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Spektator Issue 1

Spektator Issue 1



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Published by tom_wellings
The first issue of the Spektator - a new magazine featuring culture, society and tourism articles on Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.

Download available at www.thespektator.co.uk/issue_1.html
The first issue of the Spektator - a new magazine featuring culture, society and tourism articles on Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.

Download available at www.thespektator.co.uk/issue_1.html

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Published by: tom_wellings on Oct 07, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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ℓ1 Oktojer :226
Wour no`tfiy mughe to wfat‗s fappe`g`m g` a`h arou`h Jgsflel 
     X     F     E
A very Hu`ma` wehhg`m
Zestaura`t MugheXourgst Nap]fat‗s O`
Rius4G`to tfe wgihXfe roah to @ary`Kignj Kfo`mlerkfukl
p 13
]fo we are
KANR Aiatoo gs a `o`-prot a`h `o`-mover`ne`tai orma`gzatgo`cou`heh g` :225 pronotg`m sustag`ajie heveiopne`t g` tfe nou`tag`remgo`s oc Lyrmyzsta`. KANR Aiatoo gs a sukkessor orma`gzatgo` oc tfeKe`trai Asga` Nou`tag` Rart`ersfgp (KANR), a promran `a`kehjy tfe [wgss Ame`ky cor Heveiopne`t a`h Kooperatgo`. Dog`tiy wgtfgts part`er orma`gzatgo`s g` Lazalfsta` a`h Xadglgsta`, KANR Aiatoocorns part oc tfe KANR @etworl wfgkf enpioys ajout :5 peopie.
]fat we wa`t
Xfe overaii moai gs to ko`trgjute to tfe gnprovene`t oc peopie‗s igveigfoohsg` tfe nou`tag` vgiiames oc Lyrmyzsta` jy e`kouramg`m a noresustag`ajie use oc `aturai resourkes.
Fow we worl 
KANR Aiatoo pursues a tra`s-hgskgpig`ary a`h nuitg-stalefoiherapproakf jaseh o` iokai, remgo`ai a`h g`ter`atgo`ai part`ersfgpsa`h experge`kes. KANR Aiatoo heveiops, ahapts a`h gnpiene`tsg``ovatgve, sgnpie a`h eccektgve tekf`oiomges wgtf a` enpfasgs o`aware`ess ragsg`m a`h g`voivene`t jy vgiiamers, iokai g`stgtutgo`s,part`er orma`gzatgo`s a`h experts.
]fat we ho
KANR Aiatoo supports tfe heveiopne`t oc nou`tag` vgiiames jy pronotg`mtfe sustag`ajie use oc `aturai resourkes tfroumf4tfeoretgkai a • `h praktgkai trag`g`ms• g`stgtutgo`ai heveiopne`t oc @MOs• sogi a`h water ko`servatgo` tekf`oiomges• e`ermy savg`m tekf`oiomges• partgkgpatory pasture na`amene`t• g`temrateh iokai rgsl na`amene`t• snaii mra`ts
Ke`trai Asga` Nou`tag` Rart`ersfgp
@o` mover`ne`tai orma`gzatgo`scor sustag`ajie rurai heveiopne`t
Aiiga`keoc Ke`trai Asga`Nou`tag` Konnu`gtges
Xfgs No`tf
        X        F        E
[ee tfe wfoie pgkture wgtf tfe
 a`h tfespeltator.kon
]fat‗s O`
Xfe pgkl oc tfe e`tertag`ne`t igstg`ms cor Oktojer
Zestaura`ts, Jars, Kiujs
Ho`‗t met pogso`eh, use our restaura`t mughe, pius aii tfe jest jars a`h kiujs g` tow`
Krossworhs, [uholu, a`h otfer tfg`ms to ho over a koflee
Xfe Mughe
Ho`‗t met iost...
Kfo`mlerkfukl morme yourseic
Zokl kignjg`m o` your hoorstep, pius wfere to juy a`h re`t mear
Out & Ajout
@ews a`h Sgews
Nutateh XJ, jiaklouts, kuiturai cestgvais a`h a wrap oc tfe no`tf‗s `ews
A very Hu`ma` wehhg`m
]e matekrasf a 1;2-year-oih trahgtgo` g` Xolnol a`h fear tfe story oc tfe Hu`ma`s
Xaies cron tfe roah4 Dour`ey to @ary`
Gvar Haie traveis to tfe fgmfest, koihest poorest part oc Lyrmyzsta`
[ekret Lorea` restaura`t
]e jarme g`to a ‖iokais-o`iy‗ restaura`t operatg`m out oc sonejohy‗s cro`t roon
G`to tfe wgih
A fapiess Zusso-Jrgtgsf expehgtgo` g`to heepest, harlest Aity` Arasfa`
O` tfe Kover4 Hu`ma` ]ehhg`m jy A`hreas FehcorsG`trohukg`m tfe super stove
Fow a iokai @MO gs feipg`m Lyrmyz vgi-iamers to nale tfe nost oc tfegr e`ermy
Xfe [peltator Namazg`e
 Xon ]eiig`ms
[tafl wrgters4
Aiex ]arh, Zojert Narls, A`hreas Fehcors, Kari ]fetfan, A`tfo`y Jutts, Asei Orozaigeva
Enagi4 ton_weiig`msBigve.ko.ul 
Met Lynyz
Xfe joozer‗s mughe to cerne`teh forsengil 

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