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The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

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Published by nycxs
Commemoration of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist
Commemoration of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist

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Published by: nycxs on Sep 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sunday after Pentecost Commemoration of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist 
VESPERS: Tone 4P. Regular BeginningC. Lord I have cried...1.
ver hailing Thy life-giving Cross, O
our Lord,/ we glorify ThyResurrection on the
day,/ for
Who art all
werful/ hastthereby restored the corrupt
ture of man/ and hast re-opened for usthe upward path to
ven,// for Thou only art good and
vest mankind.2.
of Thine own Will nailed to the
of the Cross,/ Thou hastabolished the penalty of disobedience com
ted through the tree/ andby des
ing into hell Thou hast broken, as Almighty, the
ofdeath./ Therefore we worship Thy Resur
tion from the dead,/ and,re
ing, we cry:// Glory to Thee, O al
ty Lord.3.
hast broken in pieces the gates of
, O Lord,/ and put an endby Thy death to the do
ion of death,/ and
hast set
kind free/by bestowing incorruption up
the world// together with life and Thygreat
y.4. O
all ye
ple,/ and let us sing the praises of the Saviour'sResurrection on the
day,/ for
have been delivered by it fromthe unbreakable
of hell,/ and having received incor
tion andlife,/ we
of us cry:// Do Thou, crucified, buried and risen, saveus by Thy Resurrection for only Thou
vest mankind.
Stichera for St. John the Baptist (Tone 6)
5/6. While the birthday of the shameless Herod was being cele
ted,/ theoath he swore to the vile dancer
fulfilled;/ for the head of theforerunner, having been
off,/ was borne, like food, upon aplatter, to those re
ing there./ O abominable feast, unholy act,full of
der!/ Yet, honouring the Baptist as the greatest born of
men,// we call him blessed,
is meet.7/8. The disciple of the most evil
vil danced,/ and received thy head asher reward, O fore
ner./ O feast
of blood!/ Better would ithave been not to have sworn thine oath, O iniquitous Herod,
sonof lies!/ For even though thou didst make thy vow, it was not
 sworn./ Better would it have been to be proved false, than to cut offthe head of the forerunner, who
the truth./ Yet, honouring theBaptist as the greatest born of
men,// we call him blessed,
ismeet.9. It was not fitting, O Herod, to condemn to death the denouncer ofthine a
tery,/ for the sake of a satanic love and the burning ofcruel forni
tion./ It was not fitting for thee to give his most
cious head/ over to a most iniquitous woman because of a vow
2haplessly made as a condition for her
cing./ O how couldst thouhave committed such a
der?/ How is it that the vile dancer was notutterly consumed when she bore it on a platter in the
of thefeast?/ Yet, honouring the Baptist as the greatest born of
men,// wecall him blessed,
is meet.10. Again Herodias rageth insanely, a
is she vexed./ O what deceitfuldancing, what a feast of de
tion!/ The Baptist is beheaded, and Herodis
led.// Through the supplications of Thy forerunner, O Lord,grant
to our souls.Glory... (Tone 6)While the birthday of the shameless Herod was being cele
ted,/ theoath he swore to the vile dancer
fulfilled;/ for the head of theforerunner, having been
off,/ was borne, like food, upon a platter, tothose re
ing there./ O abominable feast, unholy act, full of
der!/Yet, honouring the Baptist as the greatest born of
men,// we call himblessed,
is meet.Both... Dogmatikon (Tone 4)David, the
phet, fore
ther of God/ through Thee gave voicebe
hand in psalms/ con
ing the great things
for Thee:/ Upon Thyright hand doth
the Queen./ For God Who was pleased without father tobe made
of thee,/ has shown thee forth as Mother of life and
diator,/that He might restore His image corrupted by the
sions;/ and that when Hehad found the stray sheep caught in the
ains,/ He might lay it upon Hisshoulder and bring it to His
ther,/ and by
His own wish that Christ inWhom is great and bountiful
cy/ might gather it to the
venly hosts//and save the world, O Theo
kos.P. Wisdom. Aright!C. O Joyful Light...P. Prokimenon. The Lord is King...P. Wisdom!R. The first reading is from the Prophecy of IsaiahThus saith the Lord: Comfort ye, comfort ye My people, with the Lord.Speak, ye priests, to the heart of Jerusalem; comfort her, for herhumiliation is accomplished, her sin is put away: for she hath received ofthe Lord's hand double the amount of her sins. The voice of one crying inthe wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight the paths ofour God. O thou who bringest glad tidings to Sion, go up on the highmountain; lift up thy voice with strength, thou who bringest glad tidingsto Jerusalem; lift it up, fear not. I, the Lord God, I will hear the poorof Israel and will not forsake them: but I will open rivers on themountains, and fountains in the midst of plains: I will make the desertpools of water, and a thirsty land watercourses. Let the heaven rejoicefrom above, and let the clouds rain righteousness: let the earth bringforth, and blossom with mercy, and bring forth righteousness likewise.Utter aloud a voice of gladness, and let this be made known, proclaim it tothe ends of the earth. Say ye: The Lord hath delivered His servant Jacob.And if they shall thirst, He shall lead them through the desert; He shallbring forth water to them out of the rock. Rejoice, thou barren woman who
3bearest not; break forth and cry, thou who dost not travail: for more arethe children of the desolate than of her who hath a husband.R. The second reading is from the Prophecy of Malachi:Thus saith the Lord Almighty: Behold, I send forth My messenger, andhe shall survey the way before Me: and the Lord, Whom ye seek, shallsuddenly come into His temple, even the angel of the covenant, whom ye takepleasure in. Who will abide the day of his coming, or who will withstand athis appearing? For he is coming in as the fire of a furnace and as the herbof those who wash. He shall sit to melt and purify as it were silver, andas it were gold. And he will come to you as a judge, and will be a swiftwitness against the wicked, and against the adulteresses, and against thosewho swear falsely by My name, and against those who keep back thehirelings' wages, and those who oppress the widow, and afflict orphans, andwrest the judgment of the stranger, and fear not Me, saith the LordAlmighty. For I am the Lord your God, and I am not changed. But ye, thesons of Jacob, have perverted My statutes, and have not kept them.Wherefore, return to Me, and I will return to you, saith the Lord Almighty.And all nations shall call you blessed. Understand ye that I am the LordWho discerneth between the righteous man and the iniquitous on the daywhereon I shall preserve those who love Me. Be ye therefore aware andremember the law of Moses My servant, accordingly as I charged him with itin Horeb for all Israel, even the commandments and ordinances. And, behold,I will send to you Elijah the Tishbite, before the great and glorious dayof the Lord cometh, who shall turn again the heart of the father to theson, and the heart of a man to his neighbor, lest I come and smite theearth grievously, saith the Lord Almighty, the holy God of Israel.R. The third reading is from the Wisdom of Solomon:Though the righteous be prevented with death, yet shall he be in rest.Thus the righteous who is dead shall condemn the ungodly who are living.For they shall see the end of the wise, and shall not understand what Godin His counsel hath decreed of him. For the Lord shall cast the ungodlydown headlong, that they shall be speechless, and He shall shake them fromthe foundation; and they shall be utterly laid waste, and be in sorrow; andtheir memorial shall perish. And when they cast up the account of theirsins, they shall come and convict them to their face. Then shall therighteous man stand in great boldness before the face of such as haveafflicted him, and made no account of his labors. When they see it, theyshall be troubled with terrible fear, and shall be amazed at the strange-ness of his salvation. And they, repenting and groaning for anguish ofspirit, shall say within themselves: "This was he whom we held betimes inderision, and as a proverb of reproach. We fools accounted his lifemadness, and his end to be without honour. How is he numbered among thechildren of God, and his lot among the saints? Therefore have we erred fromthe way of truth, and the light of righteousness hath not shined unto us,and the sun of righteousness rose not upon us. We have been full of theways of the iniquitous and destruction, and have trodden trackless paths,but the ways of the Lord have we not known."P. Augmented LitanyR. Vouchsafe...P. Litany of Fervent SupplicationC. Litya Prayers

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