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Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

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Published by fugz13

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Published by: fugz13 on Oct 10, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:EXT. CITY PARK- morningThe scene opens in a city park. Many people are running around, playing with theirdogs or kids. The camera pans around the park until we get to a bench. The camerazooms in on a figure lying on the bench, a newspaper is seen to be covering hisface. Two joggers slow down as they run past.jogger 1(whispering)You think he's dead?jogger 2(whispering)Who cares? Let's get out of here.JOGGER 1(whispering)Just wait a sec...She proceeds to walk closer to the figure on the bench when the figure suddenlysits straight up, sending the jogger jumping back and screaming. STEVE, midtwenties, pushes the newspaper off of his head and looks aroundsteve(looking around)Is it morning? I went to bed at night, so this must be the morning.(takes a drink from a beer bottle in his hand)Helooooooo Morning!Steve is apparently drunk, and when he tries to get up off the bench he falls backdown. This is when he notices the two joggers.STEVEOh, hello ladiesJOGGER 1(scoffs)It's just some lousy drunk.(motioning to her friend)Come on.
The two joggers run off, leaving Steve all alone.It is a feeling he has felt manytimes before.STEVEThis world be cruel to those with a hobby for drinking.Steve takes another drink form his bottle and lays back down on the bench, fallingasleep.int. apartment building- afternoonThe scene opens with Steve lying on his couch, fast asleep. Random bags of chipsand bags of cookies lay scattered on the floor. The door to the apartment opens,and a man, JOE, mid twenties, walks through.joeHey, lazy ass! Get up!He kicks the couch and bags of chips scatter onto the floor. No response fromSteve. Joe does it again.JOEGet up NOW! Do you want to miss your interview?This time a response. A mumble, maybe a "one more minute", comes from Steve and hestirs a little on the couch. Joe seems to have had enough, and this time pulls thecovers off of Steve, making him fall onto the ground.STEVEI was getting up.INT. APARTMENT BUILDING kitchen- AFTERNOONJoe and Steve sit around the table. Steve is sitting at one end eating a bowl ofcereal, and Joe at the the other end, going through Steve's resume.JOEIt says here that you wrestled a badger in a steel cage for a children's hospitalcharity.STEVE(mouth full)Uh-huhJOEYou never did that.STEVEYeah, but I thought adding that would add some flavor to it. You know, make it a
little more interesting.JOE(staring in disbelief)No. What I do know is that you're an idiot.STEVE(mumbling under breath)What do you knowJOEWHAT?!STEVENothing.JOEEat you're damn cereal.int. happy burgers fast food restaurant- afternoonSeveral cars whiz by the fast food chain, and several cars are seen parked in thelot. The scene goes inside where Steve is seated, listening intently.managerWe here at Happy Burgers take pride in the fast food industry. If a customerdoesn't like their order, they expect and will receive a full refund.STEVEIsn't that kinda stupid? You know if people know this, they're just gonna say theyhated their food and get their money back. They'll make off with a free meal. Yousee what I mean?MANAGER(staring blank eyed straight forward)We here at Happy Burgers take pride in the fast food industry. If a customerdoesn't like their order, they expect and will receive a full refund.STEVE(taking a deep breath)I had a feeling you were gonna say that.ext. HAPPY BURGERS FAST FOOD RESTAURANT parking lot- AFTERNOONSTEVE

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