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Glory Songbook

Glory Songbook

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Published by ivan0921

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Music
Published by: ivan0921 on Sep 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Glory Songbook - Presentation Transcript1. Hymn Of GloryRefrain: Glory Hallelujah (2x)1. Give thanks to our God and let him be praised with sanctified heartsand hands that are raised Come join a song of praise to our God2. His word ever true the Son of his love Sing men of earth to the heavens above Honor and glory belong to Our God3. Worthy the Lamb who was slain for our sins He laid down His life He rose up again To us He gives unending life4. Holy holy the Lord God Almighty who was, who is, and who is to come in glory come Lord Jesus comesHook up PC to to LCD projector and Launch slide show (F5). To go to a particular song, punch song number in numerical key and hit ENTER. Ex: 255 - ENTERbrings you to the SONG
Give Thanks
 Or print your songs out, direct to OHP transparencies.255. Give ThanksVerse:Give thanks with a grateful heart Give thanks to the Holy one Give thanks, because He
s given Jesus Christ, His Son (Repeat)Refrain:And now let the weak say
I am strong
Let the poor say
I am rich
Becauseof what the Lord has done for us (Repeat Refrain)Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks2. Jesus Is The One Who Saves1. All glory to the Father of life praise be to the Holy Spirit and to the shining light of this world Jesus is the one who saves2. You're the first born of all of the sons King of the new creation You're the brother who makes us all one Jesus is the one who saves3. Thank you Jesus for rising for us the Father's love complete and glorious Now we claim the victory You give to us Jesus is the one who saves4. Just call upon the name of the Lord Ask Him for His Holy Spirit You'll find the one truth of this world Jesus is the one who saves (3x)3. I Am The Bread Of Life1. I am the bread of life He who comes to me shall not hunger He who believes in me shall not thirst No one can come to me, unless the Father draw himRefrain: And I will raise Him up (3x) on the last day3. I Am The Bread Of Life 2. The bread that I will give is my flesh for thelife of the world and he who eats of this bread he shall live forever (2x) (Ref.) Refrain: And I will raise Him up (3x) on the last day3. I Am The Bread Of Life 3. Unless you eat of the flesh of the son of Man and drink of his blood (2x) you shall not have life within you (Refrain) Refrain:And I will raise Him up (3x) on the last day3. I Am The Bread Of Life 4. I am the resurrection, I am the life he who believes in me even if he die he shall live forever (Ref.) Refrain: And I will raise Him up (3x) on the last day3. I Am The Bread Of Life 5. Yes, Lord, I believe that you are the Christ The Son of God who has come into the world (Ref.) Refrain: And I will raise Him up(3x) on the last day4. Blessing and GloryRefrain: Blessing and glory, wisdom and thanksgiving Honor and power andmight be to our God forever and ever. Amen (3x)1. The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ and He shall reign forever and ever, Amen. (ref.)2. Now the salvation, and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ has come. (ref.)5. The Spirit and the BrideRefrain: The Spirit and the bride say
Let all who hear say
Let himwho is thirsty come take the water of life without price.1. Behold, I am coming soon bringing my reward I am the Alpha and Omega
the first and the last, the beginning and the end. (Refrain)2. Blessed are all who wash their robes to eat the tree of life and enter the city by the gates I am the offspring of David the bright and morning star.(Refrain)3. If any man thirst, let him come to me, and let him drink and out of his heart there shall flow streams of living water This is the spirit, just ask and receive. (Refrain)Coda: Even so, come Lord Jesus, Come Lord Jesus6. Great and WonderfulGreat and wonderful are Thy wondrous deed,O Lord God the AlmightyJust and true are, all Thy ways O LordKing of the ages art ThouWho shall not fear and glorify Thy name O Lord?For Thou alone art holy Thou aloneAll the nations shall come and worship TheeFor Thy glory shall be revealedHallelujah (3x) AmenLa la la la la . . . . . .7. BeholdBehold God is my salvationI will trust and will not be afraidFor the Lord my God is my strength and my songHe also has become my SalvationFor the Lord my God is my strength and my songHe also has become my SalvationLa la la la la . . . . .8. The Lord Is Present In His Sanctuary1. The Lord is present in His sanctuary Let us praise the Lord! The Lord is present in His people gathered here Let us praise the Lord! Praise Him, Praise Him let us praise the Lord! Praise Him, Praise Him let us praise Jesus!2. The Lord is present in His sanctuary Let us sing to the Lord! The Lord is present in His people gathered here Let us sing to the Lord! Sing to Him,Sing to Him, let us sing to the Lord! Sing to Him, Sing to Him, let us sing toJesus!3. The Lord is present in His sanctuary Let us delight in the Lord! TheLord is present in His people gathered here Let us delight in the Lord! Delightin Him (2x) let us delight in the Lord! Delight in Him (2x) let us delight in Jesus!4. The Lord is present in His sanctuary Let us love the Lord! The Lord is present in His people gathered here Let us love the Lord! Love Him, Love Him,let us love the Lord! Love Him, Love Him, let us love Jesus!9. Crown Him with Many Crowns1. Crown Him with many crowns The lamb upon his throne, Hark! How the heav'nly anthem drowns all music but its own Awake my soul and sing of Him who died for Thee And hail Him as Thy matchless King through all eternity2. Crown Him the Lord of life who triumphed over the grave Who rose victorious in the strife for those He came to save His glories now we sing, who diedand rose on high Who died eternal life to bring and lives that death may die3. Crown Him the Lord of Lords, who over all cloth reign Who once on earth the incarnate Word for ransomed sinners slain Now lives in realms of light where saints with angels sing Their songs before Him day and night Their God Redeemer King4. Crown Him the Lord of Heav'n, One with the Father known One with theSpirit giv'n through Him from yonder glorious throne To Thee be endless praise,for Thou for us hast died Be Thou O Lord through endless days adored and magnified10. Once No PeopleRefrain: For we are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, holy nation Once
no people, now God
s people proclaiming his marvelous light.1. Sing the songs of faithful Zion, we are the stars and the grains of sand Through our faith we are made glorious we are the sons of Abraham. (Refrain) 2. Dance the steps of joyful Zion, cymbals, harps and tambourines Blow the trumpet, sound the glory, in the presence of the Lord. (Refrain)3. Taste the fruit of peaceful valleys, sip the wine and eat the bread Know the sheep who is guiding, the Lord, the Lamb of God. (Refrain)4. We serve through tribulation, we will follow to the cross Know the death and pain of suffering, God wipes the tears from our eyes. (Refrain)Coda: Now God
s people proclaiming His marvelous light! (2x)11. God Is Raising An ArmyRefrain: God is raising an army A people to follow his word sound the horns and raise the vict'ry shout Proclaim the day of the Lord (2x)1. All of creation longs for the day To shed her humiliation To leap with boundless joy from her broken chains2. As watchmen wait for morning so we await our God Let all who breathe now praise him Let even stones break forth with songs of praise3. Lord, smash the walls of darkness, annihilate the foe Establish nowYour kingdom Grant one day that we will see Your face (Refrain)4. Though earth shake beneath us Though sun and moon disappear Our Godwill be our fortress The Lamb of God will be our lasting light (Refrain)12. THE MAGNIFICATRefrain: My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour1. For He who is mighty has done great things and holy is His name Fromage to age His mercy is on those who fear Him He fills the hungry with good things He helps those who serve Him (Refrain)2. He scatters the proud and He lifts up the lowly He has shown strengthwith His arm For the Word became flesh and He dwelt among us No one has seen the Father but the son has made him known (Refrain)3. The words of the Lord are Spirit and life Blessed are the people whohear them and keep them When God speaks His word let it be fulfilled in me For with the Lord nothing is impossible (Refrain)Coda: And my spirit rejoices in Jesus, my Savior.13. Unto the House of the LordRefrain: I rejoiced when they said to me
Let us go unto the house of theLord
Standing there, O Jerusalem In your gates unto the house of the Lord1. Look upon Jerusalem, the city now restored here the tribes of Yahwehcome as one unto the Lord (refrain)2. As He ordered Israel they come to praise His name Here where courts of justice the courts of David reign (refrain)3. Pray for peace Jerusalem, prosperity at home Peace inside your city walls that comes from God alone (refrain)4. Since we are God
s people, I say
peace be to you
May the God who dwells in us your happiness renew (refrain)14. Isaiah 60Refrain: Arise, shine out, for your light has come The glory of Yahweh is rising on you Though night still covers the earth and darkness the peoples, above you Yahweh now rises above you His glory appears, arise1. The nations come to your light / and kings to your dawning brightnesssinging the praise of Yahweh, / bringing gold and incense Lift up your eyes andlook around you / all are assembling and coming toward you your sons from far away and your daughters / Being tenderly carried this day2. They bring your sons from far away / and their silver and gold with them For the name of Yahweh / you God the Holy One of Israel No more shall violence be heard in your country / nor devastation within your frontiers You will call your walls
/ and your gates
 3. No more will the sun give you day light / Nor moon light shine on youBut Yahweh will be your eternal light: / your God will be your splendor Your su

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