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Murdering Liberty Killing Hope

Murdering Liberty Killing Hope

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Published by Eye ON Citrus
The other version of this book online here is gleaned of the pictures, this version has all the pictures.
The other version of this book online here is gleaned of the pictures, this version has all the pictures.

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Published by: Eye ON Citrus on Sep 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page Murdering Liberty Killing Hope
by Jeff Prager
 S  P E C I A L 
 E D I T I O N
Page Murdering Liberty Killing HopePage Murdering Liberty Killing Hope
The following pages separate the wheat from the chaff, the strongfrom the weak, the wise from the uninformed.This is a story predicated upon real life. We, the civilian popula-
tion of the world are not trained or educated in the ner distinctionsof global nance. Our perception of millions, billions and trillions
of dollars, let alone millions, billions or trillions of ANYTHING ishopelessly mired in the gunk of enigma. We just don’t get it. In factour eyes generally glaze over and we’re ready to move on to thenext subject of study, the next point of distinction whenever any-thing larger then a bread-box is mentioned. It’s just human nature.Add to that vast sums of gold, illegal gold at that, even stolen gold,national treasury gold, and we seem to want to head for the nearestexit.Fortunately, or unfortunately, because the choice is really yours, theevents described in the following pages are true. You see, real life isa complicated and convoluted mess of various seemingly disjoint-ed and unconnected events somehow strewn together to make upthe many years we call “our life” and rarely do our lives amount toanything more then having children, working and enjoying a few pleasurable moments. We are not the elite. Their lives are things weimagine for brief moments while we’re busy living our own lives.These people don’t walk in our footsteps but even more importantly,we don’t walk in theirs.Take a walk with me, in theirs ...
Gold Warriors
Page Murdering Liberty Killing HopePage Murdering Liberty Killing Hope
n September 11, 2001 the denition of National Security changed for most U.S. citizens. For an entire postwar generation, “National Security”meant protection from nuclear attack. On that day, Americans redened that threat. On September 11, 2001 three hijacked airliners hit three separate buildings with such precision and skill that many observers believe those ights were controlled by something other than the poorly trained hijackers inthe cockpits. This report contends that not only were the buildings targets, but that specic ofces within each building were the designated targets. This
report makes clear the understanding that the planes were, in fact, drones, piloted by unknown individuals attached to the military industrial complex
of the United States.The ofces targeted in the Twin Towers; buildings 1, 2, 6 and 7, and Pentagon unknowingly held information which if exposed, subsequently wouldexpose a national security secret of unimaginable magnitude. Protecting that secret was the motivation for the September 11th attacks. This report is
about that national security secret, its origins and impact. The intent of the report is to provide a context for understanding the events of September 11th
rather than to dene exactly what happened that day. This report speculates as to how the event was accomplished and provides insight into the actual
reasoning used by the perpetrators to justify the attack.
Initially, it is difcult to see a pattern to the destruction of September 11th other than the total destruction of the World Trade Center, a segment of the Pentagon, four commercial aircraft and the loss of 2,993 lives. However, if the perceived objective of the attack is re-dened from its commonlysuggested ‘symbolic’ designation as either ‘a terrorist attack’ or a ‘new Pearl Harbor,’ and one begins by looking at it as purely a crime with specic
objectives (
as opposed to a political action
), there is a compelling logic to the pattern of destruction. This report provides research into the early claims
 by Dick Eastman, Tom Flocco, V.K. Durham and Karl Schwarz that the September 11th attacks were meant as a cover-up for nancial crimes beinginvestigated by the Ofce of Naval Intelligence (ONI), whose ofces in the Pentagon were destroyed on September 11th and the Eldorado Task Force,
a group consisting of 55 government agencies. After many years of research, this report presents corroborating evidence which supports their claims,and proposes a new rationale for the September 11th attacks. In doing so, many of the anomalies – or inconvenient facts surrounding this event take on ameaning that is consistent with the claims of Eastman et al. The hypothesis of this report is: the attacks of September 11th were intended to cover-up the
clearing of $240 billion dollars in securities covertly created in September 1991 to fund a covert economic war against the Soviet Union, during which
‘unknown’ western investors bought up much of the Soviet industry, with a focus on oil and gas. The attacks of September 11th also served to derail
multiple Federal investigations away from crimes associated with the 1991 covert operation. In doing so, the attacks were justied under the cardinalrule of intelligence: “protect your resources” and is consistent with a modus operandi of sacricing lives for a greater cause.

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