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Chapter 1 - New Beginnings

Chapter 1 - New Beginnings

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Published by: DireWidget on Sep 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Discworld Legacy
Chapter 1
New Beginnings
Welcome to my new legacy -the Discworld Legacy. This will be a little different, instead of lasting for10 generations it will last for 26 (not including the founder), that's because it's an alphabet legacy.This legacy will be themed around the Discworld books written by Terry Pratchett (an excellent seriesof books set in a world where magic rather than logic rules). I will be naming all the children afterDiscworld character, place names will also be taken from the books.I will be writing this legacy as a series of diary entries and letters written from the point of view of mylegacy family, with the occasional comment from me. Whose point of view things are written fromshould be obvious (I hope). And now on with the legacy.
[This is Great A'Tuin Discworld, he is named after the world turtle that carries upon its back four worldelephants upon whose shoulders the Disc rests. He is a knowledge sim with the lifetime want of maxing seven skills, not too bad. He is a Pisces, with 4 neat, 6 outgoing, 6 active, 0 playful and 9 nice (Ihave trouble finding nice sims).Now enough of my ramblings and over to him.][(P.S. the brackets means that I am talking as the author not as one of the sims, I'll do it when I havesomething to add that I can't say as a sim)]

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