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Lekovito bilje i medicinski termini REČNIK (USA)

Lekovito bilje i medicinski termini REČNIK (USA)

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Published by: Dragana Šarović Pufahl on Sep 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Glossary of terms used in Herbalism,Medicine and PhysiologyDescriptions, Explanations,and Implications inWholistic and Vitalist Therapy
PO Box 4565. Bisbee, AZ 85603
by Michael Moore
The definitions below are pertinent to my use of those terms as an herbalist.Those of you versed in medicine may find the emphasis sometimes peculiar. You areused to employing those parts of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology that explainphenomena treatable with Standard Practice Medicine. Clinical diagnosis uses thephysical sciences to help define conditions with medical implications, even though muchof both physiology and pharmacology deals with observations that may not have medicaltreatment. It isn't unimportant, simply not pertinent.MY application of physiology and pharmacology is similarly biased towards MYtools. Herbs work rather poorly within the current medical model; they neither block nor suppress effectively (at least those that are reasonably safe). The best that can be saidis that they NUDGE. We need to use the sciences to define constitutional, environmentaland life-style factors, since we cannot CREATE a new state, only manipulate existingpotentials. With herbs, you usually try to STIMULATE native resistance, and need tounderstand the factors that compromise it. The focus is on self-limiting and acutedisorders, chronic and functional disorders, and the subclinical imbalances that are not"ripe" enough to warrant a medical approach but that compromise general health andthat may in time lead to disease. Medicine needs to use procedures in intervening whennative strengths have proved inadequate; the use of herbs needs to understand the co-factors and physiology of native strengths in order to extend them. Hence some of thedefinitions, while being accurate, may seem to emphasize almost trivial aspects.It's all a journey, this process of trying to help sick people. Current medicinedrives quickly, but only on roads it has built. Herbal therapies travel on horseback;poorly on the roads, best across the countryside where the cars can't go. The great evilsof medicine are that it claims to be scientific (it is an art using science as a tool) and that itdenies other modalities (using the standards of science, not art).January, 1995Albuquerque, New Mexico
A dry, one-seeded fruit, without a predictable opening and formed from asingle carpel. It usually one of many, like an unshelled Sunflower seed.
The lack of free hydrochloric acid in the stomach; morebroadly, inadequate or suppressed secretions. Without enough acid, proteins are notbroken down, butterfats are not digested, Vitamin B12 may not be absorbed, and there isa long-term risk for the potential of food sensitivities to undigested foreign proteins.
In our context, a substance having a pH below that of neutral water (7.0)when in solution. Most metabolic waste products are acidic. Sour. See
Specifically, the abnormal buildup of acids in the body, classically causedby diabetes or kidney disease. Broadly, the potential caused by increased protein intakeor metabolism, coupled with inadequate intake (or loss) of alkali.
A type of disease or disorder having a sudden onset with severe symptoms,and generally a short or self-limited duration (such as a head cold or sprain). The oppositeof 
A recent (and to me, slightly flaky) term used to describe agents,often botanical, that stimulate non-specific resistance, and that seem to decreasehypothalamus and pituitary over-reactions to perceived...not real...stress.
An inflammation of one or several lymph nodes, or related lymphoidtissues.
The outer covering of the two adrenal glands that lie atopeach kidney. Embryonically derived from gonad tissue, they make steroid hormonesthat control electrolytes, the management of fuels, the rate of anabolism, the generalresponse to stress, and maintenance of nonspecific resistance.
The inner part of the adrenals, derived embryonically fromspinal nerve precursors, they secrete epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine; usedlocally as neurotransmitters, sensitive receptors can be mobilized totally by the adrenalmedullas.
Called epinephrine in the U.S., this is a substance secreted into thebloodstream and reacted to by specialized receptors throughout the body, initiating a"code blue" or flight-or-fight response. Many receptors are a regular part of sympatheticfunction, and respond to their own local relative, norepinephrine or noradrenalin, in thecourse of normal autonomic nervous system interplay. See:
Functions that are dominated by epinephrine (the blood hormone)or norepinephrine (local sympathetic adrenergic nerve stimulus)
Pertaining to the adrenal cortex.
The loss of hair.
The parts of plants growing above ground.

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