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House2House MAG_issue_3

House2House MAG_issue_3

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Published by Gregory Valentine
House to house, a magazine showing the balanced view of both fellowshiping in Christ, internally verses externally. These articles are very special in that they explain the organic expression of Christ and various benefits of it in this world, enjoy.
House to house, a magazine showing the balanced view of both fellowshiping in Christ, internally verses externally. These articles are very special in that they explain the organic expression of Christ and various benefits of it in this world, enjoy.

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Published by: Gregory Valentine on Sep 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue 3www.house2house.tv
thatHouse Churches
House Churchesthat
In this Issue:
Church StartingSmorgasbordThe MagdaleneProjectAn Open Letterfrom Victor ChoudriePostcardsfrom the EdgeReality! PracticalIssues of HomeChurch LifeHome Church DNAand much more!
2 - House2house
n a
Whereas we recognize that God hascalled us to “go into all the world and  preach the gospel”, and Whereas we know that our primary  sphere of influence and place of first responsibility is Andhra Pradesh, and Whereas we know that the church as awhole has fallen so very far short of the goal of planting a church within every  people group and language and village so that there is a living community of Christians within walking distance of every person in Andhra Pradesh,We do hereby resolve and commit ourselves both individually and withthe organizations that we represent to:
1. Commit to working together withother Christians in the state by A.
“In honor preferring one another” (Romans 12:10)
“Working together for the truth” (John 3:8)
“Not being self seeking, not beingeasily angered, by not keeping arecord of wrongs... by always protect-ing, always trusting, always hoping,always persevering” (1 Cor. 13:5-6)
2. Honor God by our complete submission to His will as demon- strated by obedience to his word(John 15:13) 3. Be available to His Holy Spirit as“the Spirit of the Lord is upon us to preach good news to the poor... andto proclaim freedom for the prisoners”(Luke 4:18) as is demonstrated by: A.
Planting churches into every community that will demonstrate thereality of the presence and love of  Jesus (John 1:14 and John 17:21)
Demonstrating the power of God to provide healing (holistic whole-ness, salvation) to the individuals and communities that God calls us to serve (I Thess. 5:23).In recognition of this call, we have
 joined our hands and our hearts and do commit our time, talents and resources as demonstrated by our  signatures below,
 January 13, 2001
This declaration was jointly writtenand signed by representatives of twenty different mission organiza-tions that met in January of 2001in Hyderabad specifically to find ways to work together to further the work of church planting withinthe state. The group is meetingagain this October, under the lead-ership of Dr. Victor Choudhrie, Dr. Shalem Raju, and Dr. Tony Dale, tofurther seek the Lord as to how to see a church planted in every vil-lage in Andhra Pradesh (27,000villages) within the next decade.
India is one of many countries where the Lord is currently moving very power-fully through the rapid proliferation of house churches. A number of churchesthat are very involved with House 2 House magazine in central Texas havealready committed some resources to bringing local church leaders togetheracross India for a variety of conferences and training seminars, under theleadership and direction of Dr. Victor Choudhrie from Madhra Pradesh and Dr.Tony Dale. However, significantly more funds could still be used to increasethe number of village leaders that we can assist in bringing to these confer-ences. If any other individuals or churches would like to help support the workof these conferences, please direct any support by check to:
1019 Meredith Drive, Austin, TX 78748.
Donations can also be made through the
web site.Thank you for your involvement in these exciting projects.
House2house - 3
         I      n         f      o      r      m      a        t         i      o      n
- “Unless the Lord Builds the House”
5Letters to the Editor6Church Starting Smorgasbord:
People from various professions share how their home churchesbegan.
11Starting House Churches that Reproduce:
Neil Cole,
executive director for Church Multiplication Associates andfounding leader of the Awakening Chapels, details the differencesbetween starting a regional church and churching a whole region. 
14The Magdalene Project:
Robbi Sluder, the founder of The Magdalene Project shares how the Lordhas been reaching out to prostitutes and exotic dancers all over theUnited States.
17Book Review:
95 Theses
by Robert Lund and
The Church in the House: A Return to Simplicity 
by Robert Fitts
18A Personal Journey:
Tony and Felicity Dale challenge our presumptions on what is“Sacred & Secular.”
22An Open Letter from Victor Choudrie:
Victor challenges churches to evaluate the outcome of their trainingprograms.
ostcard from the Edge:
From Australia,
Elyce and Justine Weatherall, ages 14 and 11, sharetheir impressions of home church, while from San Fransisco, MarkScandrette, cofounder of Re/Imagine!, an incubator for KingdomLiving, details the ups and downs of working out home church with“urban post-modern peoples.”
26We’ve Gone as Far as we Can Go:
by Bill Cassada
28Reality! Practical Issues of Home Church Life:
Wondering how to deal with church finances, correcting sin, smallgroup dynamics? This compilation will provide many helpful ideas andprinciples.
29Biblical Correction:
A Practical Application of Matthew 18
15 Theses - Towards a Re-Incarnation of the Church, Parts 7 - 9.
Allan Weatherall shares about his adventures in Uganda
34The Man of Peace:
by Erich Bridges
35Keys to a Healthy Small Group
by Richard Oostra
36The House Church and Outreach
by Richard Oostra
37Home Church DNA:
Felicity Dale identifies essential qualities for healthy home groups.
41The Apex Story:
Joe Boyd, a young pastor, shakes the dice on church Las Vegas style.
45Questions and Answers:
Members of the editorial board
answer some pertinent questions onthe practicalities of home church life.
46Lucas on Life…Excuses!
Jeff ponders whether we are truly willing to lay down our lives for ourbrothers and sisters in Christ.
Mission Statement:
We are pursuing the rapid advancement of the kingdom of God by saturating andtransforming communities with a radical,home-based, church planting movement.
How to Reach Us
Phone: 512-282-2322Fax: 512-292-5700Website: www.house2house.tvMailing Address:1019 Meredith Drive,Austin, TX 78748
Advisory Committee
Derek Brown
Respected leader within the British “NewChurches,” responsible for the King’sChurches across U.K.
Frank Viola
Church planter, author, Florida.
John Reinhold
President of Christian Care Medi-Share, FL.
Andrew Jones
Project director for the Boaz Project, NZ.
John White
Home church leader, Colorado.
Nate Krupp
Church planter, author, Oregon.
Robert Fitts
Church planter, author, YWAM Hawaii.
Jim Rutz
Founder of Open Church Ministries,author of “The Open Church”, CO.
Lynn Reddick
President of Open Church Ministries, GA.
Linda Reddick
Church planter and author, GA.
Jeff Lucas
 Author, Vice-President of the Evangelical  Alliance, U.K.
Tom Pelton
National Director of March for Jesus, GA.
Wolfgang Simson
DAWN Europe, author,
authority onchurch planting movements, Switzerland.
Helpful Websites
- This magazine
- Open Church Ministries
- New Testament Restoration Foundation
- The Magdalene Project
- International Misson Board of theSouthern Baptist Convention
- Christian Care Medi-Share
- Present Testimony Ministries
www.outreach.ca/cpc/ housechurches.htm
- Canadian House Church
- David Bradshaw
- Biblical Basis for HC

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