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Gri Bolton History of Magic v1

Gri Bolton History of Magic v1

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Published by Wm Monroe

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Published by: Wm Monroe on Sep 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 University Library Witchcraft Collection"HomeSearchBrowseAboutContactHelpBookbag Compleat History of Magick, Sorcery, and Witchcraft; Containing, I. The MostAuthentick and best attested Relations of Magicians, Sorcerers, Witches, Apparitions,Spectres, Ghosts, Daemons, and other preternatural Appearances. II. A Collection of several very scarce and valuable Tryals of Witches, particularly that famous one, of theWitches of Warboyse. III. An Account of the first Rise of Magicians and Witches;shewing the Contracts they make with the Devil, and what Methods they take toaccomplish their Infernal Designs. IV. A full Confutation of all the Arguments that haveever been produced against the Belief of Apparitions, Witches, and c. with a Judgmentconcerning Spirits, by the late Learned Mr. John Locke. Volume I.Table of contents |Add to bookbag  IllustrationPage 1 [Graphic omitted]Title PagePage 2 A Compleat History O F MAGICK, SORCERY, AND WITCHCRAFT; CONTAINING,I. The most Authentick and best attested RELATIONS of Magicians, Sorcerers, Witches,Apparitions, Spectres, Ghosts, Dæmons, and other preternatural Appearances. II. ACollection of several very scarce and valuable TRYALS of Witches, particularly thatfamous one, of the WITCHES of Warboyse. III. An Account of the first Rise of Magicians and Witches; shewing the Contracts they make with the Devil, and whatMethods they take to accomplish their Infernal Designs. IV. A full Confutation of all theArguments that have ever been produced against the Belief of Apparitions, Witches, andc. with a Judgment concerning Spirits, by the late Learned Mr. JOHN LOCKE.VOLUME I. LONDON: Printed for E. Curll at the Dial and Bible, J. Pemberton at theBuck and Sun, both against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street; and W. Taylor at theShip in Pater-noster-Row. 1715. Price of the Two Volumes 5.8.Preface
Page 3 THE PREFACE TO THE READER. THE following Sheets containing a History of Magick, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Apparitions, Spectres, and c. we think it requisite to givethe Reader a brief Account of the Nature and Usefulness of our Design in the first place;and (since they may fall into the Hands both of the Learned and Unlearned, some of which are apt to question Truths, though most sacred and never so well attested,) havingrepresented the Design and Usefulness of this Treatise, we shall in the next Place offer something to confirm the Belief and Credit of Histories so well attested. And First torepresent the Nature of our Design we shall briefly lay down the Method we have takenin this History, and give the Reader a short Account of what he may expect to find in theensuing Sheets. First then, we have given the Reader a compendious Account of theOrigin and Rise of the Art of Magick and Witchcraft, as an A3Page 4 Introduction to the following History, that he might have at once in View, a general Notion of the Diabolical Arts practised by such wretched Persons, and the Manner howthey make their abominable Contracts with the Devil, and bring wicked Spirits under their Command, to put their ill Designs in Practice; from whence we proceed to give anHistorical Account of the mischievous Proceedings and Actions of those Instruments of the Devil, Magicians and Witches, and what untimely and disgraceful Ends such wickedPractices have brought such Persons to at the last. And for as much as several Tracts have been published upon these Subjects, several of which are too prolix, and intermix'd withlong and tedious Relations, which are less worthy our Notice, as they are less authentick and not so well attested, and are intermix'd with tedious Disputes, which are scarcenecessary to prove Truths which are so apparent; in this Work we have taken Notice onlyof such as appear to be of undoubted Credit and Authority, and may be entertaining anddiverting as well as useful. As for the Usefulness of this Treatise, the Histories containedin it, being collected from the best Authors who have wrote upon those Subjects; they notonly serve to put us in Mind of the Delusions of Satan, and the ill Consequences thatattend such who serve so bad a Master as the Devil; but also, since from these Histories itappears that the Devil hath not equal Power to execute his ill Purposes on all Personsindifferently, but only on such as God Almighty pleases to permit; they may put us inMind to arm our selves both against the Temptations of the Devil, and to implore GodAlmighty's Assistance, that the Devil may have no Power over us: And as Divinityteaches us how to serve God, and to withstand the Temptations of so bad a Master; so theReadingPage 5 of these Histories may increase our Horror of so great an Enemy of our Salvation, inshewing, us by Examples, how he constantly endeavours to disturb our Quiet, and ruinour Souls; and may also incline us to serve God, who is our Saviour and Protector fromthis grand Adversary, with the greater Courage and Zeal. Having thus briefly representedthe Design and Usefulness of this Work, we shall in the next Place, for the Sake of thosewho are less apt to believe Truths of this Kind, though never so well attested, offer something to confirm the Belief and Credit of Histories which are so well testified. And
as in the following Histories, we make use of the Authority of the most approved Writers,Ancient and Modern, and take Notice of none, but those of undoubted Credit, and verywell attested; so in this Matter we shall recite the Opinions of the best Authors, and Menof most Repute to strengthen the Belief and Probability of these Histories. To shew thenwhat may be suggested by Reason, concerning the Existence of Spirits and their Operations, we shall first offer what Kircher in his Epist. Parænet. prefixed to hisObeliscus Pamphilius writes on this Occasion; says he, 'We know a threefoldDemonstration hath been always used by the unanimous Consent of Philosophers in theAcquisition of Science; Mathematical, Physical, and Moral: MathematicalDemonstration, as it enquires into the Effects and Properties of Quantity, by Principlesknown by the Light of Nature, of eternal Truth, and void of all Deceit; so it begets acertain, and properly called Science, all Scruples of Doubt being removed. PhysicalDemonstration, as it comes, by Experiments of Things, to the secret Knowledge of Causes, it begets indeed Science, but by Reason of the Experiment, which for the mostA4Page 6 Part is exposed to the false Representations of the Senses, it is not void of Deception, nodoes it arrive at the Certainty of the Former. Moral Demonstration, as it depends on theExperience of Human Actions, begets indeed Science, but such as the Nature of moralThings admit, which is called Human Faith, and for the most Part relies on the Authorityof the Relater: And for the same Cause the Authority of the Revealer begets divine Faith,more certain than all Science. Human Authority is a Kind of Imitation of this, on whichwe must rely, unless we will make void, and annihilate the Histories of all past Things. Ispeak not here of the Authority and Histories of suspected Credit, but of those whichhave the clear Prescription of many Ages for their Authority.' Upon this fundamentalThesis we shall add what a learned Author says, viz. 'Laying this before us, it is to benoted, That Christian Divines do not pretend to a Methematical or PhysicalDemonstration of the Existence of Spirits; for their Existence can not be demonstratedfrom their Essence, or the Effects ascribed to them; not from the First, because it's notfrom the Nature of Spirits, nor from that of any other Creatures that they exist: for God sofreely created all Beings, that he might have left them uncreated: Nor from their Effects, because the Concourse of God alone, or other Causes might be conceived to suffice for such Effects; but Christian Divines build chiefly on Divine Revelation, which is superior to all Science, and on the constant Tradition of all Christian Divines, from the first Agesof Christianity; and all they pretend to, as Physiologers, in what they say concerningSpirits, is, that there is nothing in it which implies a Contradiction,Page 7 or is inconsistent with Reason: And as there have been, and are many Phænomena in theWorld, which it hath concerned Philosophers to account for, the Doctrine of theExistence of Spirits hath been Hypothetically introduced into the World, and backed byas great Men among the Gentiles as the World hath had; and though other Philosophershave set up other Hypotheses to explain those Phænomena; yet I think it would be astrange Rashness in any Person, owning the Law of Moses or Christ, to lay aside anHypothesis, backed by Divine Revelation; or rather introduced by the most Learned of 

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