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Published by carmenvio

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Published by: carmenvio on Sep 09, 2011
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FEASIBILITY ANALYSISProject background and historyTo ensure the success of feasibility study, it must be clearly understoodhow the project idea fits into the framework of the economic conditions and thegeneral and industrial development of the country. The product should be describe in detail and the sponsors identified together with the reason for their interest in the project.
Project background
Project promoter and/or initiator
Name(s) and address(es)
Financial possibilities
Role within the project
Other relevant information
Project history
Historical development of the project
Studies and investigations already performed
Conclusions reached, and decisions taken, from these former studies and investigations for further use within this study
Feasibility study
Author, title
Ordering party
Cost of preparatory studies and related investigations
Pre-investment studies
Opportunity studies
Pre-feasibility studies
Feasibility study
Partial studies
Experts, consultant and engineering fees
Preparatory investigations, such as:
Land survey
Quantity surveys (quantification of building materials)
Quality (laboratory) test
Other investigations and tests
Others Market and plant capacityBefore the project is formulated, the size and compositionof the present effective market demand, by segment, should be determined in order to estimate the possible degree of market penetration by a particular product.Also, the income from sales should be projected taking into account technology,plant capacity, production programme and marketing strategy.
Demand and market study
Sales forecast and marketing of products and by-product
Data and alternatives - describe data required in addition to the results of demand and market study
Selection of sales programs and marketing strategy
State reasons for selection of sales program
State reasons for selecting of marketing strategy
Sales Revenues estimation
Sales and distribution costs estimation
Production program
Data and alternativeDescribe the data required to set up a production programDescribe possible alternative production programsWhen preparing the production program, keep in mind among other things:Anticipated salesMinimum storage requirements
Expected wastageParameters of plant capacityAfter-sales requirementsReserves due to operational reason
Selection of production programState of selection criteriaDescribe in detail the production programEstimate costs of emissions disposal
Plant capacity
Data and alternativeDescribe data for the determination of plant capacityList possible alternatives on plant capacity
Determination of feasible normal plant capacitySelect and describe in detail the feasible normal plant capacityState reasons for selectionsDescribe nominal maximum capacityThe selection of the feasible normal plant capacity should be based on:Parameters of the production programParameters of minimum economic equipment sizePlant capacity should be determined as feasible normal capacity for:The entire plantThe main departments (semi-finished products)Materials and inputs
Characteristics of materials inputsMaterials and inputs should be classified into:Raw materialsProcessed industrial materials (intermediates)Manufactures (sub-assemblies)Auxiliary materialsFactory suppliesUtilitiesData and alternativeDescribe data for selection of materials and inputsList all required materials and inputs and show alternativesSelection and description of materials and inputsSelect and describe in detail the chosen materials and inputsState selection criteriaDescribe materials and inputs, statingQualitative propertiesQuantities availableSources, suppliersAvailability (schedule)Unit costs
Supply programFundamental data and alternativesWhen setting up the supply program, considerate:Production programAvailability of suppliesCharacteristics and equipmentTechnology and equipmentLosses of row material inputs due to transport and storageLosses of semi-finished and finished products due to processing, distribution and storageReplacements due to warranty servicesLocal conditions
Selection of supply program
Select and describe in detail the optimum supply programState reasons for selectionDescribe supply program, starting for each input:Quantitative supply programSources of supplyDelivery scheduleStorage measures and capacities (if necessary)
Cost Estimate - estimate annual costs of materials and inputsLocation site
Data and alternatives
Choice of location
Data and alternatives
Site selection
Describe site, state
Cost estimate
Local Condition (Climate, Transport facilities, Water & Power supply, Manpower,Fiscal and legal regulations, Living conditions, Construction facilities)
Environmental impactPopulation (increase of employment etc)Infrastructure (development of traffic network, public utilities, etc)Ecology (water, air, soil, plants, animals, etc.)LandscapeProject engineeringThe scope of the project should not only cover the plant site but all other activities required to supply inputs, deliver outputs and provide ancillary infrastructure investments. This comprehensive approach should help to determine which investments have to be undertaken by investor or any third party. Functional andphysical layouts serve as a basis for defining the scope of the project and thesubsequent engineering work.Once the entire extension of the project is understood, the appropriatetechnological processes to be employed, the type and extent of machinery shouldbe determined on the basis of the identified plant capacity.Next, the various structures and civil works, such as factory buildings,auxiliary structures and plant infrastructure facilities, have to be defined and the relevant cost estimates to be prepared.
Project layouts-Data and alternativesState the data required for the preparation of project layouts, such as: Production programSupply programTechnologyEquipmentCivil worksLocal conditions Prepare and describe alternative project layouts.- Selection of layoutsSelect and describe in detail optimum layouts, state the selection criteria, show the selected layouts by appropriate drawings.
Scope of projectData and alternativesSelection of the scope of the project
Technology Data and alternatives

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