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Silent Revolutions Presentation

Silent Revolutions Presentation

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Slovenian Webclassroom on Sep 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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22–25 September 2011
London Design FestivalTent London, Dray Walk Gallery
London, United KingdomThe Museum of Architecture and Design presents the exhibition SILENT REVOLUTIONS, a selectionof design that marks the first two decades of this young European country. Rather than showing asweeping overall view the show focuses on outstanding individual cases. The selected design exhibitsembody the passion and obsession of individual artists, the drive, innovative development and high-quality production, ranging from the
filigree turn-tables
Franc Kuzma
and the seductive
BlackCherry Lamps
by designer
Nika Zupanc
Seaway’s Greenline 33 Hybrid
, the world’s first largehybrid boat, and
Trimo’s Qbiss One with ArtMe
modular façade systems. The exhibition alsopresents certain key productions from the country’s largest actors in the industry, including
revolutionary series of
WaveFlex skis
designed in cooperation with
Gigodesign studio
Alpina's Racing Elite
cross-country ski boots developed in cooperation with
Jure Miklavcstudio
, and
Gorenje's Simplicity
home appliance line by
Gorenje Design Studio
. The exhibitionthat illustrates important or even turning-point moments in the history of Slovene design, albeit in termsof a new design mentality or new development trends, is accompanied with an extensive publicationthat does not focus only on the products and individual designers and studios, but also on clients andproducers who played an important role in the implementation of these projects.
This exhibition that brings together more than 25 selected works is the first extensiveinternational presentation of Slovene product design of the last two decades.
By intertwiningeconomy and culture, together with concerted cooperation with government institutions active inthe field of creative industries, the project is aimed at representing the best of Slovene productionand companies and in so doing, making Slovenia more widely recognised through industrialdesign.The exhibition will be opened by the
Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Mr Borut Pahor
.The exhibition has been selected for the inclusion in the
Icon Design Trail
, the only independent guideto the London Design Festival, which highlights only the most interesting, new and must see eventsand shows at the festival.
curator Maja Vardjan 
studied at the Faculty of Architecture University of Ljubljana and is currently the architecture editor of Ambient magazine. Between 2007 and 2010 she ran the T5 Project Space gallery, which was conceived as an open platform for the promotion of design as an integral part of culture. She is the author of Design in Dialogue (a publication on contemporary Dutch design) and the forthcoming book Portraits on the studio Bevk Perovi 
Architects. Her writing on architecture, design and visual art has been published in Slovenian and foreign publications, and she is the Slovenian correspondent for a10 New European Architecture magazine.Authours of the 
exhibition display 
Bevk Perovi 
. Studio was founded in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 1997 by Matija Bevk and Vasa J. Perovi 
. Bevk Perovi 
projects have been presented at Slovenian and foreign exhibitions and published in the expert magazines and books. They are receivers of the many home and international acknowledgments and awards; the most prestigious was Emerging Architect Special Mention Mies van der Rohe Award 2007 for Faculty of Mathematics,Ljubljana.
List of Designers and Companies
(Product, designer, producer)
Exhaust systems, design:
Igor Akrapovi
/ Alpina Racing Cross-country ski boots, design:
Jure Miklavc, JanJagodi
, Robert Križnar; Alpina
/ Bags and Jewellery, design:
Lara Bohinc, Lara Bohinc
/ WaveFlex skis, design:
Gigodesignand Elan Research Department, Elan
/ Flow water set, design:
Tanja Pak, Glesia
/ Simplicity household appliances, design:
Gorenje Design Studio, Gorenje
/ Gwig lighting fixture, design:
Asobi, Intra lighting
/ Wall-mounted coatrack, design:
/ Stabi S Turntable, design:
Franc Kuzma, Kuzma
/ Black Cherry Lamp, design:
Nika Zupanc, La Femme et la MaisonNika Zupanc
/ Criatura, design
: Leonora Jakovljevi
, Leonora Mark - ave femina
/ Holey Roket Stove, design:
Rok Oblak
,co-author Larry Winiarski / Squareplay play space, design:
/ Sitty foldable seat, design:
Gigodesign, Petri
/ Taurus ElectroG2 glider, design:
Ivo Boscarol and team, Pipistrel
/ Motor yacht Greenline 33 Hybrid, design:
Jernej and Japec Jakopin,Seaway
/ Fin, Dea in Luna Chairs, design:
Katjuša Kranjc and Rok Kuhar, Stol & Stol
/ Lajt chair, design:
Janez Suhadolc
Efekt shovel, design:
Rinz, Pavlinec in Pavlinec, Tehnos
/ Qbiss by Trimo and Artme, design:
Trimo, Faculty of MechanicalEngineering and Gorenje Design Studio, Trimo
/ Slim lamp, design:
Bevk Perovi
arhitekti, Vertigo Bird
/ Siti armchair,design:
Arne Vehovar, Zilio Aldo & C. sas
The exhibition will also present some of the historical design products from Slovenia:Rex Chair, design: Niko Kralj, Stol Kamnik, 1952Microphone Series, design: Marko Turk, EAL, 1956–1997Kiosk K67, design: Saša J. Machtig, Imgrad, 1966Perfume Atomiser, 1947, and Plastic photographic slide frame, 1969, design: Peter Florjan
 Eta 80 Telephone, design: Davorin Savnik, Iskra, 1979
Presentations of designers and companies
Lajt Chair, design: Janez Suhadolc, 1991The chairs designed by architect, designer and craftsman Janez Suhadolc have adecided common denominator: they are made of wood, are handmade, and areboth unique and perfect in their imperfection. The designer got the idea for a chair“that can be held at the point of a outstretched finger and that carries the weight ofboth an adult person and a child at the same time”, in response to criticisms that hischairs were massive and heavy. The result is an ultra light, minimalist chair of basicdesign that developed into an entire Lajt series and represents Suhadolc's mostwidely produced design.Flow water set, design: Tanja Pak for Glesia, 2008Designer Tanja Pak drew inspiration for the Flow series of glass items form theelementary movement of water, its waves, transparency and ethereal properties thatshe worked to capture in the solid form of glass. The desire to encourage people toconsume water in a healthy way without redundant plastic packaging resulted in thefine, thinly undulated crystal glass made by the best master glass blowers atSteklarna Rogaška. Tanja Pak personifies the fragile connection between thedemanding glass-making tradition and new creative technologies. Since 2005 she has run the GlesiaGallery, which specialises in glass items.Squareplay play space, design: Oloop, 2007Oloop is both a brand and a collective with a loosely permanent membership ofthree textile designers: Tjaša Bavcon, Katja Burger and Jasmina Fer
ek. They joined forces over the course of creative exploration of objects and spaces that canbe worn like a second skin or used to move in space. The large (140 x 140 cm)multi-layered surface made of breathing cotton jersey fabric, polyester andpolyurethane foam can be folded, turned up, twisted and arranged into variousspatial nests. The square shape of the product is conceived such that the child creates his ownplayground.Efekt shovel, design: Rinz, Pavlinec & Pavlinec for Tehnos, 2008The multi-purpose ergonomic shovel is a tool suitable for various jobs on the farm, inthe garden or at home that require strength and efficiency. The inventive ergonomicshape of the shovel that weighs only 1.5 kg greatly reduces the need for bending andtransfers pressure from the back to the legs. The light aluminium bar is coated withthermal PVC, providing good grip and thermal insulation, whereas the blade with
systematically formed reinforcement allows a greater scoop and requires less force. As a result theshovel is rugged, light and highly stable, even when loaded.Siti armchair, design: Arne Vehovar for Zilio Aldo & C. Sas, 2004Since the mid 1990s, architect Arne Vehovar and his associates have helped shapeSlovene design significantly, particularly in the planning and design of furniture. TheSiti armchair with a solid beech frame and a back and seat in moulded beechplywood, is designed for easy storage and stacking, saving precious space ifnecessary. This is one of the few wooden armchairs that provides real comfort. Thefinishing varies, available as natural, coloured or lacquered.Wall Coatrack, design: Toni Kancilja, 1999The construction of this wall-mounted coat rack, consisting of a row of carrying andsupporting pegs, represents a well-conceived play of balance, functionality, andbeauty, with no extraneous elements. Its perfection lies in the exemplary conceptand simple form.Taurus Electro G2 glider, design: Ivo Boscarol and team for Pipistrel, 2008World-renowned Pipistrel is known for their high-end ultralight motorgliders. Just afew years ago the company launched a pioneering product called the TaurusElectro G2, the first electric two-seat aeroplane in the world. The aircraft iseconomical, quiet and emits no CO2. The engine and landing gear are completelyretractable, thereby reducing air resistance and fuel consumption. The parallel seating makes the seatsergonomic and comfortable and facilitates adjustment of the cockpit according to the size and shape ofthe pilot. Pipistrel has also developed the Solar Trailer for road transport purposes. In favourableconditions, its powerful solar panels can recharge the glider’s batteries in five hours.Slim lamp, design: Bevk Perovi
arhitekti for Vertigo Bird, 2008Vertigo Bird is a contemporary Slovenian lighting brand established in 2008. Sinceits launch the company has worked intensively with both Slovenian and foreigndesigners to build a diverse and compelling lighting collection. The idea for the Slimlamp designed by Bevk Perovi
architects combined a standard fluorescent tubeand a ballast module. The bottle-shaped casing of the ballast module is the extension of a laser-cutaluminium pipe that aims to achieve optimum light emission. The result is a lamp of monolithic shapewith an unusually slim body. It can be used as an office lamp, a free-standing lamp or a vertical-suspension wall lamp.Holey Roket stove, design: Rok Oblak, co-author: Larry Winiarski, 2009Designer Rok Oblak developed the Holey Roket vernacular stove in cooperationwith different centres producing biomass briquettes worldwide. The unusual L-shaped combustion chamber and the position of briquettes improve the air flow andallow higher burning temperatures for toxic gasses and other substances; at thesame time the shape enables simple adding of fuel during cooking. The open-source shape is simple toimitate and can be adjusted to existing stoves. In addition, existing pipes can also be used as a modelfor briquettes. The making of the Holey Roket is cost-free. Because organic waste is used, itencourages sustainability and contributes to a cleaner environment.Greenline 33 Hybrid Powerboat, design: Jernej and Japec Jakopin for SeawayGroup, 2009Seaway is the world’s leading boat development and engineering company. Inresponse to the global recession of 2008, the company began to develop a visionaligned along changing values in contemporary boating, resulting in the hybridGreenline 33. The primary feature of this special 10-metre craft is its hybrid power (electric or diesel)co-generated by roof-mounted solar panels, which recharge the batteries throughout the day. As aresult, the Greenline 33 sails without noise, smoke and unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions. Thespecial Superdisplacement™ shape of the hull combines a safe and comfortable voyage with littleresistance, which means a pleasurable time onboard and low fuel consumption.Gwig lamp, design: Asobi for Intra lighting, 2006Intra lighting is an international company based in Miren specialised in themanufacture of architectural lighting and lighting systems. The pendant Gwig lampis a result of cooperation between Intra lighting and Asobi Design Studio. The

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