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Mathematics Trivia

Mathematics Trivia



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Published by anon-536275

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Published by: anon-536275 on Oct 09, 2008
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Mathematics Trivia
Some of these are pretty easy but others take some time and thought.1.Simplify the expression (x+a)(x–b)(x+c) ··· (x–z).2.Arrange the integers 1 through 15 in a row so that the sum of any twoadjacent integers is a perfect square.3.What is the smallest number that when divided by each of the digits 1through 9 leaves no remainder?4.Find five different whole numbers, all less than nine, such that the sumof three of them equals the sum of the other two, and also the sum of thesquares of the first three equals the sum of the squares of the other two.5.Find a 6-digit number such that if you transfer the two left-most digitsto the right, the new number is double the original.6.One year on the fourth of July, Samantha figured that there were 73 daysuntil her birthday. What are the day and month of Samantha's birthday?If the fourth of July that year was on a Wednesday, what day of the weekwas Samantha's birthday that year?7.In a gaggle of geese and a flock of sheep, there are 98 eyes and 162 legs.How many geese and how many sheep are there?8.Why are the digits 8, 5, 4, 9, 1, 7, 6, 3, 2, 0 arranged in this order?9.Twin primes are prime numbers that differ by two, for example 3 and 5.There are eight pairs of twin primes less than 100. Find them.10.Mrs. Chambers is buying Christmas presents for her seven children to giveeach other. If each child gives one present to each of the others, howmany presents will Mrs. Chambers have to buy?11.If the eggs in a basket are counted by 2s, 3s, 5s, or 7s, there is oneegg left each time. What is the smallest number of eggs that could be inthe basket?12.What is the weight of a fish that weighs six pounds plus half its weight?13.The Yankees and the Tigers play five baseball games. They each win three.No ties or disputed games were involved. How could this be?14.Two fathers and two sons own 21 horses. They're moving to differentparts of the country and want to divide the horses equally amongthemselves. How is this possible?15.Write the number twelve thousand twelve hundred twelve in simplest form.16.How many balls are needed for a single elimination Ping-Pong tournamentif a new ball is used for each match and there are eight participants?12 participants? 25 participants? N participants?17.My age this year is a multiple of 7 and next year it will be a multipleof 5. I am not yet 50; can you tell how old I am? What if you know thatI am over 30?18.I have $1.15 in coins, but I cannot make change for a dollar, a halfdollar, a quarter, a dime, or a nickel. What coins do I have?19.A clock strikes the hour on the hour. It strikes twice on each half hourand once on each quarter hour. How many times does it strike in each24-hour period?20.A wooden cube is painted orange on all sides. It is then sliced into 27equal smaller cubes. How many of the smaller cubes are orange on threefaces, two faces, one face, and no faces?21.An ant is determined to climb a flagpole that is 18 feet tall. Each day
the ant climbs five feet, but each night he slips back three feet. Whenwill the ant reach the top of the flagpole?22.What is the smallest number of coins needed to give exact change for anyamount less than a dollar?23.Write 25 as the sum of consecutive integers.24.When does 10 + 4 = 2?25.A rectangular flag has three vertical stripes of equal width. Ifadjacent stripes may not be the same color, how many different flags maybe made with cloth of five colors?26.Find four 3-digit numbers that are the sum of the cubes of their digits.27.Find the simplest operation that will make 606 greater by 50%.28.Divide 60 into four parts such that the first increased by four, thedecreased by four, the third multiplied by four, and the fourth dividedby four, are all the same number.29.Find a 2-digit number such that its square and its fifth power containtogether all the digits from 1 to 9, each once and only once.30.Three men play a game in which the loser doubles the money of each of theother two. After three games each has lost once, and each has $24. Howmuch did each have to start?31.159 X 48 = 7632 -- Find another pair of numerals with a product such thateach non-zero digit is used once and only once.32.Find three numbers such that their sum is a square and the sum of anypair is also a square.33.Ramanujan's number is the smallest number that can be written twodifferent ways as the sum of two cubes. Find Ramanujan's number and thetwo ways it can be written as the sum of two cubes.34.a X b X c = 1729. Each letter names a prime number. Find them.35.30 people numbered 1 to 30 are equally spaced around a circular table.What is the number of the person seated directly across from the personnumbered 23?36.It takes four seconds for a clock to strike three times. How long willit take to strike eleven times?37.Two cars are behind two cars, two cars are ahead of two cars, and twocars are between two cars. What is the least number of cars?38.If it takes 3 ½ minutes to fry one egg, how long will it take to fry four?39.That man's father is my father's son. Who is that man?40.What is the fewest 40,000-mile tires you would need to drive a car130,000 miles?41.What is the largest number expressed with exactly four 1s and no otherdigits?42.What is the ones digit of 31,003?43.What bowling score is achieved with alternating strikes and spares? Doesit matter whether a strike or spare comes first?44.Write 1000 using eight 8s.45.A regular octahedron has faces that are equilateral triangles. Whatgeometric figure is formed if the centers of the adjacent triangles areconnected?46.Find all 2-digit numbers that with their reversals sum to perfect squares.47.If 120 seats are arranged in a row, what is the least number of seatsthat must be occupied so that the next person seated must sit next tosomeone?
48.Express 100 using five 5s.49.The difference between two numbers is 40. The difference between theirsquares is 4800. What are the numbers?50.Cora has a penny, a nickel, a dime, and a half-dollar. How manydifferent amounts can she make using these coins?51.What are the next four numbers in this progression? 12,1,1,1,2,1,3,....52.Write 18 as the sum of consecutive integers.53.What cube has surface area equal to its volume?54.How many 2-digit numbers have a 5 as a digit?55.Find n such that n, n+99, and n+200 each are square numbers.56.How many times a day does the hands of a clock make a 47° angle?57.What part of ½ sq ft is ½ ft square?58.How many times is the digit 9 used in writing the numerals from 1 to 100?59.What is the probability of rolling a pair of standard dice and obtaininga sum divisible by three?60.Use each of the digits once and only once to compose two fractions whosesum is 1.61.What is the largest amount of change you can have and still not be ableto change a dollar?62.What combination of whole numbers that adds up to 12 has the greatestproduct?63.How many different scores is it possible to make in three rolls of twostandard dice?64.In 1980, Laura's age was the square root of the year in which she wasborn. How old was she?65.A grocer has a balance and four weights with which he can correctly weighany whole number of kilograms from 1 to 40. What weights does he have?66.How many 3-digit numbers are palindromes?67.Find three numbers such that the product of any two added to the thirdgives a square.68.Find four whole numbers whose sum is equal to their product.69.If I have a penny, a nickel, a dime, and a quarter, how many differentamounts can I pay without requiring change?70.The difference between the squares of two consecutive odd numbers is 40.What are the numbers?71.Five friends are comparing heights. Joe is 5" taller than Sue. Sue is8" shorter than Bob, who is 6" taller than Tom. Mary is 5' 3" tall and2" shorter than the next shortest person. How tall is Tom?72.Abigail, Beth, Chuck, and Dave are waiting in a single file line at themovie theater. Chuck is ahead of Dave but behind one other person.Abigail is ahead of Beth who is ahead of one other person. What is theorder of the four in line?73.A girl bought some pencils, erasers, and paper clips at the school supplystore. The pencils cost $.10 each, the erasers cost $.05 each, and thepaperclips are two for a penny. If she bought a hundred items for atotal cost of $1.00, how many items of each kind did she buy?74.Find a 2-digit number that is twice the product of its digits.75.Express 100 as the product of two factors in which all the digits arecontained in order.76.A box contains pennies, nickels, and dimes. If each nickel is replacedwith a quarter, the amount doubles. If each dime is replaced by a

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