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Assignment 2

Assignment 2

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Published by sskkala

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Published by: sskkala on Sep 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1) Explain the different Normalization Forms.2) What is SQL?3) Which is the subset of SQL commands used to manipulate Oracle DatabaseStructures?4) Write a query to select the second highest salary from an employee table.5) Write a query to select the nth highest salary from an employee table.6) How to get back the privileges offered by the GRANT command?7) How to create a backup table (another table with same structure and data)8) What is the difference between Delete and Truncate Command in SQL?9) Can Primary Key is a Foreign Key on the same table?10) How can I determine the location of identical rows in a table before attemptingto place a unique index on the table?11) What is a Cartesian Product?12) What is the difference between Unique Key and Primary Key?
13) List all the employees who have atleast one person reporting to them.14) In which year, did most people join the company? Display the year and thenumber of employees.15) List the highest salary paid for each job in each department.16) List out Employees who earn more than the average salary of their department.17) Write a query to list the length of service of the Employees (of the form n yearsand m months)18) Delete orphaned employee records when a department code is merged toanother department code in the department table. For eg., Department Code A ismerged with Department Code B19) Which function is used to find the largest integer less than or equal to a specificvalue?20) List down employees who are due for retirement by end of December 2009.Retirement age is 58 years.
1)Problem: The definition of first, second, third, fourth and fifth normal forms.Solution:In the process of efficiently storing data, and eliminating redundancy, tables in adatabase aredesigned and created to be in one of five possible normal forms. Each normal formcontains andenforces the rules of the previous form, and, in turn, applies some stricter rules onthe design of tables.A set of tables in a database are initially said to be in 0 normal form.First Normal Form:===============Tables are said to be in first normal form when:- The table has a primary key.- No single attribute (column) has multiple values.- The non-key attributes (columns) depend on the primary key.Some examples of placing a table in first normal form are:

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