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'20_20' to Feature Trinity Accusation _ Concord Monitor

'20_20' to Feature Trinity Accusation _ Concord Monitor

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Published by fourbzboysmom

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Published by: fourbzboysmom on Sep 12, 2011
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'20/20' to feature Trinity accusation | Concord Monitorhttp://www.concordmonitor.com/...p=%3Asession%3ACSUserId|CSGroupId%3Aapproved%3ABA4A9537C4BF4594E11F4B09D8217743&CSUserId=94&CSGroupId=1[6/28/2011 4:46:58 AM]
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'20/20' to feature Trinity accusation
Former parishioner says she was raped
ByBen LeubsdorfMonitor staff April 8, 2011Trinity Baptist Church, where a former parishioner said she wasforced to stand before the congregation to seek forgiveness aftershe was raped and impregnated as a teenager, is going underthe national television spotlight.The Concord church will be featured tonight on ABC's 20/20program, in what the network described in a news release as a"yearlong investigation" into "a religious subculture manyAmericans have never heard of, yet has thousands of churchesacross the country . . . churches that criticsclaim can foster physical and sexual abuse."Anchor Elizabeth Vargas said yesterday the1997 incident at Trinity is "a big part of ourhour" but other churches are also examined.Last May, Gilford resident Ernest Willis wasarrested by the Concord police and chargedwith twice raping 15-year-old Tina Anderson in1997. Both attended Trinity Baptist Church, 80Clinton St., at the time.The Monitor typically does not identify allegedvictims of sex crimes but has made anexception in its reporting on this case at Anderson's request.Anderson, now 29, has said Willis raped her, once in a car when he was teaching her to driveand a second time at her Concord home.She became pregnant and told a neighbor, her mother and the Rev. Chuck Phelps, who wasTrinity's pastor at the time.In a written statement last year, Anderson said Phelps put her up for "church discipline," had herwrite a letter asking forgiveness for "allowing a compromising situation to occur" that led to"immorality" and read it to the congregation while she stood in the front of the church. Andersonthen moved to Colorado, where she gave birth to a daughter who was put up for adoption.Anderson came forward to the police last year, and Willis, now 52, was arrested. He has pleadednot guilty and is scheduled to go on trial in mid- to late-May in Merrimack County Superior Court,said Assistant Merrimack County Attorney Wayne Coull. A message seeking comment was left forone of Willis's public defenders.
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'20/20' to feature Trinity accusation | Concord Monitorhttp://www.concordmonitor.com/...p=%3Asession%3ACSUserId|CSGroupId%3Aapproved%3ABA4A9537C4BF4594E11F4B09D8217743&CSUserId=94&CSGroupId=1[6/28/2011 4:46:58 AM]
Phelps, who is now pastor of an Indianapolis church, has said he reported the crime both to thepolice and the state Division for Children, Youth and Families in 1997. The Concord police havesaid their investigation was hampered by not being able to locate the victim.The Rev. Brian Fuller, who arrived in Concord in 1998 and took over for Phelps as Trinity's seniorpastor in 2007, expressed regret last summer for how the incident was handled.He said that Anderson shouldn't have been brought before the congregation and that Willisshouldn't have remained a church member. (He was disciplined and left around 2004.)Fuller said yesterday that the church has created a "security team" of members "to ensure that aperson who has been accused would not remain in our congregation."And, he said, its constitution now ensures that "a minor can never stand before our congregation.You have to be 18 to be a member. So that will never happen again."Fuller was interviewed by Vargas last September, and he said ABC sent a camera crew into thechurch to attend Sunday services."We try to be very open with our community. We're trying to be extremely open with the media,"Fuller said. "That's why we allowed 20/20 to come and film. . . . We have nothing to hide hereand certainly try to make sure we understand the situation and make sure the truth comes out."Vargas said Fuller was "very open" and sat for a "wide-ranging interview with no conditions." Shesaid the program also spoke to Phelps and others.In a news release this week, ABC News described the 20/20 episode as a look at the"Independent Fundamental Baptist Church," which isn't a formal denomination but refers to anumber of churches across the country. Trinity Baptist Church describes itself as an independentBaptist congregation. (next page
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ByMonitor-is-Liberal - 04/08/2011 - 6:41 pm
Ok, Ok, Ok. Let me get this straight. Phelps calls the police and informs them that Mr. Willishas impregnated a young teenage girl. Then the girl is shipped (FedEx) to Colorado. THENMr. Willis continues to come to TBC on Sunday morning, Sunday night & Wednesdaynight?If Phelps knew Mr. Willis raped Tina then why was he allowed to stay at TBC? Why wasn'tMr. Willis counselled to go to the police himself? Phelps could have tried the same Jedimind trick on Mr. Willis as he did to Tina's mom. Phelps waved his Jedi hand and said;"send your daughter Tina to Colorado!" And Tina's mom did exactly that. Clearly, Phelp'sJedi mind trick doesn't work on people like Mr. Willis.Perhaps Phelps wanted Mr. Willis' tithe. He was rather wealthy during the economic boom.
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As he awaits his sentencing for forcibly raping a fellowTrinity Baptist Church member twice in 1997 and gettingher pregnant at age 15, Ernest Willis is asking…
0June 7, 2011
The Warner police said yesterday they are investigating theallegations of a California woman who recently reportedbeing sexually assaulted as a teenager about…
0June 3, 2011
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'20/20' to feature Trinity accusation | Concord Monitorhttp://www.concordmonitor.com/...p=%3Asession%3ACSUserId|CSGroupId%3Aapproved%3ABA4A9537C4BF4594E11F4B09D8217743&CSUserId=94&CSGroupId=1[6/28/2011 4:46:58 AM]
He also must have waived his hand to Fuller, too. Brian...you were there when Phelpsdisciplined Mr. Willis. You were in a youth group meeting and told all the adults what wasgoing on. Don't lie in the Concord Monitor and tell your community that you didn't know. Iheard you that night and your story coraborates with what Phelps said in the auditorium.Members of TBC, if you know this to be true, also, then stop ignoring this. Stop it!You need to resign, Pastor B!Loginorregisterto post comments
ByMonitor-is-Liberal - 04/09/2011 - 3:17 am
Pastor B: in your interview, you began to squirm and really search for words whenasked about the 2 sex offenders in Ms. Vargus' hands.Few of us knew about Ernie. My family did not...we're not the inner circle. But, I didn'tknow of the two others for a LONG time.So, according to you (during the interview), you said that TBC member's can accessthe sex offender registry list.What about those without internet access - there are a few of them still?Are you asking me to take the phone directory and look up each person's name? All ofthem?Are the members of TBC that stupid? Are we that stupid, Pastor B?For those not in the inner circle we should trust that ignorance is bliss and continue tosend our kids to the school, Sunday school, on the bus for 48 hours round trip to NC orG4 events or TFH events?Move on Pastor B. Move on!For people not in the inner circle...you, too can move on!Login orregisterto post comments
ByJosephSHaas - 04/08/2011 - 1:46 pm
"Updated 22 minutes ago" with what?Loginorregisterto post comments
ByJosephSHaas - 04/08/2011 - 8:31 am
The other network of CNBC has a special tax fighter day.On Thu., April 14th @ 9:00 p.m. there's a one-hour program that features Ed & ElaineBrown of Plainfield, N.H. and their 2007 stand-off against the U.S. Marshals* . . .Federal goons* is what I call these parasites on "Uncle Sam" who need to be taught alesson:that even if finally convicted on appeal, that I doubt:What God has joined together let no man put asunder.Article 5 of the N.H. Constitution, Part First & Bill of Rights.
Tina Anderson's horrifying treatment by Concord's TrinityBaptist Church made her story the subject of nationalattention. Anderson was 15 in 1997 when she…
1June 1, 2011
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