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Published by theartist2mt

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Published by: theartist2mt on Oct 10, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All of the experiences, difficulties and hardships that I have encountered during my life havehelped shape me into the person I am today; from simply going to school and meeting new people, toaiding a sick mother and helping raise my younger brother, each day I have lived has molded me into the person I have become.
Throughout my years in the academic setting, I always worked hard to earnmy grades. I never took things for granted and was always willing to seek help when I needed it.This became a philosophy of mine that developed into a desire to be there for others who soughthelp. Academically I always challenged myself; in junior high and throughout high school I took various honors courses, as well as a total of eight Advanced Placement courses. I studiedconsistently to keep my grades up and was on the honor roll throughout school. I even graduatedwith 23 college credits to apply to my college education based on my AP test scores, whichallowed me to graduate a semester early with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.I made sure to take a variety of classes to see what truly caught my interest.“Intro to Psychology” grabbed me immediately which made declaring my major very easy. In pursuit of my degree at C.W. Post I kept my grades high enough to stay in the Honors Programthrough the entirety of my college career. Along with the Honors and Writing Across theCurriculum classes I took, I also completed a 50 page research paper during my final twosemesters. I chose the topic of love and focused on the concept of Love Styles. I chose love as atopic for my thesis because I have always been fascinated with relationships and how couplesinteract with each other. The concept itself intrigues me and I’ve always had a desire to learnmore about it, as both a concept and an emotion.After graduating a semester early with a 3.74 GPA and a Bachelor of Arts degree, I cameto a crossroads where I needed to decide if I wanted to immediately pursue grad school or takesome time off. I opted to take a year off and to this day feel I made the correct decision. I used

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