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Bahan Pidato English Tgl 20-8-2008

Bahan Pidato English Tgl 20-8-2008



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Published by anon-124352

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Published by: anon-124352 on Oct 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Corruptor should be sentenced death
: Good …. Ladies and Gentlemen, first of all let us pray to the God, because of His blessing and marry we can able together here. And in this opportunity let medeliver to you all about a simple speech by the title of Corruptor Should beSentenced Death
:Ladies and gentlemen, we know that the situation of our country in this era isnot good. There are a lot of problem that Indonesia faces specially this year.Started by a lot of disasters every where, the proverty problem, thetransportations problem and the others. One of the most famous problem thatIndonesia has today is about corruption.
: When there are a lot of people in this country suffering and death because of  proverty, there are a lot of people who live in a modern life style without lack of any things. Some times they called there selves is a hero for the poor people butsome times they called there selves is the leader who can take every things fromthe citizens. They are the corruptors, some persons who can live and happy likea king on the suffering and crying of their people.
: Ladies and Gentlemen, today corruptions is not a new problem but it have become a life style in a some high officials or people life. Corruption it self mean all activity to enrich our own selves by taking some violence way and because of that our national financial will be harming. And beside that actuallythere are a lot of bad effects that source from corruption activities, first isdemoralization, demoralization is the situation when the people do not believein the government or the officials again, if this situation have been done I believe that our country will be broken because there is no people who want toheard the voices of the leader and also constitution. Second is the poor peoplewill be poorer and the rich people will be richer because of the corruption funds.This situation will be happened when the fund from the government to thecitizen have been corrupted by some people for example is the corruption thathave been done by a high official in Nanggroe Aceh Darusalam who took thecontribution funds from the World Organization that actually it will be given tothe victims of Tsunami Disaster.
:Ladies and Gentlemen, now that be problem and a hot issues is what is the bestsentence that should be given to the corruptor. Well, according to this motiondeath sentence is the good punishment for the corruptor. But in this chance Iwould like to say that I do disagree with this opinion. There are some factorsthat make me take this statement. First we have known that only the God whocan take our life in this world so in my opinion we will do a sin if we take theothers people life. Second, as a human being we have ever done a mistake, and
also the corruptor. Maybe when they are in the present they realize about their mistake and want to change their self and life better than before, so what aboutif we give them the death sentence, it is same like we do not want to see a manlife be better and repair there mistake. The third, I think if we take a person lifeit same like we violent the Human Right that is the right to live in this world.
:So ladies and gentlemen I think it is better if we change our desire to give thedeath penalty to the corruptor. I have some choice punishments that it is enoughto make the corruptor scary replaying their mistake. Okey first is, all money thathas been taken before should be given back as much as first. We need toemphasize it because when I see in our constitution number 34 year is 1999about Combating Corruption, a people who has taken money from nationalfinancial should give back at least 250 jt and at the latest is 1 billion, so whatabout the corruptor that have taken more than 1 billion fund, it is mean that theystill get profit from their mistake. Second giving a special cloth and special KTPfor the corruptor in a present also is a good idea, it is informed by IndonesianLegislative Assembly. Third is giving a chance for the corruptor to can closetheir sins by dedicate their selves in a general services like be the sweeper onthe road, be a laborer for making a road or break the rock and the others job thatso closer with the life of the common people.
Ladies and gentlemen the conclusion of my speech is we need to give a chancefor the corruptor to can repair their mistake and don’t forget also that corruption activitycan be done if there is a chance without a strong law.
:Thank you for your time and I’m sorry if I have done some mistakes onmy speech. Good …..
Main point
Opening1.Berbagai masalah di Indonesia2.Korupto3.Pengertian korupsiDampak korupsi DemoralisasiBertambahnya kemiskinan4.Factor-factor tak setuju-Tuhan lah yang berhak mengambil hidup seseorang-Coruptor juga manusia yang bisa berbuat salah-Melanggar HAM untuk hidup5.Hukuman bagi koruptor -Mengembalikan semua uang negara-Dibuatkan baju khusus dan KTP-Mengabdikan diri kepada pelayanan publik (tukang sapu, kuli, dll)

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