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Harmony Project

Harmony Project



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Published by Intentional One
Sending Love Can Change Everything http://livingonlove.ning.com
Sending Love Can Change Everything http://livingonlove.ning.com

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Published by: Intentional One on Oct 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Using The Powers Of Love Can Change The Entire World. It Is The Creative Force Of TheUniverse. Knowing How To Use & Send Love Beats Any Magic Ever. This Stuff Works...ItHas Never Failed. This Will Change Your Life. Come To Our Network:The Living On Love Networkhttp://livingonlove.ning.comhttp://intentionalone.com/livingonloveRead The 3 Books Series "Living On Love" [Free] & Find Our How All This Really Works.The Harmony Project
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only lovecan do that.” –-Dr. Martin Luther KingThe Harmony Project is a way for individuals and small groups to directly and positively changethe world –– and themselves –– with a minimum of effort. It’s a simple, uncomplicated andpowerful way for individuals to positively change consciousness.The Harmony project is based on three simple concepts:1) The inherent spiritual nature of every human being2) Quiet Power 3) Social networks1) Everyone on earth has a spiritual aspect. In that profound sense, we are all linked on a veryfundamental level. In the Harmony Project, we use this idea to raise our own vibration, and othersas well.A human being is a divine, immortal Spirit temporarily associated with a physical body. You either understand that, or you don’t. If you do, you are capable of reaching the state of love. Love is thequintessential expression of our inherent spiritual nature.If you know what love feels like, then you are qualified to participate in the Harmony Project! Bylove I mean that powerful, awesome feeling of excitement and connection that unites all lifeeverywhere. It’s easy to get that feeling back in your heart. All you have to do is remember a timeyou fell in love. Or got a wonderful present. Or saw someone smile. Or looked into the eyes of your pet. Love is a feeling of warmth that is inherent to all life everywhere. Love keeps theuniverse working. It is who we are at the core of our being. All else is an illusion.2) What is Quiet Power?Quiet Power is the expression of love. Love is serene, calming, quiet, confident, and enormouslypowerful. Love doesn’t jabber, shout, or scream. Love is not ostentatious or ego driven. Love isunconditional. When you love, you give your heart and soul. Love is exciting, but in a peacefulway.Love is like giving someone a present. You wait silently, with eager anticipation, for the smile thatcomes when a friend or a loved one opens your gift. That smile is your reward. It is anacknowledgment of your shared divinity, of your shared spirituality. There aren’t words goodenough to express that feeling. That’s why I call love, Quiet Power.The expression of love finds many forms, in every area of life.Have you ever noticed that the most influential people are always those who lead by example?Like Mother Theresa, or Gandhi. Or maybe, one of your friends. Or maybe your mother, or one of your relatives. It could be a teacher, a co–worker, a musician or an artist. Regardless of who it is,the people you admire most walk the walk, and don’t just talk the talk. They’re not in the streets
yelling and screaming, but quietly going about their business, demonstrating competence,integrity, and compassion, showing others the true path by their example.What is the true path?It’s just the recognition of who you are. The cells of your body are made of condensed love.Everything in existence resonates strongly to this fundamental frequency.The idea of the Harmony Project is to quietly open yourself up to the world, leading by example.Don’t panic! The Harmony Project isn’t hard, it’s fun! Anyone can do it. It’s done quietly, at your own pace, and in your own time. You don’t have to sign up for anything, or study anything, or askpermission from anyone. There aren’t any rules. Everything you need for the Project is alreadyinside of you.3) The power of the Harmony Project is based on the social network. A social network is all of thepeople you know. Every country has thousands or millions of social networks, and they alloverlap. These networks are spontaneous and people–created, unregulated by government or authority. Because of mobile technology, instant messaging, and email, people are now in instantcommunication, so an idea can spread rapidly within your network and between networks.Millions of people quietly, voluntarily and positively influencing their social networks has the sameeffect as one or two people reaching millions of people on the Oprah show.It’s better to have millions of people quietly effecting change on a one–to–one basis within their personal networks, rather than a couple of people leading on the masses. Why? Because theidea of “follow the leader” has gotten mankind into trouble over the past 5,000 years, creatinghierarchical societies with a few at the top and the millions at the bottom. So we simply by–passthe authorities and, without fighting or resisting the current order, create a new world.In the American West, for example, boomtowns like Silver City, Idaho and Virginia City, Nevadasimply disappeared. No one came in with an army to wipe these places out. They vanished as aresult of natural economic forces. This is what social networks and endeavors like the HarmonyProject will do to the established order.What is the Harmony Project?The Harmony Project consists of two simple activities:1) Walk quietly down the street with love in your heart. The more crowded the street, the better!Repeat as many times as you feel like it. Or, sit quietly in a café or a coffee shop, and feel love.You don’t have to DO anything, or make a big speech, or make a spectacle of yourself. Just sitthere feeling love and observe what happens. You can do this anywhere people gather. I like todo it at the checkout counter in the supermarket!You don’t sing, or chant, or talk loudly, because that would be distracting to others, and couldmorph into an ego thing. Just sit or walk quietly and unobtrusively, blending in with the scenery.When you are around people and feel love, you quietly affect everyone around you. That’sbecause love is the most powerful vibration in the universe.What happens is that the vibration of love goes quietly, but powerfully, outward from you toeveryone around you, and alters their aura. I’ve done this myself, and when I am truly in tune withlove, people will often look up and smile. Sometimes, they’ll even stop and want to talk. What youare doing is literally changing the vibration of those you meet, without having to argue with them,or “raise their consciousness.” You can’t know how powerful this can be until you actually do it!And do you know the best part? It makes you feel great! It can be addicting, in a good way.Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see a miracle right away! The idea of the Harmony Project isn’t
to show everyone how awesome you are (even though you ARE awesome!). It’s not an ego thing.The idea is first to feel love inside of you, and to share that love quietly with others. What you aredoing when you radiate love around others, is vibrationally altering their consciousness. Thisoccurs invisibly, just as radio and micro waves travel invisibly and find their way to your hand heldcommunications device.2) The second activity is even easier. When you talk or chat with your friends, bring up somethingpositive and exciting, and get people talking about it.For example, I just read an inspiring speech by a guy who says that mobile phones and socialnetworking will completely destroy the hierarchical nature of our societies, returning power andfreedom to individuals and away from governments and powerful elites. In India, poor fishermenhave already used mobile technology to create a people–based market, completely unregulatedby government or big corporations, that efficiently supplies Indian coastal villages with food.People who were starving are now fed, and fishermen who were dirt poor are now doing muchbetter. He says that in ten years, if present trends continue, it will no longer be possible for asmall elite to start a war, or have economic or political dominance over humanity. Instead of governments and bureaucracies and elites having power, independent social networks of peoplewill have power! Now that is something that excites me!What excites you? It doesn’t have to be profound! It could be a good tune you heard, or apodcast, or a movie, or a book you read. Whatever it is, make sure it is positive, not negative. Getpeople thinking and talking about something inspiring.That’s it! If you are ready to create some miracles, go to it! Share your results and successes,and ask questions, on the Harmony Project Forum: http://tinyurl.com/2gebdl.Taking ActionYou can do the two steps of the Harmony Project by yourself, or with friends. You can walksilently down the street as a group radiating love, or sit quietly in a coffee shop, café, or any other appropriate place. Remember that love is quiet and powerful, but not ostentatious. The idea is not"wow look at us, we're awesome," but "we are here to saturate this place with love and goodvibes." A group of people radiating love together is an enormously powerful force, like thewarming rays of the sun that reach out and touch others. And the best thing is that when youradiate love, you feel it inside yourself first. So the first person who benefits is you!How can you tell whether something you bring up in part 2) is positive or negative? The answer is, observe how people react. Are they happy, or sad? Angry or joyful? Apathetic or excited? I’veincluded a scale of emotions from highest to lowest so you can accurately catalog emotions.Positive emotion is anything above 2.0 on the scale, and that’s good. Negative is anything below2.0 on the scale, and you want to avoid that.Experiment with this and soon you will be much better at recognizing emotions, and becomemuch more sensitive to people and how to make them happier. Your relationships will improve,because you will be more observant. You will also feel more powerful, because sensitizingyourself to others also makes you more sensitive to what you like and dislike. So you achieve astate of higher discernment ands knowledge of self, as well as knowledge of others.TestingYou can test to see how you are doing. In the first step, one person acts as an observer. Thatperson determines the emotional level of the area before you begin, and then assesses theemotions of the area afterwards. In the second step, you (or an independent observer) canmonitor the emotional tone of the group before and after the introduction of a topic. In all cases,the idea is to raise the emotional / vibrational level of the group. Of course, these observationsare subjective, but so is a feeling of love, or a feeling of happiness, or any positive emotion.

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