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Just a Bitch of a Day

Just a Bitch of a Day

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Published by T M Copeland
Ruminations on 9/11 through history
Ruminations on 9/11 through history

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Published by: T M Copeland on Sep 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The events of 9/11/01, for those of us who witnessed it and have lived through its effectson foreign policy and the subsequent assault on civil liberty in this country, the date willforever mean only one thing. That thing is, of course, the destruction of the World TradeCenter, the attack on the Pentagon and the crash in Pennsylvania.Historically speaking, 9/11 is one major bitch of a day. On this date in the year nine,Quinctilius Varus led three Roman Legions into the Teutoburg Forest and nobody cameout. Farmers in Germany are still plowing up an occasional skull or bits and pieces of Roman paraphernalia. This Battle became the one that ended Roam expansion andmarked the high water point of empire. On this date in 1185 Isaac II Angelus murderedhis way to the throne of the Byzantine Empire. In 1390 the Teutonic Knights began thesiege of Vilnius, a really nasty affair. In 1714 the independent nation of Catalunya gaveup the ghost during the War of Spanish Succession. In 1792 the Hope Diamond wasstolen along with other items of the French Crown jewels. In 1813 the British left MountVernon of their way to burn Washington, D.C. In 1916 the Quebec Bridge's central spancollapsed killing eleven people and creating traffic jams. In 1941 Charles Lindbergh,famous aviator and anti Semite, gave a speech in Des Moines accusing FDR and the Jewsof forcing the United States into war with Germany. In 1954, 1961 and 1992 three of themost destructive hurricanes in U. S. history, Edna, Carla and Iniki (listed in order of appearance), hit New England, Texas and Hawaii, respectively. In 2004 a helicopter crashed in the Aegean Sea killing the patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church along withsixteen others, mostly journalists and Bishops. In 2007 the Russians detonated the largest,most powerful and destructive bomb in human history.There is much, much more that happened on this date. Of it all, about the only event thatdid not have at least some negative ramifications was the world debut performance of Stephen Foster's
in Andrews' Eagle Ice Cream Saloon in Pittsburg,Pennsylvania.Most of these historic 9/11 events are largely unknown to the world today. Either becausetoo much time has passed and the impacts have been absorbed into ongoing life or theyhave simply been forgotten. However, for millions of people around the world, particularly in Latin America, 9/11 has another meaning. September 11, 1973 is the daythe CIA inspired and supported military coup in Chile came to a head with the murder, or suicide (depending on who is doing the talking), of Salvador Allende, the democraticallyelected President of the Republic of Chile.In a devil's bargain between powerful local interests, U S based international corporationsand the government of President Nixon, the decision was made to remove Allende fromoffice. It was understood this action need not result in the death of President Allende. Allthat was required was that he and his government be removed from office and replacedwith a military dictatorship dedicated to capitalist principles and alignment with theUnited States in its worldwide competition with the Soviet Union.At first, the coup seemed to be a quick, surgical operation meeting with completesuccess. After all, Allende was permanently removed from any presence in Chilean

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