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Sri Adi Sankara

Sri Adi Sankara



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Published by ramkumaran
a very brief story of adi sankarar
a very brief story of adi sankarar

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Published by: ramkumaran on Oct 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sri Adi Sankara
Sri Adi Sankara
Some events, and an artist's impression:
Lord Shiva, also known as Dhakshinamurthy,who spreads the Universal Truth not by wordsbut by his silence and by his sign of his handwhich is held in the form of "Chin Mudra".About 2500 years ago, when thespiritualisation of the people greatly reduced,all the Gods and the Rishis went to Kailashand pleaded with Lord Shiva to revive theworld. Lord Shiva agreed with their requestand informed that he will be born in this world.Lord Brahma, Indra and others also agreed tobe born in this world to help Lord Shiva.In Kaladi, Kerala, a learned brahmin, by thename of Sivaguru, and his wife, Aryambal,spent their life in pooja and in giving alms topoor and in other good deeds. This childlesscouple went to Trichur and performed puja for48 days to Lord Vadakkunathan (Lord Shiva)and prayed for a son. Lord Shiva melted intheir devotion and appeared before them andtold them "I am extremely happy with yourdevotion and you will get what you want. Buttell me whether you want a number of dullchildren or a son who is extremely intelligent,who will live for a short period only." Thecouple replied the decision could not be theirsas the Lord knows what is good for them.
http://www.kamakoti.org/newlayout/print-it.php...c2NsL2FkaS5odG1s&sendpagetitle=Sri+Adi+Sankara (1 of 14) [10/8/2008 11:40:27 AM]
Sri Adi Sankara
 Lord Dakshinamurthy, pleased with the reply,was born to Aryambal under the star"Thiruvaithhirai". As the Lord had alreadypromised that he will be born to do good tothis world, the child was named Sankara.Sam means prosperity and Karathi means tegiver. All the visitors stood in awe at thedivinity of the child and said "This is not anordinary child".
http://www.kamakoti.org/newlayout/print-it.php...c2NsL2FkaS5odG1s&sendpagetitle=Sri+Adi+Sankara (2 of 14) [10/8/2008 11:40:27 AM]
Sri Adi Sankara
 As Shankara grew up, he attraced everybodywith his intelligence and kindness. At the ageof three, he was given "Aksharabyas", i.e.,the learning of writing and reading. At the ageof four, he lost his father. At the age of five,he was initiated in Brahmacharyam i.e., theholy thread ceremony was conducted and hewas sent to Gurukul for learning of scriptures.As per the practice the brahmachari has to gofrom house to house and take alms andsubmit this to his guru. On a Dwadasi daySankara happened to go to the house of avery poor lady jand asked for the alms. Thelady did not have a single grain of rice in herhouse to give. However she had kept a singleAmla fruit for herself as it was a Dwadasi day.She unhesitatingly gave this Amla fruit toSankara as she could not send aBrahmachari empty handed. Sankara wasmoved by her selflessness and the poverty ofthe lady and prayed to Goddess Lakshmi in abeautiful sloka which is called "Kanaka DharaStotram". On completion of this stotram,Goddess Lakshmi appeared in person andshowered a rain of golden coins on the poorlady's house.One day, the rishis came to him andreminded him of his duty to the land inspreading spiritualism. Sankara agreed it wastime to become a Sanyasi and go all over thecountry to kindle religious ferver.One day when Sankara was taking bath, acrocodile caught hold of his leg. Sankaracalled out to his mother. Aryambal camerunning and to her horror she found her sonin the grip of the crocodile and she cried thatse did not know how to help her son.Sri Sankara informed his mother that his lifewas nearing to an end, but if he became aSanyasi, he could start a new life as asannyasi. Thus Sri Sankara obtainedpermission from his mother to become a
http://www.kamakoti.org/newlayout/print-it.php...c2NsL2FkaS5odG1s&sendpagetitle=Sri+Adi+Sankara (3 of 14) [10/8/2008 11:40:27 AM]

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