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The House1

The House1

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Published by malasemilla
erotic horror
erotic horror

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Published by: malasemilla on Oct 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The House in Alabang (by Lallie)
With her newfound work at one of the call centers in Alabang, Janina decided to relocate.At first, her mother wouldn’t hear of it. “Mag-uwian ka na lang,” her mother suggested. “Bakamamahay ka.”She had always been stubborn more so now that she already earned a degree from a prestigious university and landed a job as a call center agent in her very first try. In the end her stubbornness prevailed. “I’ll pay for the house,” she told her mother. “I hate to travel. That would be too tiring.”It was a small apartment. For six thousand pesos monthly rental, the up and down two- bedroom apartment unit was a bargain for Janina. “Why it’s so cheap,” she exclaimed at thelandlady.The landlady just smiled and said, “Sign this contract. For one year, even if you don’t livehere, you still have to pay rent. I’m sick of fickle minded tenants. They’ll stay here for a week or two then will just leave, sometimes without even informing me. This is an apartment. I’m notrunning a hotel business for crying out loud.”Janina gladly signed the contract. In her mind, she was already computing how much shecould save from her monthly salary. “I’ll let Nick stay her,” she told herself. “For free. Or I couldeven let Rand, Lester, and Deo stay here. Anyway, I have two bedrooms.”Oh yes, the boys in Janina’s life, the real reason why she wanted to stay in Alabang, far from their house in Cavite, far from her mother’s rigid Catholic beliefs. “You will only entertaina boy if you’re to marry him,” her mother categorically told her as Janina was growing up. She’d
follow this with Bible verses especially the one stating that the body is the temple of the HolySpirit.But early on, in college, her mother’s litany could not rival Janina’s raging hormones. Shefelt libidinal desires rising on a daily scale. She had boyfriends, one after another, almost on asemester basis. She didn’t feel guilty, the lies she told her mother about her long gone virginitydidn’t bother her. To be a virgin in college would cause Janina’s friends to laugh and mock.After having decorated her apartment, she texted Nick, “punta k r2 new haus.” The replywas immediate, “sori baby, nid mg ovrtym work.” She wasn’t disheartened. She texted Randwith the same one she texted Nick. She got an almost similar reply, “sori luv, me pinagawa bos qe.” She then texted Lester and Deo. She didn’t receive any reply at all.With boredom dawning on her, she started smoking, another thing she lied about to her mother. She got herself a can of beer. “My mother will certainly go berserk, her only daughter,smoking and drinking beer while thinking about sex.”She hasn’t had sex for two months after having graduated. “Tigang na tigang na ako,” shetold herself. After having graduated, she moved out of the dorm and moved back with her mother. Her mother insisted on sharing her room, told her she missed her so much after four years of only being with her during the weekends. She wanted to sleep with her daughter,embrace her in bed, the way she usually did when Janina was growing up.At first it was all right with Janina, but the urges pulsating within her became almostunbearable especially since she could not even tone down those urges on her own. She went toone of the bedrooms in the apartment, the one she thought of maintaining as her own. “The other,I’ll make it my guest room,” she thought.
She lied in bed, listening to soft music. She started to fondle herself. The delight she feltwas so intense that she was making these little noises. As the delight slowly started to build up,her little noises became more frequent and louder. With her final sound, she felt relieved, but shealso heard another sound. It was more deep than hers, a little louder than hers, overlapping thesound her mouth gave out.She kept still for a while. Then she smiled as she hugged her pillow. “My neighbors mayall be doing it at the same time,” she thought.Morning came and she was visited by her landlady. She already paid her the deposit andthe advance the day before that she was touched by her visit, thought that the landlady justwanted to know how her first night at the apartment went out.“I just wanted to remind you,” the landlady said, “that you have a one year contract soeven if you leave now, you still have to pay me for the rest of the year.”She guaranteed the landlady that she’s full aware of the terms of the contract which shesigned and that she won’t be leaving the apartment. “How foolish of her,” Janina told herself, “tothink I’ll leave this apartment when I got a good bargain.”She spent the rest of the day, decorating more. A little flower vase here, a little chimethere, a little scrubbing here, a little dusting there. She was with the graveyard shift that she hadalmost the whole day all for the house. Midday came and she felt the urge once more after having cleaned the guest room. She satisfied herself in the guest room. And like the night before,there was another sound, overlapping with the sound she made. “My neighbors are as horny as Iam,” she thought with a giggle.

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