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Byzantium volume 21

Byzantium volume 21

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Published by Sam_Reynard_8100
Cal Poly's literary journal, volume 21, published in 2011 through McNaughton & Gunn.
Cal Poly's literary journal, volume 21, published in 2011 through McNaughton & Gunn.

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Published by: Sam_Reynard_8100 on Sep 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A publication o the winners rom Cal Poly’sorty-frst annual creative writing contest. C0-Editors:
Samantha Reynard Meg Archer 
 Art Director: 
 Allie Harold 
vol. 21
The holy city o Byzantium, in William Butler Yeats’ poem “Sailing to Byzantium,” ismarked by its riches, by treasures that retain their value long ater the creator has passedonto the Grey Havens, past the veil, into that mysterious realm. The theme o this year’svolume o 
plays upon this very concept and presents a classical guardian o treasure: the grin. Our grin stands not or gold-enameled urns or timeless rescos;rather, our grin stands to protect the timeless treasure that is literature.There is a reason that written language is considered the mark o intelligence among species.Words have the capacity to wage wars and uel ghts, but more importantly, words have thepower to spread love and change the world. Literature gives us the opportunity to sharemoments that dene us; it gives us the ability to explore what, exactly, it means to be human.We, the editors o 
have been generously given the opportunity to share withyou works that have inspired us, but rst, we must thank those who most aected our ownliterary journey: our amilies and riends or believing that we have something to say, andthe Cal Poly English department or helping us discover how to say it. To every one o the writers and poets who submitted work or consideration this year: thank you or believ-ing that your words can change the world and or having the courage to bare your soul inorder to do so. Thank you or oering us your riches. We are honored to exist in the presenceo greatness.Never stop writing.
Samantha Reynard & Meg Archer 
The theme o 
Byzantium Volume 21
ocuses on combining a contemporary style witha traditional context. The antique typeace reerences the hand-drawn charactero illuminated manuscripts o the ancient Byzantium Empire, while the
sans seri 
typeace represents a more modern element in design. These two styles combine tocreate a cohesive design that reerences two very distinct styles. The use o simplicityand white space was intentionally incorporated into the design in order to allow theliterature to stand out as the most important element o the journal. The body textwas also designed with that in mind, utilizing a
typeace with plenty o spacebetween lines to allow or readability.Color choice also relates to the overall theme. The deep red hue is used to representantique book cloth covers, while the gray is used to add a touch o contemporarystyle to the design. Using the grion as a symbol throughout the journal stands asthe guardian o treasure—in this case the literature—o the journal. The designand creation o 
Byzantium Volume 21
has truly been a journey, and I am grateul or theopportunity to work with the English department and be a part o this great tradition.
 Allie Harold 
Art Director

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