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I'Ve Dreamt the Eagle

I'Ve Dreamt the Eagle

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Published by Maria
Rose had a strange dream
Rose had a strange dream

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Published by: Maria on Sep 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A flash of light woke her. A clap of thunder followed and made the room tremble.Sitting up on the bed, Rose saw thunderous clouds floating amongst the shadows. Onhearing the flap of wings, she hid under the sheets. If it was a dream, how could she stillhear the traffic in the street?The sun shone through the curtains as she awoke next morning, the book she had beenreading before she went to sleep lay on the bedside table, while a mark on the dresser made her think of the dream. The sound of footsteps interrupted her thoughts and her daughter Sandra appeared at the bedroom door.“Happy birthday, mother,” she said.Rose sighed. “I don’t see what’s so marvellous about it. I’m a year older.”“Mother, you’re still young.”Rose nodded. “I hope so.”She thought of the dream as she sipped her coffee. A storm couldn’t take place in her  bedroom. It was impossible.“I had a strange dream last night,” Rose said.Sandra sighed. “I told you not to have that late curry.”Rose explained about the thunder in her room, when the windows had been shut andnothing out of the ordinary ever happened in their house.“Mother,” Sandra said. “Have you been smoking again?”Rose shook her head. She had not touched a cigarette for the last few months. Sandrathought the smudge on the table had been there all the time but her mother had notnoticed it.“It must have been a fireball,” Rose said.
“Mother, you can’t have a fireball in your bedroom.”Rose searched around the room. “I also heard a bird flapping around me.”“You must have dreamt it,” said Sandra.Rose looked under the bed and behind the wardrobe, as if the demon might be hidingthere.“Mum,” Sandra said. “You promised to go out with me today. Can’t youremember?”Rose nodded. “I feel two thousand years old.”“You exaggerate,” Sandra said.“Once you get to my age, the days turn into years in a moment.”She looked at some pictures on the table, her eyes looking wet or it must have beenthat new mascara she had forgotten to take off the night before.“I’m taking you somewhere special,” Sandra said.“I don’t want a discotheque.”Sandra smiled. “It won’t be anything like that.”On opening the wardrobe, Rose found the tunic she had worn on a midsummer gathering, as the elders told them of the joys of spring and everyone sang songs about theweather.“It suits you,” Sandra said.Rose nodded. “I remember the occasion.”She tried it on by the mirror, whilst remembering a party in another world, the noisesof the street intruding in her thoughts of life in another dimension.“Have you made a blind date for me?” she asked her daughter.
“No, mother.”“Where are we going then?”“It’s a surprise.”Rose thought of her dream, the millennium wheel looking back at her from some of the pictures her daughter must have left in the table, as the memories kept on flowing.Then she saw another picture of a building she had seen on a day, lost in her past.“I have been there,” she said. “Our friends and neighbours appeared amidst poppingcorks and bursting balloons.”“It was your birthday.”“I know.”Someone stood amidst the mayhem, his eyes looking greyer than the shirt he musthave bought in Marks and Spencer, although his name eluded her.“We must have met in another world,” she said.“Who?”“The stranger in the party.”“That was a surprise,” Sandra said.Rose had walked hand in hand with him by the shores of a sea, the summer windrefreshing their faces, before going back to the gathering by the stones. The clock on thewall interrupted her thoughts by sticking the time.“You never saw him again,” Sandra said.“He left at midnight but forgot something,” Rose waved a pendant in the air.She touched the figures etched in the surface, similar to the medallions she had seen ina lost world, coming to her mind from the abyss of time.

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