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Communion and Sixes PM 512_2

Communion and Sixes PM 512_2

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Published by Praise Yahshua

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Praise Yahshua on Sep 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Communion and Sixes
 It has always been against my style to share personal things that happen between me and the Father. But, wehave come to the point where, in this particular case because of events involving a time sequence, that I haveto share it with you. Many of you know parts of this so there won’t be anything new for you. But, when we putthe whole picture together, then we begin to see God’s plan solidify. We can understand why it is that heallows us to step out and to move on. I want to start by telling you some events that have happened down through the years to this ministry. Somethat were beginning to study with us then were high school students – many, many teenagers, young people,and older folks all over this four state area. Some of the teenagers then have teenagers here in thiscongregation right now. On July 9, 1969 seems that there were 200 - 300 people in the four state area that I was teaching. That maynot sound like too many people to you but to me back then that was an awesome responsibility. I have alwaystaken my ministry and I say my and you understand what I mean - my part as being responsible for what I sayvery, very serious. Probably the foremost thing that has driven me to research is the fear of misleadingsomeone. I have got to know to the best of my ability that I am right and I realize there is an awful lot of I(s) andmy(s) in this but you see you do have to take on a certain amount of personal responsibility. You cannot be ascatterbrain and say that sounds good, I’ll just throw that out to them. No way. You be wrong and mislead onesoul, cause one suicide to come to pass and wear that a while. I don’t want to frighten anyone from planting aseed, but I’m saying you must take serious what you do for the Lord. We had a Thursday night Bible class at that time, we had no church. There were some in this congregationthat were sitting around my kitchen table; then Anna’s home was a church. Every Sunday we movedeverything out and moved in chairs until one day she told me enough is enough! If you are going to havechurch, you are going to have it somewhere else besides my living room; if at all possible I will add. That iswhat moved us into this building here, as a matter of fact. We moved from parlors and little old churchesaround the country with maybe a lot of them no electricity into this building which is a roller rink.In 1969, on July the 9th, I was praying. I had a 400 acre farm 8 miles west of here. I was a farmer and I am notashamed of that. If you think that I would be you are mistaken. I am proud of it. I am proud I have the ability toturn soil and know the seasons and know when to plant and when not to plant and when to harvest and to beable to manage cattle, and etcetera. I am proud of that. That takes a lot wiser man than many of you mightthink and make a living at it. A lot of people do it, but you know what I mean.We were drilling. We were running a wheat drill and we were drilling in and had every other hole stopped upand we were drilling in 16 inch rows of milo for a late crop. I was running a one-way. A lot of you that live onthis side of town won’t know what a one-way is. Its rocky this way and good laying that way. So what ever youdo if you’re going to move you go that way. And I was pulling a harrow behind that and we were able to drillright in - in other words cut a crop of wheat off and we were drilling back quick. The men that were working for me were following me up and naturally I got through first and you always do when you are running a one-way.We had a few rounds to drill and I pulled out and it was one of those old days in this part of the country whenthe blackberries are just about ripe and the June bugs are flying and a foreman always finds a way to occupyhimself when he gets hung up like this at the gate post. So I pushed my hat back and broke off an old strawand was chewing on it and I was laying there chucking clods at the June bugs that was attacking a blackberrybush out there by me. People do stupid things. It may sound stupid to you but that filled my time. It was abeautiful day and there were little cumulus clouds about 800 or 900 feet and I am a pilot and I had severalhours in meteorology so when I speak these dimensions and so forth I’m speaking as an authority. Allow methat. Farmers are not necessarily good people that stay in the field. These clouds were about 800 -900 feet;they were cumulus and they were just drifting along like you have seen many of them so that it would cover maybe three city blocks as they drift along on a beautiful afternoon. The hour, I didn’t know at that time, but I tell you it must have started about 4:15. And I looked up after praying,but Lord I am beginning to teach a lot of people and last night I just got through teaching about the fifth and
sixth seal -- the sixth chapter of Revelation. You know there is a lot of young people beginning to listen to whatI say and are accepting me as an authority. And Lord I’ve studied and I’ve researched and I’ve studied under some good teachers. But I just want to ask you one thing; that before I would mislead one of them strip me of my ministry. I would rather not teach than to mislead someone because I just teach because I love him. I don’tteach for any glory for myself regardless of what somebody might think or say, its not true. I am a very privateperson and almost a loner as far as seeking publicity I just don’t. Even my own congregation will even tell youthat. Outside of work hours I never socialize even with them.I’m a loner. But I serve him. I’m nice to the people, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not a werewolf or anything likethat. I just love to be alone, don’t you? You know with the word and the nature and things - that’s just mynature alright. I don’t seek popularity or anything - that just doesn’t enter into it with me. I truly when I say Iwould rather that he strip me of my ministry than deceive someone I mean it. And I suppose that’s why I take itvery serious and would prefer not to discuss things that I’m doing right now - events that have a meaning to meand may not mean a thing to anyone else. Okay. These little clouds were drifting over and I was saying this prayer that he strip me of my ministry were I tomislead someone in teaching. I was not specifically talking about the4th, the 5th, and the 6th seal. It is just thatI had taught it the night before and that is what prompted me to make the prayer. And I looked up all of asudden, you know how you will do, and there was a man standing on the leading edge of one of these clouds.And human nature taking over, I forgot what I was praying about. The pilot and the meteorologist takes over,do you understand? When your mind is programmed for certain things and when you see a certainphenomena, you start looking for reasons within the reality of what, that is if you are a person that normallyuses common sense, to place it in reality. Why? Why is it there? And you try to find the logical explanation. Thefirst thing that hit my mind well I fly this area a lot or did back then I don’t have time any more. I thought it’sreflecting from Eureka springs and I started trying real quick to get my directions and I thought how is thishappening. Its not hazy something that would pick up a mirage or something and my mind is going like 60 andthen I remembered that some people from Eureka springs, what is it Dumbo, is that what they call him? Itsterrible if they do that but that statue over in Eureka Springs because its hands are out straight they don’t -some of them don’t respect it all that much as the likeness of Christ. That’s beside the point. But it dawns onme then that this man standing on this cloud doesn’t have his hands like the one in Eureka Springs. They’re uplike this to the Father. And then realism begins to come over me. And at that time he looked down at me andhis smiled. You will have to excuse me, this is difficult to talk about sometimes. It was the man in the picture onMount St. Helens. Two weeks before that picture actually happened, I had this face long before that and hadseen it time prior to that which I will not be going into today. But there is a person in this congregation, Sarahstand up. Before Mt. Saint Helens erupted, one week before it, she saw the same man. Sarah testifies of animage of a cloud forming into the likeness of the man in the picture of Mr. St. Helens.The man looks down at me and he smiles. Well needless to say my composure was not looking for necessarilyat this point a logical explanation for why he should be there. I knew he was there. But he looks down and hesmiles and a comfort comes over me at this time. I knew I was alright and I knew this was a message but I stillhad forgot.. You know you’ve heard people say, the Lord told me today, the Lord told me this morning. I goingto tell you when the supernatural is around you don’t take it quite that lightly. And I’m going to tell yousomething else, years later you still won’t be taking it quite that lightly. He walked along the leading edge of this cloud and he pushed a huge V, he never said a word, just pushed ahuge V back in the leading edge of this little cloud. And then he walked back, I mean not fluffy cumulus now Imean zip, zip perfect. And then walks back along this ledge and another man appears, comes back to theleading edge of the cloud. Do you understand what I mean by the leading edge? Let’s call it the front part or edge. And a man appears then on the other side of the V he had pushed in the cloud. And then a I broke off from the fluffy little cloud with the V in it and made a perfect I. So I have an IV in Roman numerics, youunderstand? I mean a perfect IV. And then the man looks down at me and smiles again and the I just simplygoes poof, I mean it dissipates with a force. As a meteorologist there is no way my friends that that couldhappen because the force that affected the I, or the I whichever you prefer to call it, had absolutely no effectwhatsoever on the V and their proximity was very close. Do you understand what I am saying? That cannot
happen, but it did. So what we did, if you know Roman numerics and I’m sure you all do, we went from 4 to 5.We had an IV and we went to a V. We went from 4 to 5 and then the little cloud, he looks down, he smiles onemore time; the other man never pays any attention to me other than he feels very supportive to me as alwayslooking to the west, and also praising God and never moving. But the one whom I happen to know is Elijah,was very reassuring. The cloud fluffed out and goes on over. Now I know from this ground which I call it sacred ground to me, it isthis farm that I had there because there has been actual, and I don’t want anyone to flip out on me, I have eyewitnesses, actual vehicles - I’m talking about what most people call UFO’s have appeared there and left onemessage in one form or the other. Many people say this is very unusual. If you’re a Bible scholar there isnothing unusual about - I mean not every day now don’t misunderstand me - but Ezekiel chapter 1. I want youto do yourself a favor I want you to write down the color amber. In the Hebrew manuscripts there is no suchthing as color, its how it appeared to the eye. Look up in your Strong’s Concordance the word amber and you’llfind its highly polished bronze, that’s what it is. This vehicle wasn’t a big amber light, it was a highly polishedbronze vehicle. God’s throne was on it. There’s nothing in my mind and especially after having seen them andas I’m telling you with very able witnesses. I going to tell you something else, the farmers that live out in thatarea, though they will not talk to a stranger about it, you can forget that. They don’t think its alt that unusualeither because there’s all types of phenomena that takes place there. God speaks and I cannot explain pastthat and I would be digressing from the point I wish to make anyway.And I remembered, I got my wits back about me, I remembered I’d been praying to the Father and that I beengiven a message probably like few people ever get to receive and that’s direct broad daylight - actual physicalcontact. I don’t mean physical contact but visible contact that we had gone from the 4th to the 5th seal. Thehour also had gone past the 4:30 mark that being pilot when something like that happens in the next air craftcontroller you learn to keep track of time. I looked at my watch whenever I got my wits back about me the hour was passing 4:30 which means it was passing from the 4th to the 5th side, if you understand. And June the 9ththat is 4 and 5 combined. It was locked in. The chain of events after this, a 6 month period, that the crop thatwas planted is a parable within itself that I won’t go into other than I want you to rest assured that on I haven’tfigured it out exactly. I think it comes out January the 8th or 9th this year you’re going to see something realnice happen. It will be in an area in a valley or somewhere around the Alaskan peninsula where Armengeddonwill take place. This is fine that’s all. There are young people which are adults now in this room that for sixyears after this tracked 1/6th of a mile from Bolder, Colorado through the valley in Alaska where Hamongog willtake place and in places where it was over water there were ships 425 foot long lost at sea with nothing left topoint with the violence that God can use to cause his plan to come to pass. Again, perhaps I am digressing butas a wise teacher I shouldn’t even go into that part of it.The date July 9th, 1969 is what is important. That’s when God told me that what you are teaching is correct -teach it. I’ll even back you up more so and give you the days that the signs and the seals take place. He did.And this is one reason why when you hear me teach boldly I have a reason for teaching boldly – it’s not myidea. You understand what I’m saying. I’m not going to say a great deal more than this. I know that what I’mdoing is correct. Therefore I can afford to be bold because you see in a way you get robbed of part of thisbecause you’re not going on faith - to you its reality. You see, you’ve been told. A chain of events goes on. Most of you have joined this ministry since that time in one way or the other whether it be the tape ministry or whatever but time went on and 16 years passed. Two eights, eights meaningnew beginnings - new births unto Christ - making 16 which is in numerics means love for there is 16 sacredmeanings of God and his titles in the Hebrew manuscripts in the word of God - Jehovah-Jireh, Jehovah-Shalom, etc., 16 of them. What happened 16 years after that seal was given on this place, that falls on July the8th of this year past, the trumpet was fired up, the plumb-bob started its swing and the truth hit the earthexactly 16 years from the date that sign was given out here in rural Arkansas - absolute from God. Within a week, two weeks, after the trumpet was fired (you share my term of that knowledge is fired - it meansbegun, put into action), I was again taken to a place - a mountain. My step-brother that passed away about 5years ago . . . 3 years ago, was with me and I thought nothing of it. When you deal with life and death the waya pastor or as a medical technician does, you don’t really think all that much about, in other words it seemedright, let me put it that way. And he said I want you to go to this old place we used to go to. And I said, Lord thisis beautiful and this mountain is rugged and I mean it is rough and the underbrush was beautiful - I love nature.It was a beautiful mountain. Half way up I knew and even thought to myself he’s not really here. I’m being

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