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The 3rd Idea

The 3rd Idea

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Published by Tracuer

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Published by: Tracuer on Oct 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gene Kwan10/8/20081
PeriodConnectionThe day came; I woke up earlier that morning from the excitement. I got to schoolearly to play the drums. The day seemed to last forever, in every class I would findmyself staring at the clock, thinking about the performance to come. Following theseemingly interminable wait, the end of the day came, which meant talent show. The act Iwas in performed close to the end of the show, prolonging the wait. From backstage Icould hear applause for each act that came before us. And with each round of applause Igrew more and more nervous. At last, we were called to start setting up.It was nearly a month ago that my friends and I decided to play the talent show.Chris played guitar, Sean played bass, Nathan played keyboard, and I played drums. For the song to feel complete, we needed each of our unique musical qualities. The song was“Downfall” by Children of Bodom. Learning the song was like recreating a sculpture. Wewere the artists, shaping and molding, collaborating and sharing ideas. The song wasready, practiced to satisfaction. And it was time to unveil it to the world.We finished setting up, Nathan behind his keyboard, Chris and Sean had their instruments strapped on, and me behind the drum kit. The backstage helpers wished usgood luck and left. We heard the announcers, “Our next act will be featuring Chris de laFuente, Gene Kwan, Sean Prasad, and Nathan Lee. They will be performing ‘Downfall’ by Children of Bodom.” The curtains were drawn and the stage was dark as night, wewaited for the rising sun. The curtains were pulled as dawn broke over the stage.Everything seemed to be in slow motion as I looked on methodically from the first rowdown to the last, and then up the balcony. The entire school stared back, silent like thecalm before the storm, eager for our act to begin. We started the song, and a gradual rush
Gene Kwan10/8/20081
Periodof adrenaline filled me, my heart raced as we played. Everything went by so fast, and in amoment, our act had ended. My heart slowed to a steady beat. The crowd erupted intocheer and applause. It seemed to us, the loudest we had ever heard. I have alwaysremembered the feeling of performing on stage. Throughout all the performances I wouldhave in the next few years, not one had as much adrenaline, energy, and excitement as the8
grade talent show.Although this satisfaction was not found in future musical performances, I foundit in an incarnation of another art form. Many define parkour as “To get from point A to point B in the quickest most efficient way possible by only using the human body.”However parkour can never be truly defined in words. Often (Trah-sue-urs) tracuers(Practitioners of Parkour) have difficulty verbally explaining this art form. To fullyunderstand what parkour is, you must learn it, practice it, and teach it. Parkour cannot becategorized, it is seen as a sport for its athletic attributes, but cannot be defined as one, because of parkour’s “anti-competition” philosophy. Parkour is seen as an art form for itsgraceful movements, and its personification of perseverance. The word
translatesinto journey or route in French. The aim of this art form is to help one move throughurban or natural environments by overcoming obstacles such as gates, trees, buildings,and rails. To do so tracuers run and leap, crawl and climb, in order to escape and reach.Tracuers attain spatial awareness, self-confidence, self-discipline, and the perseverance toovercome obstacles both in their environment, and in life.I pursued this art form and I gained a new vision. The surroundings stood out likenever before, a gate was no longer an obstruction, a rail was meant to be vaulted, rooftopswere meant to be climbed, space was no longer just space, it was opportunity. Seeing
Gene Kwan10/8/20081
Period parkour was one thing, experiencing it was another. Practicing parkour involved being ina close-knit community. I made friends who were fourteen to forty plus years old.Although I am still just a kid, being with older people left me with a sense of maturity.Today I even go out to eat with people ten to fifteen years older than me after training. Ifeel privileged being able to connect with all kinds of people.The connection with people is important in both playing in a band and practicing parkour. Perhaps it was the people that became important to me, not only the aspects of  parkour and playing in a band. In both things I gain a new perspective, a sense of accomplishment, newfound self-discipline, but I also gain the understanding of other  people. I learned to make every experience in life significant, and meaningful. Both parkour and music both showed me just how important it is to have people thatunderstand you and your passions. I find that above many things in life, understanding isan important quality to have. And nothing in the world of understanding is morecomforting or insightful than a good friend, or maybe a few good friends.Playing in a band shows how people complete each other in a musical way. A particular song does not sound complete with only bass and drums, or guitar andkeyboards; in order sound whole the entire band has to participate. This is like hangingout with friends on weekends. Every individual in the group brings something to the tablethat makes the group feel whole. When someone is missing from the usual group I hangout with, we all can feel the absence, just as an absence can be felt in a piece of musicwhere a part is not covered. The group or music as a whole is nothing without theindividual.

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