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Introduction to Health Economics

Introduction to Health Economics

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Published by Nayyar Raza Kazmi

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Published by: Nayyar Raza Kazmi on Sep 08, 2011
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 U ND R  S NDI  N G U I   C HH
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Introduction toHealthEconomics
Resources are inevitably scarce and hardchoices have to be made. Healtheconomics, is about helping to make thosechoices in a way that improves people’shealth and the way services are delivered.The book provides insight into theeconomic methods that are used topromote public health policies, analysehealth care delivery and shape healthsector reforms.Unlike other books in this area,
Introduction to Health Economics
takes aninternational perspective, consideringpublic and private health systems acrosscountries with different income levels.The book examines:
Supply and demand
Health system financing
Economic evaluation
David Wonderling
was Lecturer in HealthEconomics,
is HonorarySenior Lecturer in Health ServicesManagement and
Nick Black
is Professor ofHealth Services Research at the LondonSchool of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
David WonderlingReinhold Gruen
Nick Black
Introduction toHealthEconomics
There is an increasingglobal awareness of theinevitable limits of individual health care andof the need to complementsuch services with effectivepublic health strategies.
Understanding Public Health
is an innovative series of twenty books, published byOpen University Press incollaboration with theLondon School of Hygiene& Tropical Medicine.Itprovides self-directedlearning covering the major issues in public healthaffecting low, middle andhigh income countries.The series is aimed at thosestudying public health,either by distance learningor more traditionalmethods, as well as publichealth practitioners andpolicy makers.
Introduction to Health Economics
Understanding Public Health
Series editors: Nick Black and Rosalind Raine, London School of Hygiene & Tropical MedicineThroughout the world, recognition of the importance of public health to sustainable, safe andhealthy societies is growing. The achievements of public health in nineteenth-century Europe werefor much of the twentieth century overshadowed by advances in personal care, in particular inhospital care. Now, with the dawning of a new century, there is increasing understanding of theinevitable limits of individual health care and of the need to complement such services with effectivepublic health strategies. Major improvements in people’s health will come from controlling com-municable diseases, eradicating environmental hazards, improving people’s diets and enhancing theavailability and quality of effective health care. To achieve this, every country needs a cadre of know-ledgeable public health practitioners with social, political and organizational skills to lead and bringabout changes at international, national and local levels.This is one of a series of 20 books that provides a foundation for those wishing to join in andcontribute to the twenty-first-century regeneration of public health, helping to put the concerns andperspectives of public health at the heart of policy-making and service provision. While each bookstands alone, together they provide a comprehensive account of the three main aims of public health:protecting the public from environmental hazards, improving the health of the public and ensuringhigh quality health services are available to all. Some of the books focus on methods, others on keytopics. They have been written by staff at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine withconsiderable experience of teaching public health to students from low, middle and high incomecountries. Much of the material has been developed and tested with postgraduate students both inface-to-face teaching and through distance learning.The books are designed for self-directed learning. Each chapter has explicit learning objectives, keyterms are highlighted and the text contains many activities to enable the reader to test their ownunderstanding of the ideas and material covered. Written in a clear and accessible style, the series willbe essential reading for students taking postgraduate courses in public health and will also be of interest to public health practitioners and policy-makers.
Titles in the series
 Analytical models for decision making 
: Colin Sanderson and Reinhold Gruen
Controlling communicable disease
: Norman Noah
 Economic analysis for management and policy 
: Stephen Jan, Lilani Kumaranayake, Jenny Roberts, Kara Hanson and Kate Archibald
 Economic evaluation
: Julia Fox-Rushby and John Cairns (eds)
 Environmental epidemiology 
: Paul Wilkinson (ed)
 Environment, health and sustainable development 
: Megan Landon
 Environmental health policy 
: Megan Landon and Tony Fletcher
 Financial management in health services
: Reinhold Gruen and Anne Howarth
Global change and health
: Kelley Lee and Jeff Collin (eds)
 Health care evaluation
: Sarah Smith, Don Sinclair, Rosalind Raine and Barnaby Reeves
 Health promotion practice
: Maggie Davies, Wendy Macdowall and Chris Bonell (eds)
 Health promotion theory 
: Maggie Davies and Wendy Macdowall (eds)
 Introduction to epidemiology 
: Lucianne Bailey, Katerina Vardulaki, Julia Langham andDaniel Chandramohan
 Introduction to health economics
: David Wonderling, Reinhold Gruen and Nick Black
 Issues in public health
: Joceline Pomerleau and Martin McKee (eds)
 Making health policy 
: Kent Buse, Nicholas Mays and Gill Walt
 Managing health services
: Nick Goodwin, Reinhold Gruen and Valerie Iles
 Medical anthropology 
: Robert Pool and Wenzel Geissler
 Principles of social research
: Judith Green and John Browne (eds)
Understanding health services
: Nick Black and Reinhold Gruen

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