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The National Student - September 2008

The National Student - September 2008

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The National Student is the UK's independent, free, national student newspaper.
The National Student is the UK's independent, free, national student newspaper.

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Published by: The National Student on Oct 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The NUS is starting t nwacadmic yar cloudd byallgations of racism witint union.Black studnts av it outat a sris of allgd racistincidnts tat occurrd atunion vnts ovr t summr.Bllavia Ribirio-Addy,
NUS Black Students’ Ofcer
the Guardian
 claiming ts incidnts wrnot dalt wit in an accptablway.Black studnts claim tatt latst incidnt took plac atan NUS training vnt at tUnivrsity of York in Augustinvolving Kings Collg LondonStudnts’ Union PrsidntCris Mullan and Nottingam
education ofcer Craig Cox.Cox allegedly held up a poster
saying “Bring Back Slavry”to ‘wind-up’ participants. It isalso allgd tat Mullan usdracist strotyps in a rol play
exercise at the same meeting.
Mullan is said to avqustiond wtr rcruitingblack studnts from dprivdnigbouroods was a goodida, givn tat problms witknif and gun crim migtattract ‘undsirabls’.Spaking to
the Guardian
,Ribirio-Addy said, “It isunaccptabl tat blackstudnts sould av toput up wit blatant raciststrotyps at NUS vnts. Itis unaccptabl tat slavrycan b tratd as a jok,” ssaid.“It is unaccptabl tatnoting was don about tis byt snior NUS NeC mmbrsprsnt, and it was only wn[I] was involvd tat actionwas takn. Tis only appndbcaus a distrssd blackstudnt wo flt it adn’tbn dalt wit immdiatlycontactd m.”“Tis wol procss tooknarly tr ours, andincludd m aving to contactt NUS prsidnt. Incidntsof racism sould b dalt witimmdiatly,” s addd.In a statmnt NUSPrsidnt, Ws Strting, said,“It gos witout saying tatNUS taks t issus of qualopportunitis and saf spacvry sriously and I am tusdtrmind tat t allgationsar andld proprly.”“A procss as bn undrwaysinc last wk (August 202008) to fully invstigatformal complaints rcivdtat follows our stablisdprocdurs and for obviousrasons I am unwilling to mak
a comment about the specics
of t complaints wilst tatprocss proprly complts. Any spculation or surroundingcommntary at tis tim is,I bliv, inappropriat andcountr-productiv.”Strting addd, “It isimportant in bot instancstat w do not tolrat racismor a failur to dal wit it; it isowvr also important tat wdo not pr-judg t outcom of any invstigation.“Wn ts procsss arcomplt I fully intnd tat tNeC b givn an opportunityto discuss our procsss andsafguards in rlation to tsissus in full.”NUS ar invstigating tincidnt alongsid Nort
 Yorkshire Police who conrmed
tat two studnts wr bingqustiond ovr allgations of racism at t training vnt.Ribirio-Addy addd tat it
is not the rst time that “the
nds and concrns of blackstudnts” ad bn ignord. A fw monts ago VicPrsidnt (Wlfar) AmaUzowuru was allgdly told byNUS Trasurr Dav Lwis tatr nam was not ‘mainstram’
enough to appear on NUS Extra
publicity. On r NUS blog,Uzowuru also accusd otr
NUS ofcers of racism for not
callnging t statmnt asty wr prsnt at t tim.It was latr rsolvd followingan apology and blog post byDav Lwis. It is allgd tat
Uzowuru also came under re
for complaining via r blog,ratr tan using intrnaldisciplinary procsss.Tr av also bnallgations tat at an vntarlir in t summr, Muslimstudnts ad to at tir dinnrbind a scrn, sparatdfrom otr dlgats, as a non-alcoolic vnu ad not bnprovidd.
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nus racism
by Mary Stott
 R G A S L A  E  R
September 2008
Accused: Chris Mullan
“If I don’t  run down thestairs with the theme tune to Pirates of  the Caribbean playing, thensomething has  gone wrong.
   C  o   f   f  e  e   L  o  v  e  r
Piracy and Politics
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Bloc Party - Leeds Festival - Sunday August 24
One of the summer’s many music festival highlights in this months’ magazine
“Don’t doubt that youcould fall in love witha metallic slinky”
The Aluminum Showreviewed
Nudity, razor blades, foresight,swearing, possession, chavs, postage,the IRA and a dancing peanut...
...another FringeBinge for 
The National Student 
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Vote for the year’s hottest games at: thenationalstudent.co.uk/goldenjoystick
for a chance to win a mouth-watering new Nokia N96 smart phone
The National Student 
, September 2008
LiverpooL HopeUnsty has bn usas at f an ntntscam tagtng stunts nNga. An stmat 15 stuntsw snt fauulnt gff ltts utng tb fm th nsttutn. Alcants w thn askt ay a nn-funablacctanc f t bgusucatn an schlashagncs.Ll H was maawa f th scam whnsal stunts wh haa fs but ha nthngabut th cus gt ntuch. A skssn f thunsty wan alcants
to use only ofcially appointed
unsty agnts.Th unsty mnsct stunts thatalcatns f unstygamms a mathugh UCAS (Unstsan Cllgs Amssns
Service), or through ofcial
unsty alcatn fms,th nln  a.Th fausts catan a f authntcty byntng th ltts na that aa t
have the university’s ofcial
lttha.Thy als aa tha bn sgn by actualmmbs f unsty staff.on cls nsctn thmal ass  nth ltts s wng, an thenglsh us s y .Nancy Ck, ntnatnalcutmnt manag atLl H, tl thBBC: “A numb f stunts
contacted us at the ofce by
tlhn an mal askngus abut th amssns.”
“We were trying to nd
thm n th systm, tyng thl thm wth th nquy,but th numbs n’tmatch u, th nams n’tmatch u, th ats f bthn’t match an sm f thcuss wn’t tu th.”“Thn w t t gt mnfmatn fm thm. A numb f stunts snt thltt t us an w cul sthat t was fauulnt.”“Thy ha a mnyf th ltt t smn nNga.”Sh a, “i stnglyug alcants t slctth ucatnal cnsultant agnt y cafullyan, f ssbl, cntact th
university directly to nd outwho the ofcially appointed
agnts a.”“in Nga w wk wthGlbal eucatn StuyCnts an infz.”Bassy i ekanm, astunt fm Nga whal lgtmatly thughth unsty wbst, sa,“it’s a am cm tu fstunts t cm h t thUK t stuy.”“Mst f th scammstak aantag f ths am.Thy tak aantag f thfact that thy a satan ally want t mak thams cm tu.”Th stunts affct anw bng hl t -alythugh th cct channls.
Hope used in internet scam
 A CAMBridGe Unsty lctu has bn gna 12-mnth susn sn sntnc aft lcfun  1,000 ncnt mags f chln nhs cmuts.Nchlas Hammn, 45, a scalst n mnFnch that at Gnll an Caus Cllg,amtt makng, ssssng an stbutngngahc mags f chln ung th hangat Cambg Cwn Cut.Hs jal tm was susn f tw yas byJug Gath Hawkswth.Hammn nw has t sgn th sx ffnsgst f 10 yas an cmlt an ntnt sxffns tatmnt cus. H s als bann fmwkng wth chln un th ag f 16 an hast ay £1,000 cut csts.it s uncla f Hammn was sack byCambg Unsty fllwng hs sntncng.Th unsty ssu a statmnt sayngthat Hammn was “cuntly schag fmhs uts” an that “th stn” was bngw.
Cambridgelecturer sentencedfor child porn
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Fllwng th cmlants  th scunt ca, thNUS ag that all th unn’s NeC mmbs shulc cmulsy qualty tanng.rb-Ay has nw call f NUS nts t haa cla statmnt aganst acsm, an f sut f
black students who speak out against NUS ofcers who
mak acst cmmnts. Sh s als callng f n ntt b gans t th xclusn f Muslm stunts.
The National Student 
, September 2008
Mad Cap’n Tom Scottwho wo the resiecy t York Uiversity Stuets’Uio i  lslievictory hs mitte it isirorite to remii irte chrcter t lltimes urig his time ioffice.Sekig to
The NationalStudent
the C’ si, “Ihve’t boe theirte erso etirely - it’sbeig sve for ‘ceremoiloccsios’. Whe you strtruig for electios, yousig  iece of er thtsys tht if electe, youbecome  trustee of theStuets’ Uio. Oe of the sie effects is tht Im require, leglly, toct i the best iterestsof the Stuets’ Uio tll times. a sly, thtoes’t iclue werig irte outfit whe I tlk toour Vice Chcellor.”Hvig cture cmusiterest by ressig tlkig like  irteScott ws electe fterthe highest turout ithe coutry for  stuetuio electio. But hiswiig the ost cuse immeite  ggressivebck-lsh from those feltstuets h ot tke thevote seriously.durig his cmig,Scott h stte tht hefelt stuet olitics wsuimortt. after the result, sekigto stuet ewser
the Eviromet Ethics Officer TomLgley lbele theelectorte “shllow,igort selfish  shortsighte,”  si: “I o’tthik I hve ever bee soshme to be  stuets I m t this time.”neem Kuwr, wholost the electio to Scott,tol
: “I thik it’s gootht he hs relise theirte thig wo’t reflectwell o the uio. I’m gltht he hs relise theUiversity shoul’t beme  lughig stock.”“He r o  gimmick, hewo. I thik most eolewill be hy tht he hsroe the ct,” Kuwre.Sekig of how eolewill reso to his chgeof irte-stce Scott si,“Some eole re goig tobe relieve by it, some regoig to be oye - but Isusect most re’t rellybothere t ll!”He hs ow chge hisoiio o the imortceof stuet olitics.Tlkig to
hesi, “It’s esy to getisillusioe by stuetolitics, becuse  lot of the thigs tht go o seemso smll  etty. Butoce you get i there relise tht there re llthese eole  ll thesecommittees ivolve, it is mssive uertkig toru ll this.”“The squbblig boutwho gets i ower  whohs this little bit over hereor tht little bit over there,I’m still isillusioe with.I thik everyoe is. Butthe rocess itself eesto he, there ees tobe eole to o it,” Scotte.desite him tkig hisrole more seriously, Scottsi the ircy will stillform rt of his resiecy,“It’s goig to be some kiof sliig scle. For theFreshers’ tlk, certily,I m goig to be i fullirte moe, t lest tthe strt. If I o’t ruow the stirs of CetrlHll with the theme tueto
 Pirates of the Caribbean
 lyig, the somethighs goe wrog.” a for office work hesys the irte will still bereset, “It’s mzig howwell  irte ht goes with suit. I susect I will besomewhere i betwee.”
Debt to cancel outgraduate salary gains
 an nUS reort climstht the higher slriesere by some grutesbecuse they hve egree will be ccelleout by the ebts they rcku t uiversity.The £3,000 ul co tuitio fees is execteto be lifte fter  reviewext yer.The reort estimtestht the vergegrute is likely to eu owig more th £25,000 i tuitio mitece fees. Theebt coul be £37,000 forthose tteig  leiguiversity i  exesivecity.
“It’s amazing howwell a pirate hatgoes with a suit.”
nUS HaVE ttckethe uiversity fuigsystem s ufir usustible, with themwrig tht either risigor liftig the c o tuitiofees woul mke it worse.The uio’s ew reort‘Broke  Broke’ sttestht tht  rrow focuso the c urig extyer’s le govermetreview of tuitio fees willot ress the curretfilures i the system.The reort sttes thtthe etire system is fulty hs my uiteeegtive cosequeces.
The nancial support
o offer is too cofusig the system mestht oorer stuets reexose to greter riskswhe tteig uiversity.The system esures thtthe richest istitutios
benet most in nancial
terms from filig to wierticitio, while thosetht tke o more stuetsfrom oor bckgrous loseout.It fils to esure thtthose who ejoy the gretest
nancial benet from
higher euctio cotributemore to its costs.The creit cruch’seffect o the rice of foo fuel mes tht theserisig costs coul mkemuch of the hel o offeriequte, the reortwrs.nUS resiet WesStreetig, tol
: “Mrket forceshve lrey cret ito ourhigher euctio system.”“More restigiousuiversities i the RussellGrou re ble to offeroorer stuets  vergeul bursry of £1,791,but less restigiousuiversities i the Millio+grou re oly ble to offer £680.”“There is clerly  mrketof restige t work, with
nancial support being
bse ot o how much youee it, but o where youstuy.”He e the situtiowoul worse if tuitiofees were rise to £7,000,levig stuets owig £40,000 o grutio.“This is  stggerigmout, which i somecses will ctully exceethe mout of moey theyc exect to gi fromtheir egree over the courseof their etire workiglife.”“politicl rties ee tosto buryig their hes ithe s over the issue of higher euctio fuig.We ee to hve  roerebte bout  vibleltertive to the curretsystem, which is crekiguer the ressure of mrket forces. We eeto llevite tht ressure,ot excerbte it bycotemltig risig thefees c.”The higher euctiomiister, Bill Rmmell,si: “The ew systemis workig, s isemostrte by recorlevels of lictios ccetces, u by 6% thisyer.”“Recor umbers of stuets from ll socilclsses re choosig togo ito higher euctio
and reap the benets this
brigs. This is t  timewhe the govermet hsbolishe u-frot fees, this yer two-thirs of 
students will benet from a
full or rtil grt of u to £2,835.”“We hve lwys sttetht we will meet ourcommitmet to hve ieeet review of the
rst three years of variable
fees. I woul ot like to
preempt the ndings of this
review - s this reort hsoe.”
NUS slam fees system
A fees protest march in Westminster - 2003
Kingston banned fromsatisfaction tables
THE pSYCHOLOGY ertmet t KigstoUiversity hs beebe from the uiversitystisfctio legue tbles,fter their chetig wsexose by the mei.The Higher EuctioFuig Coucil forEgl remove theertmet fter recorig of them coercigtheir stuets to lie cmeto light. O the recorig,Fio Brlow-Brow,psychology director of Stuy, coul be herecourgig stuetsto give higher rkigs
when lling in the nal-
yer ntiol StuetSurvey i  effort toboost the uiversity’sositio. Otherwise, shesi, emloyers woulthik their egree ws‘shit’.Followig theirreortig of the icietthe BBC were iutewith emils from stuetst other uiversitieswho highlighte similrcoercio where they restuyig.next issue,
TheNational Student
will lookt this  other issueswith the curret stte of higher euctio.Cotribute by emilig:
“Killing in name of 
religion is justifed”
 a COnTROVERSIaLreort hs fou tht lmost thir of British Muslimstuets thik killig ithe me of religio is
 a YouGov survey crrieout for the Cetre for SocilCohesio fou tht lmost qurter of Muslim stuetsi the UK i ot believeme  wome were equli the eyes of allh,  25%si they h little or oresect for homosexuls.nUS hs bre thereort ‘isgustig’, 
said it is ‘a reection of the
bises  rejuices of right wig thik tk – otthe views of stuets crossBriti’.
Newsin brief 

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