community Center was a tremendous success.
David Keller
 and his crew of committee “volunteers” organized fabulous food, deliciouswine, musical entertainment, fun raffles and “Mystery boxes” all of whichcontributed to a first rate event. “Wow, you’ve got some heavy hittershere,” said Campbell Resident Keith Balch,noting that
Mayor Jason Baker
,Councilman Rich Waterman and Editor/Publisher Sally Howe were all inattendance. Balch, himself, is a BoardMember of the Campbell Heritage Theater.The Orchard City Banquet Hall wastransformed from “stark” to “festive andinviting” by
Kit Whitney
and her group of decorating volunteers.
Meera Chari
alsolent her professional expertise andconsiderable supplies to make the venue look first rate.Initial indications are that the event was also a successful fundraiser.Most of the proceeds of this year’s signature event will go toward many of Campbell Rotary’s Youth programs and scholarships.
Mr. Keller will have afull report to the club at today’s meeting. Big thank yous go to committeemembers
Kit Whitney, Mary Beth Seratt , Marv Bamburg, Meera Chari, DaveCrowley, Janine Payton, and John Shannon. And there would have been no eventwithout our awesome 'restaurant recruiters': Sue Klear, Jason Baker, Janine Payton,Ravi Chari, and Bill Ellington.
(See photos on page 2)
Come learn about all the excitinghappenings in our Rotary Districtat San Jose’s DoubleTree Hotelfrom 6:00 to 9:00 PM.
Help us out and/or donate a unitof blood at our annual “9/11Memorial Blood Drive” righthere at EMQ/FF. See
 Jerry Cummings
for details.
We help serve dinner at theEmergency HousingConsortium’s Center on LittleOrchard Drive (near “The Plant”shopping center.) 4:30 to 5:30PM
This year we have a newcategory of club event, “Dr.Sue’s Choice.” Be sure to behere for next Tuesday’ssurprise program!
AUGUST 30, 2011
Rotary Club of Campbell
Rotary in Action
RotaCare Dinner
RotaCare Bay Area, Inc. is planning a Benefit Dinner honoring Mr. John J. Fisher onNovember 10
The event will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose.
Twenty two years ago John Fisher was instrumental in the creation and establishment of RotaCare Bay Area,Inc..
It is because of John’s vision, determination and commitment that the organization now has11 clinics covering all parts of the San Francisco Bay Area.
The success of this event will be credited largely to our sponsors who will lend theirnames and financial support to the event. The money raised will provide much needed support tothe 11 free bay area medical clinics that John Fisher worked so hard to establish.
By participating as a sponsor, your organization will benefit from exposure through media campaigns andpromotional efforts. Contactwww.rotacarebayarea.org for sponsorship info or more details.Party goers enjoy delicaciesfrom The Mint Leaf.
Mayor Jason Baker w/ son and CouncilmanRich WatermanMember Neil Reid, always a winner to us,takes home the Wine Gift Package from theraffle.Member Bettina Kohlbrenner and MeeraChari add to the charm of the festivities.Member Mike Anderson samples a taste fromStefania Wines.The Mynt serves up some delicious samples. Award-winning film director, R. Allen Russellwith his lovely wife.The “mystery boxes” were a popular part of the fund-raising portion of the evening.Member Phil Nielsen with long time friendsPaul and Renee.Member Jennifer Carauddo brought herhusband and in-laws to enjoy the event.Thomas Kruse Winery provided somedelicious wines to go with the food.Guitarist Jim Fowler entertained throughoutthe event.
Did you attend Valley Flavors? I think mosteveryone did. There are a few people I want to thank forthe successful event:
Thank you to all of the organizers: David, Kit, Janine, Meera (shouldn't we have her become a member of our club?), Marv, John, Mary Beth, Ravi, Dave. It is likelythat I have forgotten someone(s) on the list, and for that Iapologize. I would also like to thank the spouses, significantothers and family members of these people who have hadto be in the forced labor camps (my title for helping out myparents in their coffee shop when I was a kid!) before,during, and after the event. I would like to thank thosemembers of the club who sold tickets to the event; thosemembers who came to the event with all of their delightfulguests; our terrific musician who gladly strummedthroughout the event.
David's soccer team, Janine's kids and friends fortheir hard work. I really like the idea of having teenhelpers. I would like to thank all of the people whodonated gifts to our drawings/raffles. The bags and boxeswere amazing. The winnings inside were great. I justdidn't win any of the big prizes. The slide show was great,I look forward to seeing it over and over and having itbigger and bigger as we have more events, gatherings, andfun in the future.
I would like to thank the guests that joined us. Iwould especially like to thank the restaurants that preparedand donated their faire, and the wineries who donated theirwines for our tastings. I can tell you which foods I reallyliked and which winery (well let me be honest, wineries) Ienjoyed the most, but I didn't get to every table. I have tostart my rounds earlier next year! The room was perfect,the tables were perfect, the decorations were perfect, thepaperwork was perfect, the gifts were amazing.
 We had dignitaries from Campbell City Counciland City Planners, Campbell Mayor Jason with his family,San Jose City Councilman Pete Constant, District 1, SallyHowe, Kiwanians, Rotarians from other clubs. Sally wasone of our first winners. Please thank them all for coming when you see them.
 Adam passed out at least 6 applications formembership; Ravi and Rick are already looking forward tobeing mentors/sponsors for prospective members. Oh yes,these were people from the wineries, you little devils!! I likea membership chair who is always prepared withbrochures, applications and the like with him at all times.I had so many people come up to me letting me know thatthe event was a huge success and that they were having aterrific time. I can only imagine how many complimentseveryone else got. These were club members, guests of Rotarians, dignitaries. I think that means from all accounts:THE FIRST ANNUAL VALLEY FLAVORS EVENT WAS A SUCCESS!!!!
I am sorry that I didn't get to chat with or sayhello to everyone. Some of my chats were were muchshorter than I would have liked. I did get some greatpictures though.
 All in all, we had a wonderful event and I thank everyone for making it so successful. Please save allnewspaper articles, emails, regarding the event so we canput them into our notebook for future planning. I think thiswould be helpful for bringing new restaurants, donators,etc.
AUGUST 30, 2011

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