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Frey's Sword and Odin's Mead

Frey's Sword and Odin's Mead

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Published by Lyfing

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Published by: Lyfing on Sep 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Frey's Sword and Odin's Mead
 by LyfingSeeing as to how my last post was mostly about Skirnismal and Frey I would like to go on about Frey alittle bit...Lokaseena 42 says..Loki said:“With gold thou boughtest Gymir's daughter,and sold the thurs thy sword; but when Muspell's sons through Myrkvith ridewhat weapon, wretch, wilt then wield?”Hollander translationLoki is talking about Ragnarok there, of course...but Skirnismal 24 says..(Gerth said:)“Nor gold nor sword will gain it over meany wight's will to do;if Gymir, my father, did find thee here,fearless warrior, ye would fight to the death..Hollander translation Nevertheless, for the sake of the following line of reasoning we will proceed as if he did give up thissword which at Ragnarok will be the death of him.. Now, Rydberg has sought to show that Gullveig-Heid, Aurboda, Angrboda, and Hyrrokin are the same,and that she is the mother of Gerd. Also, that the war between the Aesir and Vanir was caused by Freydemanding satisfaction for the murder of his mother-in-law. And, further, of greatest interest to thefocus of this writing is that where the sword is hidden is the same as where Odin stole the presciousmead.This can all be read inTeutonic Mythology 35.Gullveig-Heidr. Her Identity with Aurboda, Angrboda,Hyrrokin. The Myth concerning the Sword Guardian and Fjalar.I will go ahead and outline basically what he was trying to say. As you may know he just presents onewith poetry in Old Norse..so here it is in English..To show that Aurboda is Gerd's mother Rydberg brings to attention Hyndluljod 30 ( or in mytranslation Voluspa hin skamma 3 )..Frey wedded Gerth, who was Gymir's daughter,of etin-kin, with Aurbotha.Thewful Thjatsi to them was kin,
the skuling thurs; was Skathi his daughter.Hollander translationTo identify Gullveig-Heid with Angrboda he brings up Hyndluljod 40-41 ( which in my translation isVoluspa hin skamma 13-14 )..Gat Loki the Wolf with Angrbotha,and Sleipnir he bore to Swathilfari, but of all ill wights most awful by far is Byleist's brother's baleful offsping.A half-burnt heart which he had found--it was a woman's-- ate wanton Loki:with child he grew from the guileful woman.Thence on earth all ogres sprung.Hollander translationHe has it figured the half-burnt heart must be Gullveig's..To equate Aurboda with Angrboda he cites Skirnismal 11..“Say thou, shepherd, sitting on hill,who dost watch all ways:how win I the welcome of the winsome maidthrough the grim hounds of Gymir”Hollander translation..and Voluspa 44. In my translation it is 41, but I think 39-41 gives a clearer picture..In the east sat the old one* in the Iron-Woods, bred there the bad brood of Fenrir,will one of these, worse than they all,the sun swallow, in seeming a wolf.He feeds on the flesh of fallen men,with their blood sullies the seats of the gods:will grow swart the sunshine in summers thereafter,the weather, woe-bringing: do ye wit more, or how?His harp striking, on hill there satgladsome Eggther, he who guards the ogress:o'er him gaily in the gallows treecrowed the fair red cock which is Fjalar hight.*Probably the giantess Angrbotha, about whom see note 54. Note 54. Or Fenris-Wolf, a mythical wolf engendered by Loki with the giantess Angrbotha (translator's
note)Hollander translationRydberg is known for stretching it a bit, and one would do well to read the aforementioned chapter, butif Aurboda has the sword and so does Angrboda, with Eggther meaning “sword-guardian”, then it is atleast worth a thought..So, where is the sword hidden and where did Odin steal the mead from..??..enter Fjalar..To quote Rydberg..“What the heathen records tell us about Fjalar is the following..(
) He is the same giant as the one called Suttung. The giant from whomOdin robs the skaldic mead, and whose devoted daughter Gunlad he causes bitter sorrow, is called in Havamál sometimes Fjalar and sometimes Suttung (cp. 13, 14,104, 105).”The heron of heedlessness hovers o'er the feast,and stealeth the minds of men.With that fowl's feathers fettered I waswhen I was Gunnloth's guest.Drunk I became, dead drunk, forsooth,when I was with wise Fjalar,*that bout is best from which back fetcheseach man his mind full clear.*Identical with Suttung (translator's note)Havamal 13-14, Hollander translationThe old etin I sought-- now am I back;in good stead stood me my speech;for with many words my wish I wroughtin the hall of Suttungs' sons.With an auger I there ate my way,through the rocks I made me room!Over and under were the etins' paths;thus dared I life and limbs.Gunnloth gave me, her gold stool upon,a drought of the dear-bought mead;an ill reward I her after leftfor her faithful friendship

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