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Notebook 43

Notebook 43

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Published by onyx_moon73

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Published by: onyx_moon73 on Sep 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Maria ValtortaTHE NOTEBOOKS 1943Translated from the Italian by David G. MurrayCENTRO EDITORIALE VALTORTIANOContentsPreface to the English Edition13
22 Like a Violet at the Foot of the Cros 1723 Good Friday: First Dictation by Jesus on Co-Redemption 1924 Holy Saturday: Mary Magdalene and the Resurrection 21MAY 1 Jesus and the Innocents Slain by Hatred 2210 Similarities among Souls Called by God 2313 Mystical Antecedents of the Dictations 2514 Sweet Conversation with Jesus 3319 The Permanence of Gods Work Alone 3421 Favors Granted to Souls Through Trusting Intercession 3522 The Experience of Divine Love 3824 The Abundance of the Fathers Goodness 4028 The Reflection of God in Maternal Love 4131 The Need for Constant Purification 43JUNE 1 The Penance of the Co-Redeemers 462 JesusUnrequited Love 483 The Enduring Sign of the Gospel 524 To Love the Heart of God in the Eucharist 535 JesusPostponement of Judgment 56Entreaty to Our Lady of Sorrows 576 JesusExplanation of Grace 587 Constant Vigilance to Preserve Gods Gift 61The Worlds Rejection of Grace 62A Night of Expiatory Affliction 658 Knowledge as Destruction When Deprived of the Spiritof Love Invitation for Men to Return to Him9 Positive Sadness Used by Jesus 7010 Explanation of the Different Effects of the Eucharist 71
11 God’s Unique Understanding of and Assistance to Souls 7412 The Complete Dominion of Love in Souls Belonging to Jesus7613 Conditions Preparing the Descent of the Paraclete 7914 The Stigmatization of Faithful Souls 81The Need to Pray That There May Be SufficientTrue Priest 8315 Jesus’ Desire for Our Perfection 855The Need to Pray for Consecrated Women 8716 The Current Need for Victim Souls in the World90Penance, Sacrifice, and Charity to PreventSpiritual Corruption 9217 The Difference Between Human and Supernatural Prudence9318 The Healing Power of Christ in the Eucharist9419 The Battle Between Angels and Demons 96Eucharistic Union with Christ as Seen in Mary 9820 The Offering of Jesus’ Heart in the Eucharist 9921 The Attitudes Required to Conserve Grace 10022 Never to Lose Sight of God 10323 Mary as the Ciborium for Jesus’ Heart 104Vision of Jesus as a Host in Mary 10524 Maria’s “Little Horeb” 107The Blessed Death of the Innocent 11025 Freedom from Attachment to One’s Humanity 11126 Freedom from Spiritual Anxiety 113To Keep the Spirit Centered on God 11427 To Gaze at the Soft Light of Mary 11528 The Parable of the Wedding Banquet 116A Prayer to and Vision of the Divine Blood 12029 Poverty in Sharing Intellectual Wealth 12230 The Meaning of Christ’s Bound Hands 124Perfect Renunciation in Giving Up the Wealth of Human Affections 126JULY 1 The Persistence of Temptation 127A Comparison of the Trinity to Light 129A Vision of the Triune Sun1312 The Apex of Mary’s Pain 133The Woman Doubled Over 1343 The Two Kinds of Spiritual Infirmities and “Possession” by God 1354 The Salvation of the World in Mary 137The Penance of Victims 138The Temptations of Weariness and Fear 1405 Parable of the Garden 141The Few True Witnesses of Christ 1446 The Supremacy of Charity 144
6Marys Second Mystical Conception 1477 Jesus’ Commentary on the “Our Father” 1498 The Donation of Divine Blood 1549 Christ as the Liberator from Sin 15610 Spiritual Love Between Parents and Children 15811 Peace as the Sign of Love 16012 Reparation to Christ in the Eucharist 16213 To Possess God’s Kingdom Through Charityand Suffering 16314 The Presence of God in All Men and the CatholicApostolate of Mercy 16415 To Be Forgiven by and Suffer with Jesus 16716 To Love Christ in Creatures 169The Fountain of Love 17017 A Comparison of the Soul to Fiber 17118 The Continuous Increase of Love in the Trinity 174Less Knowledge and More Charity17619 Revelations Granted to the Pure and the Converted 17720 The Choice of Peter as Head 178A Vision of the Beast 18021 The Increase of Sin and Pride and Jesus’Saving Efforts 182
22 The Favors Granted to Italy by God and HisJust Judgment of Idolatry 186Love for the Father as the Condition for Faith and Hope 18823 Priests as “Stars” in Christ’s Firmament 190Final Persecutions of the Church by the Beast 19124 Merciful Intercession to Save Others 19225 The Miracle in the Miracles 19426 To Forgive Much So As to Be Forgiven Much 19627 The Need for Strength to Bear Witness 19728 Prayer and Suffering to Avert the “Ultimate Sin 19829 Commentary on Isaiah: Deceitful Use of Power 20030 Commentary on Isaiah: The Church as theEarthly Jerusalem 203AUG. 1 The Need to Believe 2082 Faith and the Incredulity of Rationalism 2123 Suffering with Jesus 2164 The Life of the Spirit 2165 Commentary on Revelation: The Spiritually Aliveand the Spiritually Dead 21876 Christ’s Accusers 219

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