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Consumers Savings Guide-Home Heating Oil

Consumers Savings Guide-Home Heating Oil

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Published by Paul Russo
Don't get caught in the cold. Save money by applying a few simple methods. Get some blankets out, lower your thermostat and enjot the savings
Don't get caught in the cold. Save money by applying a few simple methods. Get some blankets out, lower your thermostat and enjot the savings

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Published by: Paul Russo on Oct 10, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Oil HeatConsumers SavingsGuide and Tips
Save Money on Your Home Heating Bills
This book is for informational purposes only.Project 2008-2009
This book is for informational purposes only and the author has made every effort to verify the information was trueat the time of publication and reserves the right to change views and opinions based on changing conditions. Theauthor or any associations to the author, Daddy Digital Marketing, DaddysTraffic.com is not responsible in any wayfor any damages occurring from the use of information from this guide. This is a free publication and open for use bythe general public. You may email this booklet in it’s entirety to others. You may NOT alter this product in any way.You MAY display this on your website or blog using the link provided by Scribd.com.
This is original content created by Paul RussoCopyright 2008 - DaddyDigital.com - All Rights Reserved Worldwide
Thanks for joining me, I am sharing information with you so that you will not besurprised this winter. I am employed in a fairly important position with a full servicediversified heating and cooling company. This year has been a challenge for ourindustry, consumption is down and consumer spending is limited to those who canafford to pay for it or can be approved to finance it.This year will be a different type of year for product dealers as well as servicecompanies. Many customers still owe money from last year and probably will not bepaid up in time for the first fuel delivery. So this year plan on paying for your oil withinten days if credit is extended to you, or plan on COD. The days of going 30 days ormore are over, your dealer simply will not deliver if you do not pay, so plan on paying.Also, service will not be as forgiving, so if you call for an emergency, be sure you arepaid up, be sure it is an emergency or you will be writing a check to a technician atthree in the morning. If it is not an emergency, and you insist they come at an ungodlyhour, only to find your kid turned of the emergency switch, plan on getting a bill.Every company is looking to save money, and if you are costing your company money,they are going to tell you, and don't be surprised if they fire you.
Some Things you will need to know
* You'll need to know that a furnace moves hot air and a boiler moves hot waterthroughout your home to heat it.* You'll need to get everyone in your home involved.* You will need to look at new more efficient products that in the long run will save youmoney* I included Links to products mentioned in this article
Your Equipment-
You need to evaluate the systems that heat and cool your home. Ifyou have a professional heating service company they can perform efficiency tests onyour current equipment and evaluate the savings of either replacing it or adding aenergy management system.Replacing is only needed on systems that are around 20 years or more old, you canadd a energy manager for under $500 and get the same results. As a matter of factBeckett, the worlds largest maker of burner motors offers a heat manager and aguaranteed savings. Replacing equipment is costly, but today's systems run moreefficiently and require less maintenance. Your oil system should be serviced after 800gallons is consumed, gas or propane systems should be done once every 18 months orso.Your cooling system needs to be serviced and checked yearly, mice and other animalsuse this as a shelter and chew wires and connectors. Have your duct work check andchange your filters twice yearly. Again, a system older than 10 years old is sucking yourhard earned cash right out of your pocket.
Alternative sources of heating are on the rise, if you can hold out a few more years, theprices of these systems will equalize with conventional systems.
Zone Your Home-
Let's say you have a 2,000 sf home, are you using all the squarefootage all at once? Probably not is the answer. If you have a boiler, you can contactyour heating contractor and they can "zone off" sections of your home. For instance, ifyou and the family gather in the family room every night, your heating the whole houseto use one room. Your heating contractor can help you decide which rooms would bebest suited for your needs to zone off, therefore saving you precious fuel dollars.This is relatively inexpensive, and usually depending on your heating contractor, can bedone in one or two days depending on the size of your home.
Space Heating-
There are many attractive wall mounted heaters that usually blend inwell with your home to heat a particular space. Again, let's go back to the family room,heat that area, leave the rest of the home at a cooler temperature. These systems runoff of propane, natural gas and heating oil.
Still got the 1952 dial thermostat that is got the worn spots from whereyour grandfather used to turn it up because grandma was cold. GET RID OF IT! Get agood one (I prefer Robert Shaw Brand) it will save you money just because it isaccurate. If your not handy any heating contractor or electrician can install one. It is alow cost investment with a big return.Programmable
are good, but only if you live the same life everyday, if youare like our family we are in and out at different times everyday, you may be overridingit and eliminating it's intended purpose. Just a nice digital thermostat will do, just turn itdown to no lower than 64 degrees for boilers and 62 degrees for furnaces, rememberyou have to heat everything in your home to the degree you choose when you gethome.
Don't Over insulate-
You may actually be doing more harm than good by filling everycrack. Your home needs to breathe and over insulating will actually have a reverseeffect and may cause you more problems than you want, such as, mold and moistureloving bugs and spiders. Replace weather striping on doors, replace old drafty windows,use heavier drapes and open blinds or drapes on sunny days on the east and southside of your home.
Buying Fuel-
*Best Advise-Use the
budget system
your oil company may have andkeep the payments up, remember oil is a commodity and the companies that provide itare not a utility and plan on that you will not get a delivery unless you are paid up.Remember these companies do all the work and make the least per gallon, so money istight and plan on getting a call or not getting a delivery if you haven't paid. Also, if youuse a full service company that provides burner service as well, again expect a call,EVEN IF YOU HAVE A CONTRACT, they will not be out on a Sunday night at 1AM tofix your heat unless you pay up, your contract may be voided for non-payment, so treadcarefully, many companies are "cutting non-profitable customers," or in other words,firing customers, budgets start now so get on it and start paying! Oil and Propane

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