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Tα Ελληνικά δέντρα

Tα Ελληνικά δέντρα

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Published by fugazigr
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Published by: fugazigr on Sep 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Seed - raw or cooked[1, 2, 46, 61]. It can be sweet orbitter[K]. The seed is up to 3cm long[200], it can be dried,ground into a powder and used as a thickening in stewsetc or mixed with cereals for making bread. The seedfrom some trees contains bitter tannins, these can beleached out by thoroughly washing the seed in runningwater though many minerals will also be lost. Either thewhole seed can be used or the seed can be dried andground it into a powder. It can take several days or evenweeks to properly leach whole seeds, one method was towrap them in a cloth bag and place them in a stream.Leaching the powder is quicker. A simple taste test cantell when the tannin has been leached. The traditionalmethod of preparing the seed was to bury it in boggyground overwinter. The germinating seed was dug up inthe spring when it would have lost most of itsastringency. The roasted seed is a coffee substitute. Anedible oil is obtained from the seed[183].
Φαρμακευτικές Ιδιότητες
Any galls produced on the tree are strongly astringentand can be used in the treatment of haemorrhages,chronic diarrhoea, dysentery etc[4].
FUGAZI.gr – Άγρια Φαγώσιμα
Γκορτσια – Αγρια αχλαδια
Ανήκει στην οικογένεια των Ροδανθών (Rosaceae).Απαντάται σε ξέφωτα δασών, περιθώρια χωραφιών καιδίπλα σε δρόμους .Η γκορτσιά είναι ένα παμπάλαιο ελληνικό δέντρο πουσυχνά εμβολιάζεται ακόμα και σήμερα. Είναι η κοινώςλεγόμενη άγρια αχλαδιά.Τα φύλλα είναι πράσινα επάνωκαι γαλαζωπά κάτω. Τα άνθη είναι λευκά.
Φαρμακευτικές Ιδιότητες
Αιμοστατικό, κατά της δυσπεψίας, κατά της διάρροιας,ψυκτικό, αντισπασμωδικό, ευεργετικό στις παθήσεις τουαναπνευστικού συστήματος και στην οδυνηρήδυσμηνόρροια.
Οξέα φρούτων: μαλικόοξύ, κιτρικό οξύ, κουϊνικό οξύ, κυανογενικά γλυκοσίδια(αμυγδαλίνη), αρωματικές ουσίες, παράγωγα τουκαφφεϊκού οξέος και κυρίως 5-κοφφεοϋλ-κουϊνικό οξύ,πηκτίνη
FUGAZI.gr – Άγρια Φαγώσιμα
Young male catkins - raw or cooked. Used as aflavouring[172]. Immature female cones - cooked. Thecentral portion, when roasted, is sweet and syrupy[172].Inner bark - dried, ground into a powder and used as athickener in soups etc or added to cereals when makingbread[172]. An emergency food, used when all else fails.Seed - raw. Rich in oil and with a pleasant slightly resinousflavour, but too small and fiddly to be worthwhile unlessyou are desperate[172]. A refreshing tea, rich in vitaminC, can be made from the young shoot tips[172]. Thesetips are also used in making spruce beer[183].
Φαρμακευτικές Ιδιότητες
The buds, leaves and resin are antibiotic, antiseptic,balsamic, expectorant, sedative[7]. A pitch, or resin,obtained from the trunk is rubefacient andstimulant[240]. It is used externally in plasters etc for itshealing and antiseptic properties[7]. A poultice of the sapor gum has been used in the treatment of boil andabscess pain[257].
FUGAZI.gr – Άγρια Φαγώσιμα

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