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Blogging Success Formula Part Two

Blogging Success Formula Part Two

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Published by: Real-Estate Inner-Circle on Sep 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright 2011. Minton Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
By Rob Minton
Copyright 2011. Minton Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
If you missed
Part One
to this special report, you can find ithere:http://www.renegademillionaireblog.com/blog1
Really, if you haven’t read Part One, the rest of this report will notbe very helpful for you. Go grab it and read it first!Okay, if you’re still reading I’ll assume you read Part One!
 One of the major differences between blogs and other media formatsis that blogs don’t seem to care about hurting anyone’s feelings. Thisis part of what is so appealing about blogs.There is a lack of political correctness in blogs that’s kind of refreshingin what has become an age of political correctness. The irreverencefound in blogs is rarely found in other types of media.And in ALL of the blogs in our top 10 list, you will find that irreverence.Some blogs have more, and some have less, but ALL of them take amore thumb-our-noses-at-protocol stance than hard news sites and,especially, print publications.For example, you won’t ever see a headline like the one we sawearlier, “MJ Movie Distributor Accused of Screwing Canada,” in the NewYork Times. But the irreverence goes beyond obviously inflammatoryheadlines. Let’s look at the way the Huffington Post covered theFederal Communications Commission and the issue of net neutrality.A headline on one post was:
Yes, Mr. FCC Chairman, There is a Santa Claus
Here is an excerpt from the post itself:
“One way to think of this order is as a Christmas miracle. Or a Hanukkahmiracle. Either way, 'tis the season for such things. The fact that leadershipof the Commission even decided to go ahead with an Open Internet/Net Neutrality rule is worthy of song and praise, without even getting into the
Copyright 2011. Minton Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
substance of what said rule contains. Cue the Christmas lights andmenorah candles.”
Keep in mind, this isn’t TMZ saying “Lindsay was drunk again;” this isa pretty serious political blog commenting on a pretty serious topic.Yet the sarcasm and criticism come through loud and clear.This is the kind of writing style blogs use quite a bit. Why? Because itresonates with readers. Traditional journalists are charged with being “watchdogs” or trend followers and reporting to the public. Bloggers,however, not handcuffed by the traditional rules of print journalism, fillthe same role while also being “one of us.” Mostly, this means theysay what readers are thinking, but what traditional journalists won’tsay.Bloggers typically don’t care whose toes they step on. They’re notconcerned as much with political correctness. They say what we’re allthinking but what traditional media can’t say. Let’s take another lookat another headline from the Huffington Post, again dealing with theunemployment benefits running out:Do you see why this would resonate with the public? It makes JoePublic feel as though he has a voice. This is what he’s thinking, andfinally, someone is coming out and saying it.Let’s take a look at some more examples of irreverence. From Gawker,maybe the most irreverent of the top 10:From Mashable:

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