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Study Guide - The Ant and the Elephant

Study Guide - The Ant and the Elephant



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Published by montalvoarts

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Published by: montalvoarts on Oct 10, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cover Placeholder 
   S   T   U   D   Y   G   U   I   D   E
Lyrics by
Lisa Lambert
Music by
Anthony Afterwit
Book by
Timothy A. McDonald
Based on the book and illustrations by
Bill Peet
Table of Contents
Introduction - Welcome letter 2Ploy Synopsis 3The Creator of Book 4About
The Ant and the Elephant 
5Bill Peet's Other Books 5The Creators of the Musical 6Preshow Activities 7Postshow Activities 8 & 9
Greetings and welcome to
The Ant and the Elephant.
This musical version of the story has beendeveloped specifically for theaters wanting toproduce the show for young audiences. TYA, or "Theater for Young Audiences," has a long andnoble history. When you produce a musical for  young audiences you are introducing them to themagic of theater and isn't that a great thing to do? You are also nurturing not only the nextgeneration of writers, directors and performers, butalso the next generation of audiences. Many thinkthis is the single most important thing we can doin the theater, and I agree.This study guide provides teachers with all thetools necessary to turn a day at thetheatre into an interactive educational experience.It contains biographies of the show's creators, thehistory of the story, curriculum connections in avariety of content areas, and activities to do beforeand after the production.Please take advantage of these resources and thank you in advance for making the world a better place!Enjoy the show!Timothy A. McDonaldiTheatrics.com
Study Guide Written by Marty Johnson for iTheatricsStudy Guide Designed by Steven G. Kennedy for iTheatricsStudy Guide Produced by iTheatrics
The Ant and the Elephant 
Study Guide © 2008 iTheatrics
Plot Synopsis
The musical begins with a writer,
, sitting at his desk brainstormingideas for his next story (
Nothing IntoSomething 
). He tries a few differentideas and finally settles on a storyabout
. Bill starts to narrate thestory as Ant and the other charactersbegin to act out the adventures Billdescribes. Ant is having a great day (
Lots of Ants 
) when, without much warning,she falls into the river and grabs ontoa snag for safety. Unable to swim, sheasks
, the turtle, for help getting back to the shore. Theturtle has no desire to help her as hejust wants to be left alone (
Solitary Turtle 
). Mr. Hardshell walks awaywithout rescuing her, but soon findshimself in a mess of his own. Hetopples over backwards, lands flat onhis back, and is stuck. Thankfully, hespies
, a beautiful bird,sitting up in a tree. He asks her to helphim, but she is too busy preeningherself to be bothered. But when Mrs.Bigbill accidentally knocks her egg outof her nest, she discovers she herself needs help to carry it back up to thenest.Mrs. Bigbill sees
, agiraffe, ambling by and asks for someassistance. He decides not to help Mrs.Bigbill for fear of looking silly andkeeps on walking (
Bird on My Head 
).Mr. Greatneck doesn't get too far before he runs into his own troublewhen he gets caught in the tangledangle vines and can't get out. As hetries to free himself, the lions,
and his
, enter and begin to make fun of him for looking so silly (
Point and Laugh
)and then abandon him for thewaterhole. At the waterhole, a rock rolls over King Pigpaw's tail and traps him. Hecan't move, but hopes
, the rhinoceros whohas come by, will be able to help. Mr.Hornyhead refuses and storms off. And because Mr. Hornyhead wasn'tlooking where he was going, he runsstraight into a stump and gets hishorn caught. All the animals, except Ant, start tocomplain about how someone else isresponsible for the mess they are in(
Blame Game 
), but as they sing theyhear another person's voice. Theylisten and realize that someone is stillnarrating the story—Bill. They all turnon Bill, blame him for their troubles,and force him to enter the story as the
. Bill decides that Elephantcan help all of the other animals withits trunk (
To the Rescue 
). Only Antthanks Elephant, but he doesn't seemto mind since he helped the othersout of the goodness of his heart. Butwhen he falls into a ravine and getstrapped, Elephant realizes everyoneneeds help from time to time.Thankfully before too long though, Ant comes to the rescue him with allof her ant friends (

Activity (4)

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